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Green Bay Packers Give Seattle Seahawks Some of Their Own Medicine

Do you like defensive football?

The Green Bay Packers suddenly do. The Packers held the Seattle Seahawks to just nine points in a defensive struggle on Sunday.

The Packers also held the Seahawks — who quite honestly, we don’t know if their team is any good yet — to just 225 yards of total offense.

Regardless of what we know, it was an impressive effort. Especially impressive considering the Packers had the 31st-ranked pass defense in the NFL in 2016.

The tenets of what will make the Packers’ defense work were there on Sunday.

In short, pressure on the quarterback.

Mike Daniels delivered 1.5 sacks. Nick Perry did the same. Clay Matthews looked like a new man and was regularly in the Seahawks’ backfield.

Additionally, the secondary held up.

Davon House, Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins — the very starting three Shawn predicted — did a mostly fantastic job against Russell Wilson and Co.

And this was a day when Aaron Rodgers wasn’t necessarily at his best. Perhaps to be expected against one of the league’s best defenses, and also considering history.

Rodgers still threw for 311 yards, a TD and an interception, but he had just a 86.5 rating. That’s not very Aaron Rodgers-like.

What turned out to be the winning strike was a 32-yard throw to Jordy Nelson late in the third quarter, when Rodgers caught the Seahawks with 12 men.

We’re certainly not going to complain about any win over the Seattle Seahawks. This one goes a certain way toward establishing NFC dominance.

You want the conference?

Come and get it.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ferris September 10, 2017

    Now that Randall and Rollins remembered to play a little, draft do over and pick Watt.

  2. Gort September 10, 2017

    Still don’t like the clock management just before halftime. Gave them 3 free points and some momentum that they didn’t deserve by their own play.

    With regards to the officiating. Too F-ing bad: Fail Mary!

  3. TyKo Steamboat September 10, 2017

    Fact of the matter is the Pack is the better team.

    We got bailed out early in terms of momentum when the bogus penalty for a block in the back was called back to deny Seattle the fluky touchdown. Also, the ejection of #20 Lane from the SeaCocks was garbage.
    A lucky play that should have put Seattle up 7-0. It would have changed the games’ whole complexion …

    Do I feel bad? A little. I am not celebrating… But I shit on Pete Carrol & the bandwagon SeaCock “fans” for the fail mary & choke season. Bitches.

    I am very proud of Eddie Lacy…. Got to that 2nd contract & lost all that weight. Good job, you piece of loser shit. You gained 3 yards today. 4th on the depth chart if not for the contract, which, by the way, I am soooo happy the SeaCocks’ GM signed him to & not Teddy T.

    All-in -all. With exception to Kyle Murphy & that idiot Bennett, we looked good. Nick Perry is a stud. Mike Daniels is unstoppable. Blake Martinez is the next star. Ha-Ha CD is All Pro.

    The SeaCocks have no O-Line. hahahahahaha

    Fuck the SeaCocks. pussies.

    Time to put Eddie Lacy out to pasture. Moooooo!

    1. Deepsky September 11, 2017

      Of course the story in Seattle is that the Seahawks got robbed because of bogus penalties. They have no right of course to complain about bogus penalties in a game against the Packers. And those calls were not bogus.

      The block in the back was a good call, it knocked Rodgers off his path, look at the video. The non-pass interference call was a bad one, but home town teams get that call every single week. The Packers will probably see a non pass interference call in the end zone against the Falcons next week.

      As for the Lane ejection, you can bet the plan was to get a Seahawk player ejected. The Packers know that every guy on Seattle is on PEDs and it doesn’t take much for their roid rage to spill over and they do something stupid. You can bet that was Cobb’s plan along when he got called for taunting. And it worked in the long run.

      1. Deepsky September 11, 2017

        And of course Seattle fans forget how at the end of last year’s Packer blowout, Lane cheap shotted Cobb during kneel downs at the end of the game. No call.

      2. icebowl September 11, 2017

        Good points….
        Still chuckling about the PEDs comment…
        The Cheathawks late game plan seemed to focus on trying to hurt QB1. Bennett stepped up at the end and drew a flag.

        At least they came out of it without any injuries to key players… (that we know of)

  4. MMTTDCSUCK September 10, 2017

    A win is a win! I will say that the “D” played off the charts (except when Capers decided to not bring the heat at the end of the 1st half). What a fun game to watch from the packers “D” for a change! The “O” kind of sucked at times, but all in all there was good effort. The O-Line is going to be haunting GB all fucking year. Sad, but most likely true. TT (The Frugal GM) really fucked the offense by allowing those linemen to go in free agency. But it was a good win! and anytime you can beat fucking Seattle it is good!

    1. PF4L September 10, 2017

      MMTTDC’s last line says it all…..

      I agree with Tyko about the officiating, iv’e posted forever that sometimes you get calls, sometimes you don’t, but over time, that shit even’s itself out. Blaming the game on refs calls and bitching about it after accomplishes nothing except make that person look like a little bitch. It’s like a fighter who bitches he/she shouldn’t have lost a decision, do more, and don’t leave it up to the judges, or refs.

      I’ve always given Pete Carroll a pass only because iv’e done business with his brother in the past. But there he is in his post game presser, whining like a *unt. Not quite as bad as Harbaugh, but bad enough. You lost fuckhead, deal with it. You lost because of your shit O-line, that you were bragging was so much improved.

      1. icebowl September 11, 2017

        Cannot stand Carroll. The bum escaped the whole USC scandal unscathed

        Is his brother in the chewing gum business…

    2. icebowl September 11, 2017

      Careful there cowboy, we need to curb our enthusiasm.

      I was also impressed but remember…

      One game a hood defense does not make…

  5. Kato September 11, 2017

    Good day by the defense, particularly the front seven, but it was also against possibly the worst offensive line in the NFL. I am thinking (hoping) today’s inability to sustain drives is limited to today and isn’t an all season thing. Did really like the 39 minute time of possession stat.

    1. Howard September 11, 2017

      Hold up Kato. We have not seen the Vikings 2017 offensive line yet. Seattle and the Vikings were arguable the worst o-lines last year. Let’s give the Vikings a chance to claim the title.

      Did anyone notice Joe Thomas yesterday at ILB. A lot of Martinez with Burnett. Not much Ryan and less Thomas.

      Except for Rodgers taking to many hits a good game.

      Is it just me or did Evans look slow. He can stand his ground in pass pro, and can push his guy in the run game, but you will not see him used as a pulling guard.

      1. icebowl September 11, 2017

        Didnt hear alot commentary about #52 either .. at least he didn’t leave the game with a “hamstring” injury.

        I know – It’s early !!!

        1. PF4L September 13, 2017

          Some people’s viewpoint is that Clay had a good game because he got in the back field. I’m no expert, but i’m thinking a lot of players in the league could get in the backfield against Seattle’s O-line, for far less than 13 mill/year.

  6. Zwoeger September 11, 2017

    Poor Zook. He can’t handle st and he can’t handle pills.