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Green Bay Packers’ 2017 Roster Cuts

The bloodletting has begun. Even though the Green Bay Packers don’t have to finalize their roster until Saturday afternoon, they began releasing players on Friday afternoon.

As I predicted earlier in my projected roster, I don’t see an undrafted free agent from this year’s class making the roster, other than punter Justin Vogel. That’s rare for the Packers under Ted Thompson.

I thought quarterback Taysom Hill was the closest. Cornerback Lenzy Pipkins was the guy who actually stuck.

The Packers’ roster currently stands at 53.

The Malachi Dupre cut is the one that ruined my perfect roster projection. He was a seventh-round draft pick this season.

The DeAngelo Yancey cut is the first surprise. The Packers have plenty of receivers, but Yancey looked like the real deal. Plus, he was a fifth-round draft pick this year.

And with both Dupre and Yancey gone, we were starting to expect Max McCaffrey to stick. Nope.

The Packers will go with five receivers to open the season, it seems. And if you think about it logically, that makes sense. They’re going to run a lot of two tight end sets this year. Plus, Mike McCarthy never plays anyone other than his top three receivers anyway. So what’s the point?

Factoring into the equation is surely that Geronimo Allison is suspended for week 1 because he can’t hide his weed. He won’t count against the roster number until he returns.

I would expect both Yancey and Dupre, along with Hill, to be back on the practice squad if no one claims them. Michael Clark, Brian Price and Donatello Brown should be there as well.

And shouldn’t Max McCaffrey end up in Denver anyway?

Who’s Out

  • Safety Jermaine Whitehead
  • Linebacker Jordan Tripp
  • Offensive lineman Kofi Amichia
  • Outside linebacker Reggie Gilbert
  • Defensive tackle Brian Price
  • Cornerback Donatello Brown
  • Receiver Michael Clark
  • Receiver Max McCaffrey
  • Receiver DeAngelo Yancey
  • Receiver Montay Crockett
  • Offensive lineman Adam Pankey
  • Linebacker Derrick Matthews
  • Receiver Malachi Dupre
  • Quarterback Taysom Hill
  • Quarterback Joe Callahan
  • Guard Geoff Gray
  • Linebacker Cody Heiman
  • Defensive lineman Izaah Lunsford
  • Tight end Emanual Byrd
  • Cornerback Raysean Pringle
  • Offensive lineman Thomas Evans
  • Safety Aaron Taylor
  • Outside linebacker Johnathan Calvin
  • Tight end Aaron Peck
  • Defensive lineman Calvin Heurtelou
  • Tackle Robert Leff
  • Cornerback Daquan Holmes
  • Running back Kalif Phillips
  • Long snapper Derek Hart
  • Running back William Stanback
  • Receiver Colby Pearson

The last three guys on the list were released earlier in the week.


  • Offensive lineman Don Barclay (IR)
  • Linebacker Vince Biegel (PUP)
  • Cornerback Demetri Goodson (PUP)
  • Fullback Joe Kerridge (IR)
  • Linebacker David Talley (IR)


  • Receiver Geronimo Allison
Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Big B September 1, 2017


    1. PF4L September 1, 2017

      Yea…the only name i recognize is Derek Hart. That’s only he because he was the sequay to the Brett Goode re-signing.

      Which led me to this thought. What happened to all of Ted’s talent evaluating skills and excellence in acquiring said talent? Sometimes going young and cheap looks good on paper, but before you know it, you haven’t reached the Super Bowl in 7 seasons.

      In a unrelated thought, and lets be forthright and honest about this. The ultimate reason that Ted had to sign Ahmad Brooks to millions is because of past years of failed draft picks, coupled with failed def. end to linebacker conversion experiments. Not because he’s all of a sudden trying to go all in for this team.

      It’s too bad we have to spend millions for signing a 12th hour mediocre olb because of horrible drafting, when that money could have been spent keeping Tretter and Lang. How can the powers to be in Green By not see the train wreck coming down the tracks concerning this 0-line. It boggles my mind. Then again, maybe it’s part of Ted’s genius to dismantle a good pass blocking line.

      Oh well, stay tuned, the circus hasn’t left town yet.

      1. Empacador September 1, 2017

        I don’t think they even started taking down the tents yet…

        1. PF4L September 2, 2017

          Empac…I’m thinking they might have started. If rumors of leaving more drafting responsibility to Wolf and Gutekunst are true, maybe this is the final circus act.

          That, coupled with the fact that i just don’t see Ted putting himself through this anymore. I think he realizes that the questions keep getting tougher before and after every draft. He maybe realizing after several years of drafting failures, that he can’t talk his way through these failures anymore with the media.

          I think directly after another playoff loss, if the Packers even make the playoffs, Ted announce’s his retirement.

          That’s my dream anyway.

          1. Kato September 2, 2017

            Weird you say that, I actually had a dream that TT retired last night.

      2. KILLER September 1, 2017

        The name I recognize is Aaron Taylor. He once allowed 4 (FOUR!) sacks in 1 (ONE!) game to John Randle. That was maybe a couple decades ago back when Taylor played Left Guard for the Packers…..

        Contrast this:

        Packers signed Ahmad Brooks, former 49er, for one year at 5 million because they were desperate at OLB. Brooks is maybe the 48th best OLB of the 64 starters and a doddering 33 years of age.

        A couple days later Vikings trade a 7th round pick — so, basically a bag of stale out-of-date chips — for Tramaine Brock, former 49er, on a one year contract UNDER 1 million because the Vikings were ALREADY STACKED at CB but wanted EVEN MORE depth and talent. Brock was ranked by PFF as the 21st best CB in the league last year and also was top 3 CB in snaps played (Xavier Rhodes was also Top 3), and Brock is only 29.

        By the way, Brock nearly signed with the Vikings when he was available and is THRILLED to be a Viking. Despite their desperate need at CB the Packers never expressed interest in him. Never lifted a finger… to push a button… on a phone… to make a simple call… to greatly improve the team…..

        Now, I know what you will say: Isn’t Brock the guy who faced domestic violence charges? Aren’t we Packers better than that?

        Well, no, you aren’t. A 4th of your team has been found guilty of crimes or PED use, another 4th suspected. Charges on Brock were dropped. Dropped. Brooks was not convicted of a crime but he allegedly sexually groped an unconscious woman who was then passed on to DT Ray McDonald to be raped. I’ll take my Brock over Brooks any day of the week on a criminal/citizen basis.

        These two moves are a microcosm of how well each of the these two organizations are run.

        1. KILLER September 1, 2017

          Tramaine Brock runs 4.4 in the 40 and has been clocked once on grass running into the wind a 4.37.

          The 21st best CB in the NFL (by last year performance) and, wait for it… he will be the Vikings #4 CB! (Rhodes, Trae Waynes (4.31 40 yard dash), and ageless phenom Terrence Newman — who was, I sh*t you not, PFF’s 9th best CB in the league last year! Oh, we also have last year’s 2nd round pick Mack Alexander. Oh, we also have Marcus Sherels, who, again, I sh*t you not, in his career has BOTH intercepted Aaron Rodgers AND sacked him!

          And our third string DE is better than anyone on the Packers defensive line other than Mike Daniels!


          Hey, I’m too happy to be classy about this!

          1. KILLER September 1, 2017

            CORRECTION: Marcus Sherels has sacked Aaron Rodgers but has not intercepted him. My bad. I take full responsibility. Did I remember wrong or was I seeing into the future? We’ll see….

          2. PF4L September 2, 2017

            I actually met Tramaine Brock once. I ran into him at a walmart and he asked me to give him a boost so he could reach something off the top shelf.

            Luckily for Tramaine, his felony domestic violence charge was dismissed, because his g/f decided not to cooperate or testify (Gee, that’s odd huh?).

            But Trumaine does have somebody who stood up for him…his MOMMY, who issued a statement it was a verbal confrontation, not physical. So i guess the bruise’s and wounds on his g/f’s face were caused by hard hitting words, according to his MOMMY.

            A million dollars is a million too much for this sawed off runt piece of shit. Not to mention the Hawks were just gonna cut this woman beater anyway. What is with this team of women beaters and child beaters..holy shit.

            But then again, maybe the queen’s got it right, this guy may vault the queens right into the S B Feb 4th. Talk about home field advantage!!…Bwahahahahahaha

        2. Kato September 2, 2017

          Ahmad Brooks won’t be starting you fucking retard. I will take the 48th out of 64 starters in your “rankings” as a primary backup. Yeah, the Vikings are the poster child for being a team clean of arrests and PEDs. Love boat cough cough. Didnt they lead the league in arrests for like 4 years. Ditto for the Kevin Williams/Pat Williams PED situation. Lol. Come at me when you have actual proof that Matthews used roids that would hold up in a court of law, and not just speculation from an armchair keyboard warrior. Now kindly exit to the left self proclaimed “killer.

          1. PF4L September 2, 2017

            Kato….don’t mess with fire!!

            Killer earned his nickname. When he goes outside to get his ssi check in the mail, the kids in the trailer park scatter and hide out of fear. They were there the day killer beat up the 12 year old three trailers down. so justifiably, they’re scared.

            Tread lightly my friend.

        3. Savage57 September 3, 2017

          How well a football organization is run can only be measured three ways.

          1. Championships
          2. Hall of Famers
          3. Absence of team shitshows like the Love Boat

          I bet you have some rope laying around and at least one tree in your trailer park.

      3. mr September 2, 2017

        Not to mention our CBs led by Davon House, an unproven rookie, and the rest are question marks. They are not good enough to hold their own without a consistent pass rush (which will be worse this year). I think 2017 will pretty much be a repeat of 2016

  2. Ron September 1, 2017

    Pf4l you are the most miserable piece of crap I’ve ever heard. Ok we get it TT and MM have no business running a fantasy team or coaching pee-wee football. In fact I bet both TT and MM got together 9 years ago and decided to build a team just good enough to ONLY win 1 super bowl, make the playoffs every year and keep stringing us gullible fans along FORCING us to watch this ” clown show “. It’s sports jackass. And for your information 31 other teams are getting paid to play as well. Just how much talent are you supposed to get when for the last 10 years your picking in the mid to late 20’s?? It’s not as if we’re Cleveland or Jax picking in the top 5 of every round. Go see a shrink and get some Prozac or midol. Whatever works best

    1. PF4L September 2, 2017

      Awe :(

      We can’t expect Ted to draft good players where’s he drafting!!…awe :(

      TT and MM have been together for well over 11 years, but let’s not let the truth cloud your thought’s.

      You seem extremely miserable and upset at a person you don’t know, over an internet blog. You ever hear the expression “He who angers you, controls you”?

      Physician heal thyself.

      Cue the circus music.

  3. PF4L September 2, 2017

    I always grin when i see that photo of Ted.

    “What do you mean the coupon is expired?”

  4. Tony September 2, 2017

    We are keeping an undrafted free agent – punters are people too :)

    1. Drater September 2, 2017

      And Lenzy Pipkins

  5. MJ September 2, 2017

    The surprises for me are McCaffrey, Price, Hill and Gilbert, in the sense that I thought these guys could contribute.
    The other surprises, albeit for entirely different reasons are the draftees: Amichia, Yancey, Dupre. Better to admit a draft pick didn’t work than keeping them for years, right?

  6. PF4L September 3, 2017

    The Packers went lighter at wide receiver than anyone expected(5). But went very heavy at O-lineman(10), which isn’t a shock to me. Not one of the Packers back up lineman, inspires confidence in most people’s view.

    What’s also interesting is keeping only 2 QB’s. Which leads me to think the Packers have given up the fantasy of getting a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Hundley. Maybe a team is desperate enough to give up a 5th or 6th, idk. If i’m smart enough to see how the Packers were manipulating Hundleys stats with ultra short passes, i’m fairly certain NFL team’s personnel people saw it. When a QB’s yards per pass attempt against a shit Rams team is under 4 yards, that isn’t fooling anyone.

  7. mr September 3, 2017

    There will be 6 WRs after Allison serves his one game suspension…

    1. PF4L September 4, 2017

      True….unless they cut a wr when adding Allison back on the roster.