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Falcons Make Packers Relive NFC Championship

The only question about the Green Bay Packers’ 34-23 loss to the Atlanta Falcons is when was it over?

Was it just before the game, when it was announced that left tackle David Bakhtiari wouldn’t be available? That forced the Packers to use Kyle Murphy at left tackle and the underwhelming duo of Justin McCray and Adam Pankey at right tackle.

Aaron Rodgers would be sacked three times, but the inexperienced line severely limited what the Packers’ offense was able or willing to do.

Or perhaps it was when the Packers lost both defensive tackle Mike Daniels and receiver Jordy Nelson early in the first quarter. Daniels dropped out with a hamstring injury during the first defensive series. Nelson left with a quad injury shortly thereafter. Neither returned.

Or maybe it was right after halftime. The Packers came out in a 24-7 hole, but they started the half with the ball. That is, until the second play. Rodgers dropped back only to find two Falcons right in his face. His desperation chuck ended up being a lateral that was quickly scooped up and returned for a touchdown by Desmond Trufant. 31-7.

Of course, perhaps it was right before the half when Mike McCarthy blew his top. The Packers were penalized for what turned out to be a legal pick on a 36-yard gain by Randall Cobb. Tight end Martellus Bennett was within one yard of the line of scrimmage when he picked off Cobb’s man, which is the legal zone. A penalty was called, the play was wiped out and Rodgers would throw an interception to Trufant two plays later. The Falcons then went on a 36-yard TD drive, culminated by a 3-yard Tevin Coleman reception. Coleman was able to score courtesy of, guess what? A pick.

Then again, it was probably when the Packers stepped on the field. As we expected, this defensive backfield can’t cover anyone. Quinten Rollins was god awful. The Packers mercifully benched him, moved Damarious Randall to the slot and brought in rookie Kevin King around the midway point of the game. Randall wasn’t much better, especially trying to cover Julio Jones. Matt Ryan finished with a 108.0 rating. Jones went for 108 and Mohamed Sanu went for 85. More telling is Jones averaged 21.6 per catch. Sanu averaged 17.0.

In short, pretty much nothing went right for the Packers. This was essentially a replay of the NFC Championship game.

And to top it off, several other guys got injured, including Cobb and cornerback Davon House.

The Packers are lucky Rodgers didn’t get injured, the way he was getting hit.

That’s the biggest positive to come out of this game. And perhaps this is a wake-up call for the Packers.

As we’ve discussed, they own Seattle. Atlanta currently owns the Packers.

The hype train has come to a screeching halt.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. KILLER September 17, 2017

    This walloping of the Packers will live on extra long with extra attention due to it being an opening game in a new stadium. Falcons fans will think of the new stadium and rapidly and fondly recall the win. Whenever they discuss the stadium history the announcers will talk about “since the first game first victory, a tremendous walloping of the Packers in 2017” all the way until the day it is replaced by another new stadium.

    A big victory just like with the Vikings beautiful new stadium last year!

  2. Bob September 17, 2017

    What I find interesting is one of the talking heads that called the game made a remark about the bowels of the dome so does that mean the roof is the butthole.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK September 18, 2017

      They also made a few comments about MM’s poor decisions during the second half . . .

  3. Ken September 17, 2017

    I thought they should have taken their medicine and just run the ball and the clock out when they had little hope of winning and lots of risk for injuries. I cringed when I saw Allison make that last catch and twist his leg. Rodgers could have been killed in the last minute or so of desperation play. The risk reward was 1000:0.5.
    It seems like the same Packers as last year. Why not save a lot of time and just watch last year’s games on fast forward. That would leave more time for more meaningful things in life. Same coach. Same team. We know what happened last year. Got in a hole. Got out of it, only to be clubbed by FAtlanta. I say let’s start up the “get rid of McCarthey and Thompson” song now. It can’t be too early. I tell you. It’s the same pile of crap unbalanced team as last year. It doesn’t take a high priced analyst to see that. The Packers offense looks like a pin ball machine rather than a well oiled and organized system. It’s chaotic. Rodgers scrambling for his life on every play, not much running game. Same crap as last year. I am out on the west coast. I don’t see many games. This one was one of the relatively few national broadcasts of the Packers. From what I saw tonight, if I want to watch Packers I’ll tune in Youtube and watch Packers highlights of Bears, Vikes, Lions. It won’t be much different. The Packers depend on Rodgers 100% for offense. Once he goes down and he will, can’t run around like a rabbit in a coyote pen every game and not get hurt, then it’ll be no run and no pass. What a garbage product. What is really disappointing is—it’s last year’s tires with retreads. Ugggghhh. Unwatchable.

    1. PF4L September 17, 2017

      The same Packers as last year?

      You obviously didn’t watch the Seattle game. (Yes, that was sarcasm)

      But i will say, that Kevin King looked like a different player than the one we saw in preseason.

      Fear not Packer faithful…the Bengals are coming to town!!

      1. icebowl September 18, 2017

        But wait, did they have the “feared” Nitro D last year…..????

  4. MMTTDCSUCK September 17, 2017

    This^^^^ Well said!

  5. Bob September 17, 2017

    Why can’t the corners jam the receivers on the line. They stayed back 5 yards on each play and then watched them run past and run down the field and make a 20 yard catch and run. Are they that bad or just poor coaching. Same old bullshit as last year. The Packers need some major changes in the top management department. The way it is now they will be lucky to make it past the second game in postseason.

    1. icebowl September 17, 2017

      Speaking of jamming on the line, that pick call against Bennett by refs at end of half potentially was a game changer…

      Refs dropped penalty when King Brady whined on similar play earlier….

      I guess it’s karma for bad calls that went GBs way last week…

  6. TyKo Steamboat September 17, 2017

    Hard to win on the road against a team like that without pussy Bulaga, big money Baktihari, Mike D & Jordy Nelson.

    On the building side… our back-up Tackles looked ok in a pinch. Allison is a good #4 WR & Kevin King looks like the real deal. 0-5 in passes his way & some strong tackles

  7. MMTTDCSUCK September 17, 2017

    Well, I have to admit that after last week I had a little bit of hope. But there was this pesky little voice in my ear saying that we still had the same brain trust and that we did not really “fix” the problems that were SO FUCKING OBVIOUS from last year like, you know, the Offensive Coordinator, the Defensive Coordinator, the DB’s the ILB’s; not to mention TT allowing our O Line depth to walk away. Let’s face it, MM CANNOT COACH. D. Capers is LOST out there with the level of talent that he is given yearly and with everything being what it is at this point . . . You just cannot polish a TURD. The plays that are called are either vanilla, or are cluster fucks. If Aaron Rodgers wasn’t on this team Green Bay would be a perennial sub 500 team PERIOD! Fuck TT, MM and DC. It is time for a change in Green Bay NOW!!!!

    1. icebowl September 17, 2017

      Agreed on all accounts MM……

      I barely made it to halftime, opting for walk and then comimg home to watch episode 1 of Ken Burns’ excellent documentary on Vietnam war… talk abput mismanagement !

      So much for the much heralded D…last week was a fluke – Seattle verified today that they currently have no offensive power barely besting the Whiners..

      Short lived euphoria – anyone who thinks the early loss of Mike Daniels was the reason for the collapse is not facimg reality… The secondary, save a few bright spots by King, was at best a sieve – and that was an improvement after they yanked Rollins….

      The run to SB LII is for all intents and purposes over. QB1 is a sitting duck – all D’s will be hunting him down having watched the film’s from tonight’s game…

      If they survive injuries they may make playoffs, only because NFC North is comprised of NFL’s sorriest teams… Detroit will be only threat ….

      1. KILLER September 18, 2017

        C’mon, IceBowels, the power rank in the NFC Central is #1. Vikings, #2. Lions, #3. Packers, #4, that team in Chicago. This is assuming no injury factor. Injuries are the wild card. Packers have some injuries so normally they might be #4, but that #4 team is soooooo bad. If they lose Rodgers, they would be #4. Seriously, I would take the Bears over the Rodgers-less Packers. Not kidding. The Vikings may or may not have a serious issue with Sam Bradford’s knee. There is a huge drop off from Bradford to Keenum. It was clear to all we would have beaten the Steelers had Bradford been healthy. If Bradford misses 4 or more games and Stafford remains healthy then the Lions take the #1 spot.

      2. MMTTDCSUCK September 18, 2017

        Yep ICEBOWL, another poorly played and coached game for a national audience to witness. Mark Murphy needs to grow a set of balls and start cleaning house before Aaron Rodgers is used up . . .

        1. PF4L September 18, 2017

          The only difference between Bradford and Keenum, is that the queenies didn’t have to piss away yet another #1 pick on a QB.

  8. Xlvordie September 17, 2017

    -A few players who might have helped the roster today include Brian Price, Christian Ringo, JC Trettor, ladarious Gunter,Jordan Tripp, Julius Peppers and maybe even….Sam shields? Bring him in and work him out.

    -The only new addition I saw worth a damn was King.

    -2015 has taught the packers nothing. Still very dependant on Jordy Nelson.

    -Rodgers obsession with Bennett will doom
    the team.

    -Nelson and Cobb go down and even on the fast surface Janis gets no snaps and davis got one.

    -How come a soda is only $2.00 at butt hole staduim, yet the “publicly owned” packers charge an arm and a leg?

    1. MMTTDCSUCK September 17, 2017

      Good points. I was wondering the whole 2nd half why that Buffoon of a head coach did not give a sub 4:4 speed WR a few opportunities as well.

    2. PF4L September 17, 2017

      That sledding hill isn’t going to pay for itself.

      Plus, i’m guessing between Murphy, Thompson, and McCarthy combined, they’re probably pulling in about 15 million. If anyone doesn’t think they are worth it, obviously didn’t watch the Seattle game.

      1. icebowl September 17, 2017

        ….at least 15 mil each

    3. KILLER September 18, 2017

      Some very good points, especially about the Packers org. price gouging. Think about it, a much worse, really, the worst stadium in the NFL, way over-charging in comparison to a shiny shiny brand new state of the art stadium! Supposedly publicly owned (but not actually — it is a huge scam) making tons of money and, what do they do? Screw over the people who supposedly own them.

      The black-balling of Janis continues. He would be very successful on another team so they don’t dare release him as it would be embarrassing when he does great elsewhere. So they have to keep him but never give him any time. Green Bay is his black hole of Calcutta. Because Rodgers does not personally like him and MM does as Rodgers tells him to do. Also, at this point, if he is given playing time he will do great and that would hurt the Rodgers/MM ego because, why then have they shut him down for years? Janis is in a total Catch-22.

      Janis is big, a top 10% in WR size, yet fast, a top 5% in speed. All he does is totally lights out kick ass whenever given the chance. Sooooooo… keep him on the bench!

      Packers organization = Greed driven
      Mike McCarthy = Ego driven
      Aaron Rodgers = Grudge driven

      1. ay hombre September 18, 2017

        Well said.

  9. ARS85 September 17, 2017

    Expected this to be a loss once the schedule came out. They fought to the end, regardless of if that was the smart decision or not. Secondary doesn’t look as bad as it was but it’s still a long work in progress.

    Bufoon needs to call the game like he does when chasing from the beginning. Let arod work. The line couldn’t hold up, thank god he wasn’t injured. 1-1 after this tough start is fine, but the injuries to half the team are a major concern. Take care of business against the weaker teams and hopefully playoff success will some with that.

    Maybe this secondary somewhat gets it together by the time we inevitably have to come back here in January. And hopefully the offense is full strength and firing at that point. All of that aside…. At least we aren’t queens fans, clinging to the hope of a twice surgically repaired knee of a bust lol…. Can always count on those purple ladies to make me feel better

    1. icebowl September 17, 2017

      Where did they dig up Case Keenum ?
      They shoulda grabbed Cutty ehen they had the chance…

  10. GoPack September 17, 2017

    Well, exactly why we shouldn’t over react after one game, especially after seeing Seattle today. Still don’t wanna over react after one loss but fuck. As everyone has said, it’s the same shit and now the neglect of the o line is gonna get Rodgers killed. Can complain about the same shit but everyone has already touched on it. What concerns and frustrates me most is the pile of injuries already. That’s the norm but damn, week 2 and we already had both tackles out, brooks out on top of m. Adams and biegal. Now we lose Nelson, Cobb, Daniels, Brice, house, Evans and I’m sure I’m missing some more. Quad and hammies seem to me like a training and conditioning thing no? If this staff can’t train and get these guys ready can we find some that will? Maybe some more preseason reps would help this out. Loosen and get the muscles and body ready to go. They sat all month and now have to turn it up and go all game. Use preseason to build up to the real games, but what do I know. Only thing I liked was king. These next two games will get the front office all cozy again but then back to reality when the pack goes to Dallas. Gonna be the same shit vs Dallas, Carolina, Pittsburgh. With the shots Rodgers has taken, he may. It last much longer. Two games in and he’s taken a ton of shots. Way to go try, mm and D.C. Not over reacting but firmly believe they are no better than average. They’ll beat bad teams, possibly beat some average teams and lose to the upper echelon teams.

  11. Cagey September 18, 2017

    What we have here is a case of menstrual synchrony. Our Packers are all currently cramping terribly. We are all lucky they took the field at all.

  12. Mike K September 18, 2017

    Its OVERDUE to clean this FKG mess!!!! Cadaver Thompson, FatBoy Mike, Clueless Capers. Everyone knows definition of insanity??? Every 2-3 years there’s a NFC team we are always a step behind and can’t beat!!! It was Giants, then San Francisco, Seattle & Now its Atlanta. A Dead GM who drafts like he drinks soup at the nursing home.?? Another year with a great complimentary Running Game. Rodgers will never get another Ring with current Packer Leadership. Alfred E Neuman Murphy has NO balls to get a Jon Gruden, New GM to Help Aaron out. This team if fortunate will get embarrassed in Atlanta again in Jan. That’s Packer way!! Make play-offs and get bounced out in WC, Div round. This way everyone stays on payroll, TT,MM,DC,MM. same’ol, same’ol

  13. Kato September 18, 2017

    Saw this coming from a mile away. It is difficult for backup offensive tackles to succeed in the NFL when a defense puts them in an early big hole. No NFL team has a starting quality tackle at both spots on the line that will hold up in a gamebdown by multiple scores. It was nice to see McCarthy show some emotion for once on the sidelines.

    The Bengals offense has been horrid this year, but they have a new playcaller next week. Those kind of games can be difficult. Wouldnt chalk next week up as a win

    1. icebowl September 18, 2017

      Yup, Bengals no cake walk, especially if Nelson, Cobb, Daniels, O-line, can’t suit up…

      Ginger Dalton not looking good may help, but new O coordinator may help…

      Watch them sign Colon The Packer Killer, just for this game. The kid could revive his career against the “infamous” Nitro D…..

      1. Empacador September 18, 2017

        Plus you have the fact the Packers historically struggle with the Bengals and have a losing record against them.

  14. Deepsky September 18, 2017

    If the Packers played any team with two practice squad tackles, I would immediately write that down as a victory for the Packers. You can’t play in the NFL with practice squad tackles. Yeah they looked OK for a while but that was because the Packers were not calling long passes. As soon as the Packers opened up the playbook, they failed. Game over.

    Even if Baktiari and Bulaga were healthy and Nelson and Daniels were healthy, I would have thought this game was a Packer loss.

    The thing that bugs me the most about this game is Michael Bennett’s drops. This guy talks a big game for his pathetic showing.

    1. PF4L September 18, 2017

      In the “how ugly can this get” file.

      Anyone notice on the 2nd play after halftime, both McCray and Murphy had a new blocking technique, they both simultaneously dove at their opponents feet. That must have been a directive at half time, as Lane Taylor did the same thing but whiffed on Poe, Linsley did the same thing on Grady Jarrett. Evans didn’t bother, as he had no one to block. Result…Trufant touchdown.

      Quentin Rollins went back to the T. Williams tackling technique. No hands or arms extended, trying to tackle an NFL player with his shoulder at his feet. Why does this shit continue? Maybe that’s why he was pulled for King, not sure.

      I’m assuming both Rollins and Randall are healthy, which only means one thing…they are running out of excuses.

      More to come concerning the difference between the Falcons 1st half offense, vs. their 2nd half offense. I gotta jet.

      1. icebowl September 18, 2017

        Seemed they were using chip blocks alot – I believe Colinsworth spent some time talking about it…. didn’t have much else he coukd say about GB game….

      2. Kato September 18, 2017

        Cut blocks at common on quick hitters to the outside to protect against the outside pass rushers from getting their hands up to deflect the pass.

        1. PF4L September 18, 2017

          Kato, check the play out again, everyone immediately went low, across the line, except Evan’s, who basically just stood there. The play was at 43 seconds into the 3rd quarter, take a peek. It was ugly.

  15. Howard September 18, 2017

    The team is just not ready for prime time football.

    I can’t be the only guy that gets pissed when I see a tv shot of Capers calling plays on high, behind protective glass, and away from the action and players on the sidelines.

    1. Tundraboy September 18, 2017

      Nope. Get on the field once in a while. And if you want a sky view, bring a tablet.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK September 18, 2017

      That has been one of my biggest complaints about Capers. How in the hell is a D C supposed to get a feel for his players and his schemes if he is not on the field to see who is tired, struggling, or not into the game mentally? Capers is a detriment to this team. The ONLY positive (or in this case excuse) that I would give him would be that he is not given the correct personnel year in and year out to work with (all the more reason to be down on the field!). TT is to blame for much of this. MM gets an “F” as well by default for just allowing this nightmare to continue.

    3. Kato September 18, 2017

      Long been a complaint of Capers. I have always thought coordinators need to be on the field and should have an assistant up in the box.

    4. PF4L September 18, 2017

      Howard, i don’t think you were here back in like, 2011-2013, but that was talked about a lot by a few of us. This site was filled with a lot of personality and passion back then, it was highly entertaining. Some articles would have 80, 90, 100 + comments. A lot of Capers and Ted supporters back then, then there were the rest of us who saw this clown show coming.

  16. ay hombre September 18, 2017

    Really very common for the D-coordinator up in the booth. Not like his dynamic personality is going to resonate down on the field anyway. I think Capers is a pretty good coordinator actually, but with 3 out of 11 guys on defense that are generally worth a shit. Who those three guys are depends on the day.

    They have to play the rookies. Enough of this fucking around business. Oh and don’t be surprised when Davon House is on his ass without a job in the next week or two.

  17. Empacador September 18, 2017

    The most frustrating part for me was the lack of urgency, especially in the second half. There they are still running a “hurry up” offense with the play clock continuing to run until they are at risk of getting a delay of game penalty. I’d have to watch it again but there was one play seemed like late in the 3rd quarter where there was a false start as the clock is winding down. Yet instead of being ready to go after the penalty, once again they stand there waiting until the play clock is into the single digits. To borrow a phrase from that Cleveland “Factory of Sadness” guy, it is almost like the Packers are playing a different sport.

    At least we know the answer to whether the Packer defense is legit or not. I bet they can’t WAIT to bring Goodson back from PUP either. Kevin King should be playing sooner than later, that dude can hit.

  18. Kato September 18, 2017

    My biggest complaint, is it is the same thing year after year after year. This team literally cannot fix their issues. They are still poor on defense, as they have been pretty much every year from 2011 to present. They haven’t been able to run the ball effectively sans Lacy’s first two years. The offensive line its depth it has been mediocre at best for half the years that Rodgers has started. Just when they were a top five offensive line in terms of starters and depth, it was all blown up. How many first round picks were squandered? Inexcusable. This is a shitshow, there is no change in sight. This defense might be even worse next year.

    1. PF4L September 18, 2017

      Yea Kato, i hear ya. I am kinda past having complaints, except for wanting the regime changed. I have more pet peeves than anything. Like, it seems that no one can understand we aren’t a draft and develop team, in order to be, you have to draft well and develop. These days we draft for immediate help. People are starting to understand but…….

      The other thing is….(short version)….No real changes for real results. That includes McCarthy who has full control over all the coaches and coordinators. every year nothing changes, i’ll skip the diatribe about demanding accountability, that’s been beaten to death, but you get the picture. Same coaches, same everything, same playoff demise every year.

      Then after the annual playoff loss, these guys have the gall to pat themselves on the back and brag about getting to the playoffs every year…same shit, different year, every year.