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Should Eddie Lacy Get a Lambeau Leap?

We’ve not been shy about our fondness for former Green Bay Packers and current Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy.

However, he is a member of the team we plan on the Packers beating down come Sunday.

If Lacy scores a touchdown, which we aren’t betting on — unless he runs right at Clay Matthews — should he take a Lambeau Leap?

He’s been thinking about it.

“You know, honestly, I’ve been thinking about that for the past two days,” Lacy said. “Part of me wants to, but I don’t want to get pushed down. I really don’t know how the crowd will react to that. Maybe I could find like a small patch of Seahawks fans and do it there.”

First of all, no. You shouldn’t find a small patch of Seahawks fans. There better not be any Seahawks fans sitting that close to the field.

Second of all, maybe.

I mean, if your team is getting killed by the Packers, then I think, yeah, cool. We love Eddie Lacy. You’re really just a Green Bay Packer wearing someone else’s clothing.

However, if Lacy and the Seahawks are somehow whooping up on the Packers, then I would advise against it.

There will be some drunk, salty bastards in the stands and you don’t want to go there.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Gort September 8, 2017


  2. Cagey September 8, 2017

    He’s a giant cock for even thinking about it

  3. PF4L September 8, 2017

    There are three reasons why i think it’s doubtful Lacy scores a td (with one exception).

    1) If Rawls is healthy, he should receive the brunt of the carries.

    2) My guess is they use Lacy in mainly short yardage.

    3) The Packers defense doesn’t do that much well, but they can be stout at stopping the run.

    The exception being if the SeaChickens are in short yardage goal to go situations.

    Please don’t say Lacy is still a Packer. Yes, he’s a nice guy, probably fun to play video games with or go grab a pizza and some cold beers. But the problem is, he didn’t take this team or his career seriously. While most of the players took their conditioning seriously, Eddie said fuck it, i’m eating. He’s a man child, not a Green Bay Packer.

    1. Kato September 8, 2017


      I like Lacy, but his lack of commitment to football does not make him a “Packer.”

    2. Deepsky September 8, 2017

      Lacy has always been a terrible short yardage back. Lacy is not a power back, but he’s a big back so he’s hard to bring down and he’s got some moves. He’s never going to move big guys out the way on his own because he’s just fat, not strong. That’s part of the reason the Packers let him leave. In his time with the team the Packers couldn’t pick up a 1 or 2 yard first down ever.