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Still No Return In Sight for Vince Biegel

It has been one of the nagging questions of training camp. When will rookie fourth-round pick Vince Biegel get on the field?

The answer remains a mystery.

We know it won’t be this week. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Biegel will not practice or play this week. The team is obviously being cautious with Beigel, who is trying to return from foot surgery. Although he had the surgery in May, the injury is a holdover from his senior season at Wisconsin.

“The history of the injury, the reoccurrence, there’s probably a threshold or two more that the medical staff really want to make sure he’s clear of,” McCarthy said. “Because a setback is always something you want to avoid. And we haven’t had any setbacks, it’s just a matter of where he is, and the progress of rehab.”

As the weeks go on, the chances of Biegel making an impact anytime soon diminish. There is now talk that he might open the season on the physically unable to perform list. That would sideline him for at least the first six weeks of the season.

That’s bad news for the Packers’ pass rush. The team drafted him to help in that department. With Kyler Fackrell starting to look more and more like a bust every day, the defense could use Biegel.

When you throw in the injury-prone nature of starting outside linebackers Clay Matthews and Nick Perry, you can see how this might be a problem.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. SDSpec August 22, 2017

    To any writer on Total Packers: So are you guys gonna get off your ass and write a story about Clinton-Dix supporting slain police officers or are you too busy sucking on Kaepernicks cock still?

    1. Kato August 22, 2017

      Oh. You must be one of those guys that believe that every police officer is a saint and should have to answer to no one while shooting at people. You can support checks and balances on police officers and making them accountable while also supporting police officers in general you know…

      1. Howard August 22, 2017

        Kato, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I can’t help ask.

        Dix wrote four fallen officers names on his shoes to honor them and their families. Three of the officers were shot and died in the line of duty. The fourth died while in pursuit of the suspect that killed one of the three officers. What exactly did any of the four officers do wrong? I may have missed something in the news? Did the four fallen officers shoot at someone first that did not deserve to be shot at? Maybe you know something about the circumstances of the four deaths that makes it wrong for Dix to honor them and their families? Not every officer is a saint, but I bet the four fallen officers families believe they were saints. Do you know otherwise?

        1. KG August 23, 2017

          Just leave kato be… she is obviously just another one of those useless brainwashed turds who have nothing better to do than bitch about everybody and everything, (using the anonymity the internet or a cowardly black mask) except of course, other turds like kaepernick. It’s refreshing to see an nfl player standing for something positive for a change. Bravo Ha Ha Clinton-Dix!

        2. Kato August 23, 2017

          Those police officers did nothing wrong. And it was cool that Clinton-Dix honored them. What I have a problem with is people making it out that Kaepernick is some piece of shit that disrespects our military because he is trying to make a statement about how black people are policed. Is the issue as big as the media is making it out to be? I don’t know, maybe. Have there been instances where the media has “suggested” the cop is guilty before any evidence has come out? Sure there has. But that doesnt mean that there isn’t any sort of problem and ignoring it and blaming it on thugs isn’t the answer

          1. KG August 23, 2017

            kaepernick is not being made out to be some piece of shit… kaepernick IS a piece of shit. kato, you are an idiot.

          2. Kato August 23, 2017

            KG, your racism really shows. Congrats. I don’t see anything positive about 4 cops dying though…

        3. Kato August 23, 2017

          My comment more had to do with SDSPEC’s comment about Kaepernick than it does with HHCD honoring police officers that died in the line of duty.

          1. SDSpec August 23, 2017

            Kato, your first did not mention Kaepernick once. It was just a virtue signaling rant. And remember, you can’t hold a tiny percentage of a group as an example of the whole. You know, “hastag not all ect, ect.”

            My point with my first post was that a site that holds the name “Total Packers”, who has defended posting articles about Munn because she dated “QB number 1”, would ignore a story about an actual Packer doing something great. Whether you like cops or not what HHCD did is a great story and this site should be ashamed they have not covered it yet.

          2. MMTTDCSUCK August 23, 2017

            Kato, with the current state of affairs there are many people who fall under the “Emperor Wears No Clothes” adage . . . You are not one of them. I understood COMPLETELY what you meant; however, before I go into that, what about SDSPEC? that should be the first question. If SDSPEC does not like the writing . . . He should find another blog that he enjoys more. Why is he offering up a non sequitur anyway? WTF did this have in relation to this article? NOTHING! Just another radical stirring the pot for the new “We all must love the police” bandwagon! Sure, are there good ones? Yes! Are there bad ones? You fuckin’ A there are! But let us just pull out a “good or sad story” that will further many peoples confirmation bias to LOVE all policemen (good or Bad BTW). So this SDSPEC is either a salt for this new Trump loves all Police propaganda, or is just another dolt that wants to stir up the pot while he jacks off at home laughing about the discord that he just set into motion. Just ignore him, or counter his BS with a few of the THOUSANDS of videos showing “NICE” cops beating up or shooting unarmed “thugs” Fuck this fucking fuck . . .

          3. KG August 23, 2017

            Kindly point out where my racism shows… or is that just your go to retort for anybody who disagrees with you? For the record, I couldn’t care less what you look like. You are an idiot in any color.

  2. PF4L August 22, 2017

    …and what happened to McCarthy’s face? He looked like he went a round with Conor McGregor.

  3. Deepsky August 23, 2017

    So what happens when TJ Watt makes the Pro Bowl his rookie year with the Steelers (9 tackles, 3 for loss, 2 sacks so far this preseason) and Vince Biegel never sees the field?

    1. KG August 23, 2017

      What happens is fuckhead know-it-alls like you will never shut up about it.

      1. RelampagoBlanco August 23, 2017

        Well that escalated quickly..

        1. Kato August 23, 2017

          Yeah, it’s ok. KG is just an obnoxious, mouth breathing alt right wing racist that uses anonymity on the internet to call people idiots and pieces of shit. Believe me, I know this type all too much.

          1. MMTTDCSUCK August 23, 2017


          2. KG August 23, 2017

            Well aren’t you just full of assumptions? I wasn’t calling people idiots… I was calling you an idiot specifically. I also (correctly) identified kaepernick specifically as a piece of shit… no one else. Again, please point out my racism or shut the fuck up. I think it’s pathetic that you come in here attacking SDSPEC for his opinion, and then get all butthurt and cry racism when I counter your pathetic argument. You are too narrow minded and agenda driven to know “my type” at all. Please just let the adults talk without interjecting “your” opinion.

          3. PF4L August 23, 2017

            First of all, i don’t like blowups in here where i’m not involved.

            Disagreeing with a person’s stance or belief doesn’t automatically means someone is racist, or wrong. People have tunnel vision whenever this shit comes up.

            I read where more unarmed white people are killed by police than black people. Just what i read, i didn’t try to confirm. I just question motivation of people protesting, is it for attention? Is it because it’s en vogue all of a sudden? Is it because it’s a belief held strongly by the protester? If it’s the latter, and they do more take a knee for 40 seconds while they are at work, i’d respect that. If it’s all you’ve done, then you’re just a poser.

            I don’t know everything, but i do know this. No matter your race or nationality, here are my tips on
            dramatically decreasing your chances of being shot dead by a cop. Excuse it’s simplicity.

            A) Be on the right side of the law.

            B) If a cop ask you to do something, or he tells you to do something. Follow his direction.

            If those 2 rules of thumb are followed, you probably have a better chance at winning powerball, than you do of being shot by a cop.

            That doesn’t excuse cops who unlawfully kill ANYONE. They shouldn’t see the light of day again.

          4. Kato August 23, 2017

            You also called deepsky a “fuckhead know it all.” Completely unprovoked.

            Why is Kaepernick a piece of shit? Please be specific. I mean, on the football field he is a bit of a tool, always came off a bit cocky. But your strong feeling against him tells me there is something deeper. Without name calling, answer these simple questions for me (feel free to post a separate response in its own reply box, the reply system here gets kind of messy.
            1: Why do you hate CK?
            2: Do you think police have at all used excessive force in this country against minorities?
            3: Do you believe in freedom of speech?
            4: Do you know my agenda, or do you think I am a leftist, SJW, hippie?

  4. Kato August 23, 2017

    Anyways Ragland is available. In hindsight, it is looking more and more like a mistake that the packers didn’t sign Dumervill. The 49ers gave him 2 years and $8 million, with $1.5 million guaranteed. They could have afforded that.

    1. KG August 24, 2017

      1. because he chose to use his visibility to endorse a platform that I vehemently disagree with
      2. of course they have.
      3. of course I do. do you?
      4. I don’t “know” anything about you other than that you are a thin skinned social justice warrior who is attempting to take up a cause that needs not be taken up. you seem to find yourself virtuous due to your religious adherence to the current groupthink regarding American culture and history.
      5. calling me racist is so last week. this weeks word is nazi. try to keep up

  5. Kato August 23, 2017

    PF4L- I agree. Honestly, I do believe a large portion of minorities shot by cops are in the wrong and did something that provoked it, and probably deserved it. But for every Michael Brown where the shooting was justified, there situations like Laquan McDonald who was shot like 16 times by a police officer despite no other officer going to those lengths. I did not mean to come off as a cop hater by any means, I have friends that are LEOs.

    My biggest issue is there is a disturbing number of people in this country that just assumes the cop is in the right every time and the “thug” deserved it because his “rap sheet is a mile long.” And they hate CK, or other black players that take a knee as a form of protest. Then they spread fake stories like James Harrison threatening to break the legs of anyone kneeling. There is a reason we have a court system.

    1. Kato August 23, 2017

      Sorry, PF4L, most of this isn’t directed at you. I just get frustrated when people refuse to acknowledge the possibility of a problem.

      1. PF4L August 23, 2017

        Kato, there are injustices everywhere, every day against every color of man, woman or child. Some bestowed upon each other by their own race, i see it daily on the local news every fucking day. When is someone going to stand up and march and protest for the 9 year old girl from Milw. sleeping inside her house that got hit from a stray bullet and died. Why isn’t that shit important enough to bring communities together to say enough is enough? Was it an “accident”? No, it’s a way of life. But if it’s a cop on a black person, then everyone stands up and pays attention and screams bloody murder, when in many cases, it’s a black cop who did the shooting. But they don’t like advertising that, it’s the white cop whose picture gets plastered on TV. The media exploits and inflames certain kinds of injustice in the name of the almighty dollar.

        Who stands up and protest for the 9 year old black girl killed, or the 80 year old black woman who was beaten, robbed of $7 and killed.

        Nobody. Not even BLM. Ever ask yourself why that is?

        But lets take a knee for the injustice of police, But our own injustices of people against their own race that happens daily? Apparently no one gives a fuck.

        There is nothing wrong with protesting an injustice committed by Police Kato. But for every one instance of injustice from a Police officer, hundreds and hundreds of injustices goes on every single day against one’s own race, and no one says boo about that.

        It’s not racist, it’s hypocrisy.

        1. KG August 24, 2017

          Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?! You pointed out an uncomfortable fact?!?!?! You are a racist, misogynist, sexist, alt-right, homophobic, fascist, misgendering, confederate, privileged, islamophobic, hitler Nazi!! If my black mask wearing friends and I knew who you are we would get together in a big cowardly group and bash your head in with a bike lock in the name of compassion! that would teach you to have an opinion that differs from ours!

        2. Kato August 24, 2017

          Not sure you will see this because this article is being pushed down by articles about Munn, but the reason is because cops are in a position of power, and there are higher expectations of them? Is thatnecessarily fair? No. But that is why pedophile teachers are typically come down on harder than your average pedophile that doesn’t use their job to abuse their power ice other people.

          I course there are injustices everyday. I get that, and I agree. And I tend to think a lot of problems in those neighborhoods are cultural issues.

          KG why do you vehemently disagree with his platform? I fail to see the problem with using his influence to try and fix a potential problem in society. Cops wearing body cameras is going to make them accountable, and not even in cases where a gun comes out. Anything simple where the cop may do something wrong during a simple traffic stop.

          1. KG August 24, 2017

            Okay guy… you haven’t even attempted to answer the questions I posed to you so there’s no point in my answering you any further… May I point out that bringing up body cameras at this point is akin to a bait and switch. Please, if you feel the need to spew any further nonsense at me, stay within the boundaries you set for yourself instead of trying to trap me on a point that hasn’t come up.

  6. SDSpec August 23, 2017

    I’m just gonna say, HHCD is a good person and I’m buying his jersey. Really good guy. Classy.