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The Green Bay Packers aren’t going to have to worry about facing Ezekiel Elliott this season. At least not in the regular season. The NFL suspended the Dallas Cowboys’ running back six games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, on Friday.

The Packers face the Cowboys in Dallas on October 8. Elliott — the league’s leading rusher in 2016 — won’t be eligible to play until after the Cowboys October 22 game against San Francisco.

Elliott put up 157 yards on 28 carries against the Packers when they faced off in the regular season, last year. He then ran for 125 on 22 carries in the Packers’ playoff win.

The Packers have been talking a lot about getting home field advantage in the playoffs this year. This suspension might just clear the way for them to do it.

In most gambling establishments, the Cowboys had been the odds-on favorite to come out of the NFC. Not having their best player for six games will certainly hurt those chances.

Interestingly, even though Elliott hasn’t been convicted of anything in an actual court, the NFL conducted their own investigation into his conduct. He was ultimately suspended for engaging in physical violence against a woman multiple times.

Elliott can and likely will appeal.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Xlvordie August 11, 2017

    He will appeal, get it dropped to 4 games, and debut with vengeance against the packers

    1. Deer-N-Beer August 11, 2017

      That would still leave him out because he would return after their game on the 8th.

      1. Xlvordie August 11, 2017

        You are mistaken..the packers cowboys game on the 8th is the 5th game of the season for both teams. He would return after the October 1st game against the Rams.

        1. Xlvordie August 11, 2017

          Assuming he gets the suspension dropped to 4 games on the appeal, as insiders have hinted at.

          1. PF4L August 11, 2017

            I agree, when i heard this on the radio today, my 1st thought was he’ll get it reduced to 4 games. Depending on 2 things, his attitude while meeting with Goodell. Plus, whether or not Goodell show’s some sympathy when he realizes that Zeek isn’t smarter than a 5th grader.

  2. Howard August 11, 2017

    Some suspensions the NFL have a hard time reducing. I think this is one of those unless courts get involved. Even if he gets the suspension reduced to 4 games Elliott will not be able to practice with the team and that may not help team run chemistry in a first game back. If there is one offensive line that a very good but rusty running back could go right in and produce it is behind that line.

  3. Xlvordie August 11, 2017

    Unfortunately I think he will be fine..I’m sure he will still have more yards on the season than any Green Bay runningback.

  4. As a football fan & fantasy player, I fucking hate this. We get punished by not being able to see a great back & a fun offense. This is bad for football & GODdel
    As a Packers fan, I am happy to not have to play him…
    He didn’t hurt a broad. Prolly just yanked her weave too much. Another example of why not to date a black girl named Tiffany… Kinda sucks.

    1. PF4L August 11, 2017

      You don’t have a clue whether he hurt anyone or not. FYI…the woman involved is white.

      1. Well I DO know he was never legally convicted of anything … & this was over a year ago

        Leave it to the No Fun League to do “independent research” to suspend one of it’s most entertaining players & give him a bad name

        Furthermore, Marsha Clark, this so called “white woman” changed her story so many times according to the blodders that it looks like typical “drunk white girl that cried wolf” fodder.

        “Only in USA!” as Don King would say…

        1. Kato August 12, 2017

          You know how hard convictions are to land in a court of law? Look at OJ. The NFL clearly states there does not have to be a conviction for there to be a suspension.

          1. PF4L August 12, 2017

            It’s not just convictions. More times than not, charges aren’t even brought, because the the victim refuses to cooperate with law enforcement, therefore making a charge, a waste of taxpayers money because a conviction can’t be achieved without the victim’s testimony.

            Even when it was the victim who called the police to begin with. Then afterwards, cooler heads prevail, and the victim realises that it’s not in her best interest for her husband, fiance, or g/f to give the league a reason to suspend that player thereby cutting off the NFL money train. Or in other cases, the offender and the victim agree to a monetary settlement in exchange for any criminal or civil pursuit.

            A lack of a criminal charge or conviction is not “proof” that everyone involved is innocent and did nothing wrong. Most logical people understand this.

    2. Ray Larsen August 12, 2017

      If you condone violence against women, you’re a piece of shit. Thanks for reminding me why I left Wisconsin and won’t ever return. The whole fucking state has lost its mind.

  5. Empacador August 11, 2017

    When I heard about this today there were some links in the comments section on the one article where someone mentioned Tiffany listed her occupation on the police report as “sex slave”. No way! Read the linked document, holy shit she actually did. That and the text messages to her friend telling the friend to tell the police she was pulled out of the car against her will, something like that. She probably isn’t exactly the poor innocent victim here she is claiming to be. She did have some bruising though, so something happened. They are all lying in some capacity, who knows.

    That being said, maybe we can get a report on how many kids he has fathered. He seems to like the white women. Jerry probably had a coronary after thinking his boy wouldn’t get any time off and being brazen about saying so.

  6. Empacador August 14, 2017

    On the drive home this morning there was some speculation on Sirius NFL Radio about the message the NFL wants to send. The talking heads didn’t seem to think there would be a reduction even after the appeal because what message is the NFL sending if they reduce the penalty? The black eye suffered after they fumbled the Ray Rice incident led to the automatic 6 game suspension being adopted under the revised policy. The thought being the NFL wants players to know they are cracking down hard on domestic violence period, so no leeway should be given. Reducing the suspension for domestic abuse makes the shield look bad. The only way to protect the shield is with a zero tolerance policy.

    A player can’t argue he didn’t know he violated the domestic abuse policy like they try to argue taking a supplement that contained a banned substance. A player shouldn’t get to bargain a reduction for abusing another person. Taking supplements or drugs, he is normally only abusing himself unless he drives and puts the public at risk. Regardless, I’m leaning toward Elliot not getting a reduction in his suspension.