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Ron Wolf May Finally Get a Street in Green Bay

I’ve long made the argument. Ron Wolf is the third most important figure in Green Bay Packers’ history. Next to Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi, he did the most for the franchise.

You can say Mike Holmgren, Brett Favre, Reggie White. Ron Wolf made all of those moves.

He turned the franchise from a laughingstock into a perennial contender. What we currently have is due to Ron Wolf.

I will never waver from that opinion.

The 1970s and 1980s were a garbage dump for the Packers. So if you grew up during that time, you heard about this once great franchise. Then you watched the product on the field and wondered if that other stuff had ever happened.

And so, in Green Bay, they’ve named streets after coaches and players — Lombardi Ave., Mike Holmgren Way, Brett Favre Pass, Tony Canadeo Run… hell, even Mike McCarthy Way.

A street has never been named after a general manager in Green Bay. And of course, that makes sense. The Packers didn’t really have a designated GM until the the team hired Tom Braatz in the late 80s, under the designation of director of football operations. Until then, the coach was the GM, which the Packers figured out was a disaster after/during the Forrest Gregg administration.

So in that sense, Ron Wolf was the Green Bay Packers’ first general manager, or at least the first person to solely hold that title.

He brought the Green Bay Packers into the current NFL. He created the perennial power we see today. And kudos for Bob Harlan for hiring him.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Packers before the 1990s, you’re lucky. If all you know are playoff appearances and winning seasons, you’re lucky.

Curly has the stadium named after him. Lombardi has one of the main drags through Green Bay. It’s about damn time we give Ron Wolf something more than his name up there in the ring of honor. That was done before Wolf made the Hall of Fame, by the way. The only guy to get such an honor from the Packers without being in the Hall of Fame.

Of course, Ron Wolf is now deservedly in the Hall of Fame.

But here’s this.

Does anyone want to object to this?

If you do, I will fight you in the parking lot after school.

Be there!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L August 8, 2017

    Be careful what you wish for, i have never lost a fight after school. Just sayin.

    How about give him what he’s earned, a Street and a Statue. Excuse me if someone thinks that’s excessive. But this man raised an entire (A-Z) franchise into a Championship and first class organization. The mold he created back in the early 90’s has held up to present day, approaching 3 decades.

    If you have a problem with this i can take care of it after school in the parking lot. But you’ll have to wait until i deal with Monty. That should take anywhere from 4-11 seconds.

  2. Kato August 8, 2017

    This should have been done a decade ago. Better sooner than later before his son takes over and subsequently fails and there is the whole awkward firing thing.

  3. Andrew August 8, 2017

    I agree with the street but I feel it’s not enough, I’ve heard people say a 3rd statue is needed and I believe that should be Ron wolf, everyone says what lambeau is today favre built but without wolf it would’ve never happened.

    1. PF4L August 9, 2017

      Favre didn’t build shit, Favre tried to burn it down.

  4. Cheese August 10, 2017

    Wolf definitely deserves something. That aside, I’ve never been huge on the street naming thing. At least do it after the person has retired which Wolf obviously has. But every time they name a street after a head coach, said coach never won another championship. Lombardi, Holmgren…. McCarthy. They were so gung ho about getting McCarthy a street and I never understood why. Don’t boost his ego anymore than it already is. Let him work for it and retire first.