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Packers Will Host Ahmad Brooks on Tuesday

There have been multiple reports that the Green Bay Packers were bringing in former San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks at some point. That point is now.

Brooks was released by the 49ers on Friday, but could actually be a decent addition for the Packers. Behind starters Clay Matthews and Nick Perry, there isn’t really any depth.

Kyler Fackrell hasn’t developed and Jayrone Elliott has never fulfilled the promise he showed early in his career. Meanwhile, Matthews and Perry are probably the two most injury-prone guys on the team.

Brooks is 33, but has 53.5 sacks in his 10-year career. He’s also managed to stay relatively healthy, which is clearly important in this situation. Perry and Matthews will inevitably go down.

Perry has never made it through a full season and Matthews has only done so while playing inside linebacker and as a rookie.

Fourth-round pick Vince Biegel was supposed to help solve this depth issue, but he hasn’t been on the field since having foot surgery in May.

The Packers could certainly use a veteran player like Brooks at this point. Now if they could just do something about the backups on their offensive line…

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard August 28, 2017

    You would have to believe that the team and Brooks agent prior to scheduling the visit have already agreed in principal to some parameters for a contract, pending a physical and a workout.

    It also makes one wonder if the release of Hart is opening a spot for Brooks.

  2. Kato August 28, 2017

    Not much you can do at this stage of the game for OL. Sure you can pick through waivers once cutdowns begin, but there likely will not be solutions. Of course this could have been avoided had they resigned Tretter to the very affordable deal that they could have.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK August 29, 2017

      TT! The Frugal GM . . .

  3. I called this. I also thought Reggie Ragland perhaps, whom went to Kanass Chitty for a 4th round pick…

    I wouldn’t mind Brooks. But I hesitate to accept a guy the 40-Whiers just parted with …

    1. Kato August 28, 2017

      He didn’t fit their new defense, not to mention they are rebuilding and it was a cost cutting move. I wouldn’t look into it as “he wasn’t good enough to make the 49ers.”

      1. PF4L August 28, 2017

        This is from a Niners Nation writer. I don’t know what Brooks gives us, but i’ll take Hurley’s view point as he watches him every week. Does anyone else watch the 49er’s anymore? Brooks being 33, it sounds like Ted is signing another band-aid.

        “It seems like every year we are discussing whether or not the 49ers should or will cut Brooks. This year, he is entering the final year of that contract extension. The obvious reason for cutting Brooks is his play, as he did not fully live up to that big extension he received.” – Jason Hurley

        I don’t know Ted, What do ya think he’s worth? four or five, seven million?

        1. Kato August 28, 2017

          The move totally smells of desperation. At least this is some sort of acknowledgement that his (TT) handpicked choices are not working, I thought he would continue to push that his choices are good enough.

  4. PF4L August 28, 2017

    Draft and develop. SMFH.

    How bad are you at finding talent, that you view someone else’s aging cast off as better than your own draft picks acquired through the years.

    Each season, it seems this team has more issues than the previous season. It boggles the mind how some people continue to pat Ted on the back and let it continue. But yea Mark Murphy, i see us going to the Super Bowl this season also. Good call Mark, now how is that slide coming along.

    If anyone thinks that i don’t believe this team has a rat’s chance of getting to a Super Bowl under Ted’s guidance and that i’m not being a “good soldier”. You are correct.

    The only way this team gets to a Super Bowl is if Rodgers and the offense outscore everyone. But then again i’m not telling you anything new from the last 6 years.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK August 29, 2017

      The outscoring ONLY HAPPENS if the O Line is up to it . . . That appears doubtful to say the least. TT once again allowing good O Linemen to part for contracts’ that could have been easily absorbed by Green Bay’s perennial under the cap monies.

  5. Mike K August 29, 2017

    The Cadaver TT couldn’t pick out his Ass from a hole in the ground.