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Packers Toss One Up Against Washington

My god. Preseason football sucks, but somehow, the game between the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins sucked way worse than any other preseason game ever.

Usually, we like to take these opportunities to single out guys who played well.

Do you know what we have for you this week?

Did you watch the entirety of that shitshow/embarrassment/mind-numbing-mind-fuck of a game?

If you actually made it all the way through you earn a medal. And I will literally deliver on that. If you can tell me the last play of that bag of shit, find me before week 1 around Lambeau Field and I will pound shots with you. I’ll buy them.

As a caveat, if you hit on or look at my sister in the wrong way, I will kill you.

I don’t even know what the last play was because I couldn’t watch this bag of shit without getting completely lit.


Oh yeah?

You got some of that?

Keep it coming!

My god and holy shit. Seriously!

Was that not the worst game in the history of games?

I bet not even Ginger Gap Tooth could put a toothy smile on this one.

Here is the only thing I got out of this game. Aaron Rodgers isn’t immune to the criticism about not playing in the preseason, which we lay on heavily.

He suited up and he played on Saturday night. And what did he do?


This isn’t to suggest he played because we rail on him for not playing during the preseason all the time. AR will do what the hell he wants to do.

He may have just played in this game to throw us off. He may not play again the preseason.

But if he did, he’d be a bad mofo, wouldn’t he?

Because I really don’t care. AR is the man and he cannot be touched. As much as we all don’t want to risk Aaron Rodgers — Fat Mike — there’s one thing. Every defender that plays against Aaron Rodgers respects the guy.

No one is going to hit him late. No one is going to deliver a hard shot. This isn’t the regular season. No one wants to try to take this guy out.

Put him out there. Let him get his game reps. Let him throw touchdowns.

Because standing around on the sideline during preseason doesn’t do anything for anyone. QB1 out there on the field, throwing strikes, bending the defense over and pounding their ass, doing what he does… that’s what gets a team going.

Hard to find motivation when your leader is just standing around, wouldn’t you think?

And hey, we’ve got two more of these bullshit contests left. We hope Aaron Rodgers plays in the one next week.

But let’s get on to the regular season.


Are you ready?









To hell with this crap.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard August 19, 2017

    Victory formation. Hill kneel down.

  2. KILLER August 19, 2017

    5 sacks allowed?

    And only one sack achieved?


    Only 4.9 yards per pass attempt?


    Aren’t the Redskins defense lower third tier in the NFL also?


    1. Savage57 August 20, 2017

      Shouldn’t you be watching the Vikings lose?

  3. PF4L August 20, 2017

    Pretty soon here i’ll have to address the elephant in the room, and no, it isn’t our favorite guest from his trailer park in vikingland.

  4. Gort August 20, 2017

    Preaseason is about evaluation of players. Get off the sauce and discuss evaluation.

    Packers do not have a running back controversey. They have a solid backup – Montgomery. They have an unproven rookie that looks more than just promising – Williams. Need the coach to actually try to run the damn ball.

    Need a solid linebacker. Got lots of solid receivers. Maybe need to tempt another team and try to trade someone who underperforms for his pay, but has potential, maybe Cobb.

    Punter problem appears to be solved.

    1. Deepsky August 20, 2017

      Jamaal Williams has looked horrid in two games. He’s got 12 carries for 24 yards or something pathetic like that. He keeps running into the back of his own lineman, which is a good sign he has no vision.

  5. Zwoeger August 20, 2017

    Looked like Janis can run fast look over his shoulder and catch the ball. Hawkins is a gonner, has no clou.
    Brown is a gonner too , does’,t know how to position. Capers is responsible for who is on the defense staff .
    For that alone he should be fired. Callahan looked like a scared little bird.
    Yeah I saw the whole game today.

  6. Gort August 20, 2017

    Finally got some real comments, not just complaining.
    I am no expert, but I do like to stir the pot.

  7. Cheese August 20, 2017

    I found trying to read this “article” was much more difficult than watching the preseason game yesterday.

    My observations- Running game was less than impressive, just like the O-line. Rodgers and receivers are on point as usual. 4th string QB was fun to watch. Trevor Davis is probably in the doghouse while Janis was making plays.