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Packers’ Current Depth Chart Is Slightly Interesting

Frankly, we aren’t certain how official this is. Actually, it was qualified as unofficial, so it isn’t official at all. That said, if you look at the Green Bay Packers’ crappy website, you’ll see they haven’t updated their depth chart at all.

Don Barclay is currently the second-string right guard. Who’s first-string? A phantom!

Christine Michael is still the third-string running back, backing up Ty Montgomery and… no one!

But the Press-Gazette went ahead and released a depth chart today. Did they get it from the Packers or did they make it up themselves? Hard to say with that operation.

What we can say is the Packers usually release their own “unofficial depth chart” at this point in time. So maybe they just gave it to the Press-Gazette this time around. Or maybe that fat bastard Ryan Wood just stole it from someone and ran to the office and said, “I’ve got the scoop of the century!”

Always solid, that guy!

If he did steal it, you know he’ll tweet about it 17 times between now and tomorrow morning and then block you on Twitter if you mention his incessant tweeting about the same goddam thing over and over.

I hear they call him Rapoport in the office.

Anyway, here’s that on the Packers’ site.

Packers outdated depth chart

And then here’s this.

No real surprises on offense, but there are a couple on defense.

Packers defensive depth chart

The surprises are at cornerback.

Certainly, the Packers are going to designate two starting cornerbacks, but they play the nickel so much, they really have three.

It’s somewhat of a surprise that Quinten Rollins is with the No. 1s. Rollins has supposedly outplayed everyone in camp, but we didn’t think he’d rise that fast.

The other surprise there is Kevin King is listed as third-team.

We fully expect Davon House and King to open the season as starters on the outside. The slot will come down to — it now appears — Damarious Randall and Rollins.

We gave Rollins no shot before camp and the Packers talked up Randall all offseason. But let’s be honest. Every indication is Rollins has outperformed Randall. At least thus far.

The Packers CAN play Rollins on the outside, but he’s better suited for the slot.

Ultimately, these depth charts skew things to a base defense. The Packers will predominantly use a nickel in 2017. Three corners and the first guy to come off will be an inside linebacker. The other inside linebacker might even be replaced with a safety — say, Josh Jones or Kentrell Brice.

Both of those players have shown they deserve a role.

King is going to be in the mix. House has probably hammered down a starter’s job. The toss-up is Rollins vs. Randall. And you have some indication of the way that’s going so far.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. ay hombre August 7, 2017

    Rollins will be a star in 5 years. Randall will be out of football.

    1. Nick August 7, 2017

      Jared cook listed as tight end. I think he is no longer on the team

      1. Empacador August 7, 2017

        Same for Christine Michael, who is apparently already on IR.

  2. KILLER August 8, 2017

    Hm, looks like two different sets of depth charts. The offensive one looks like a year old newspaper and does not include the camp bodies and draft picks. I take it this is from the “Green Bay Packers crappy website”. I can’t argue with that moniker.

    Essentially, on offense, the Packers have lost T.J. Lang, Eddie Lacy, J. C. Tretter, and Jared Cook and gained Martellus Bennett. Yeah, a few draft picks and Kendricks but I’m just looking at significant additions and subtractions. The equation results? In mathematical jargon = a step backwards. Step and a half actually. Aaron Rodger’s snapping tibia is echoing backwards through space and time.

    On defense itt is surprising King is 3rd on the depth chart. I think it is also surprising to see Josh Jones at safety. Has the ILB experiment failed? As much as MM’s proclivity for moving positions of players is disconcerting and indicative of both a detachment from reality and a mutated breed of egotism, I actually thought this one would be a good idea. But if he stays at safety — and I’m a huge Josh Jones admirer — that pick was a bit wasted because then they’ll just let Burnett go in free agency next year.

    I think that group of defensive linemen pretty much has to be the worst DL group in the league. Mike Daniels is well above average but every team has one or two of those at least. The rest? I think a few could stick on other team’s rosters… as back ups.

    It is not so much the defense has taken a step backward. Even with Peppers and what’s-his-head gone. But still, after last year, is treading water really a good thing?

    You guys better hope 3rd string FS Aaron Taylor does not make the roster. If he does he is liable to give up 4 sacks in one game to John Randle.