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No One Has Faith in Jayrone Elliott or Kyler Fackrell

We’ve already documented the lack of production — or lack of a second-year jump — from Kyler Fackrell. Literally no one has anything good to say about that guy.

The other backup outside linebacker is Jayrone Elliott. Is he any good?

Well, he wasn’t last year. The year he was finally supposed to turn all of that preseason action into regular-season playmaking.

Elliott registered 19 tackles and a single sack in 2016. Those numbers were down from 24 and three when he was a bit player in 2015.

So how is Elliott doing this preseason?

Well, have you noticed him?

And this puts the Green Bay Packers in a precarious position.

Their starting outside linebackers are Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. How many times have those guys gotten injured? How many games have they missed?

We’re not even going to count.

Thus, there is a very real chance that Elliott or Fackrell might have to see significant playing time this year.

And that won’t really be any good for anyone.

Just listen to Matthews.

“Listen, the reality is that the pass rush this year, the majority of the impact that we anticipate has got to come from me and Nick,” Matthews said. “Those guys have now bumped up into kind of that second-tier slot. There was a four-man rotation last year with Datone and Julius. I don’t know if we’re asking anything more from them or if they need to do anything more. I think they just need to stay ready and make sure there’s not a lapse in play in that time that Nick and I aren’t on the field.”

A real ringing endorsement, huh?

The thing is, we all know it’s unlikely for Matthews and Perry to play all 16 games. We’re not saying the Packers should have necessarily re-signed Datone Jones or Julius Peppers. One was garbage from the start and the other is over the hill.

But most certainly, the Packers were counting on Fackrell to make the good old second-year leap. He hasn’t. Elliott?

He just looks like a guy.

And that’s bad for the Packers. If and when the Matthews and Perry go down, Elliott and Fackrell are next up. And so where does that leave the Packers?

Not in a good place.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador August 25, 2017

    What, no faith in Vince Biegel having a break out rookie season?

    1. PF4L August 25, 2017

      I think that’s how you get to a Super Bowl. By having 2 or 3 of your rookie picks playing at a near pro bowl level. It’s the new draft and develop.

      It could happen ya know.

      1. Empacador August 28, 2017

        Sure, and monkeys could fly out of my butt! LOL!!

  2. MJ August 25, 2017

    Well, if Matthews or Perry get injured, our DBs better stick to their WRs for ten seconds. QBs will have a lot of time to choose their targets.

  3. Howard August 25, 2017

    I still say if you want a dominate pass rush you need to have at least one and preferably two D lineman that can put pressure up the middle, forcing at least one double team. With that said the OLB depth is concerning. Maybe TT and MM plan on reversing the old rule. If your OLB doesn’t cut it you move them to ILB then cut them after a year or two. Now you can use the ILBers as OLBs. I don’t think more than five OLBs make the team. The team will use Tripp and/or Ryan as emergency OLBs.

    Not only are injuries to Matthews or Perry a concern. What does the team do when they put the backup OLBs on the field for the 3 or 4 series a game they get? Just give up points? I know the starters need rest, but you need some quality backups. That is one of several reasons this defense struggles being even close to a top ten defense. Maybe these guys will show up when needed. So far Fackrell hasn’t shown up consistently in the pass rush and was totally dominated in the run game. Elliot is better in the run game but shows up about as often as Fackrell in pass rush.

    1. PF4L August 25, 2017

      That all makes good sense Howard, but here’s the real deal…..

      I heard a interview with Mark Murphy and he said that this team was knocking on the door of the Super Bowl this season with this draft class and Ted’s additions in free agency.

      So…..we got that going for us.

      Hence why i’ve been saving my money for SB tickets for Feb 4th. See you there my friend, we’ll meet up for some ice cold beers.

      But remember…moderation my man.

  4. Abe Frohman August 25, 2017

    well, here’s hoping someone better than those two becomes available in final count downs.

  5. Abe Frohman August 25, 2017

    *cut* downs

  6. GBORNBRED August 25, 2017

    Still think T-Squared pulled yet another draft day blunder by not taking T.J. Watt at #29.

    1. Savage57 August 26, 2017

      True Packers fans are queuing up to scold you for your lack of faith in every move Ted makes.

      Pay no attention to Sherrod, Harrell, Jackson, D. Jones, Worthy, and a whole bunch of other guys behind the screen.

  7. Big B August 26, 2017

    OLB is a disaster inevitably waiting to happen- status quo is not going to be good enough. I would think Ah,ad Brooks is worth a look, he’s averaged 6-8 sacks/ year for the last 8 years. If he is healthy do a one year deal. Mathews and Perry parlay for 16 games each this year? I’m betting the house on the under. Pack needs help, place a wake-up call to Mr Thompson.

    1. Kato August 26, 2017

      Even if they both stayed healthy, the team still needs a somewhat legitimate pass rusher than can come in to spell those two

  8. Big B August 26, 2017


  9. Vijay August 26, 2017

    We could just sub in TJ Watt though right? Oh yeah, we didn’t draft him!