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Eddie Lacy Is Off to an Unimpressive Start

The performance of Eddie Lacy as a Seattle Seahawk is both a matter of curiosity to Green Bay Packers fans and an important factor in whether the Packers or Seahawks will prevail on September 10.

The numbers on Lacy to date in the preseason: 10 rushes for 30 yards, and one catch for three yards. Since his first rush for nine yards, his next nine carries have produced 21 yards.

Is this meaningful? Could be. Coach Pete Carroll is on record as saying he’s fine with Lacy weighing in at 245 pounds or so. My prior analysis strongly suggests that 230 would be the maximum desired weight for Lacy’s 5’10 ½” frame.

Lacy appeared to be carrying about 245 pounds on Saturday, though his waistline was trimmer than during his last two years in Green Bay. He didn’t show any ability to change direction, he seemed slow, and he has yet to display the power he showed with the Packers. Lacy also continues to tend to slant off whenever the intended hole does not open up, rendering him totally ineffective.

While the Packers offensive line players during Lacy’s time in Green Bay were known to be better pass protectors than run blockers, Lacy still had a vastly better blocking crew in Green Bay than he has in Seattle – and that was before the year-ending injury to left tackle George Fant.

There’s another relevant aspect to this topic. Upon Marshawn Lynch’s departure after the 2015 season, the Seahawks thought they were set at running back with Thomas Rawls, who went undrafted in 2015. When healthy, here’s what Rawls did prior to breaking his ankle on December 13 of his rookie year: 830 rushing yards on 147 carries, a 5.6 average; established the team records single game rushing yards by a rookie (209); and rushed for 711 yards in his first six games.

In 2016, he fractured his fibula in the season’s second game. He returned for the final seven games, but was not near full capacity. However, in the postseason he almost single-handedly dismantled the Lions, gaining 161 yards on 27 carries – a team postseason record.

Rawls was once again sidelined on Saturday, but only with a minor ankle sprain. The talk in Seattle is that Lacy will, at most, split snaps with the flashier incumbent.

It could be that Seattle will often line up with both runners in the backfield. Other than that, however, my bet is that Rawls will start ahead of Lacy at Lambeau in three weeks.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. disposable h3ro August 22, 2017

    I am sure he will just run at and through the Ole Claymaker for 125 yards and 2 TDs in September. His unimpressive start is about as impressive as Montgomery’s…

    1. Cheese August 22, 2017

      Right? We’re judging other teams runningbacks based off of two preseason games when we have a first year converted WR and a bunch of rookies who have shown nothing.

  2. the chubby POS got paid… not the SeaCocks are about to realize theres 2 running backs (Rawls & Procise) on their team that are both already better than him…

    Wacth the fatboy get “injured” with a sniffle now that he got to that 2nd contract…

  3. Pack Attack August 22, 2017

    I could see a motivated easy for that game. Could also see a fat basterd who cant get going too.

  4. PF4L August 22, 2017

    Rawls is more dynamic, but Rawls problem is he can’t stay on the field. Carson has also showed some potential, as has Collins to a degree.

    But before we should worry about Lacys fat ass or the Hawks running game, lets take a look closer at home. What have our running backs done in 2 preseason games? Not QB’s rushing, just the rb’s.

    In 2 games the Packers running backs have rushed 32 times for 71 yards. Now….i’m not the smartest guy in the room, but i do know that equates to a 2.2 yard average per carry. Yes i know it’s only 2 games into pre-season., but seriously?

    I suppose when you get rid of 2 of your best run blocking guards, creating any holes maybe a work in progress,

    I could go on and on and vent about how, as the seasons go by, it seems at the start of a new season, this team has more “issues” versus the previous seasons. How could this be? We have a GM who is so good at his job he calls his own shots and is never questioned by his “so called” boss. We have a highly successful NFL head coach. So…how could this happen?

    Gee, i guess when your draft picks can’t play. i guess when you no longer draft enough skilled players to sustain your draft and develop philosophy. I guess when you draft for need every year on defense and keep missing. I guess when you need to rely on your current rookie draft class to improve your team……that all a pretty good sign this team is broken.

    So now we have all these issues….. no run blocking, no 0 line depth, no back up center, no olb depth, cornerbacks are weak, Def. line is weak with no depth, still no stand out ilb’ers so were gonna convert safeties and play nickle 95% of the time, keeping the other team guessing. A very unproductive and unproven backfield. Is that enough? I figured i wouldn’t mention specials teams and hope we can improve to mediocre.

    Remember back in the good old days when we only had one or two needs on the team? The o-line and a inside linebacker?….Ahhhhhh….those were the days huh?

  5. Ferris August 22, 2017

    The Seattle offensive line is most of the problem. Nobody gains yards running with them blocking, except Wilson running for his life. Green Bay just needs to go empty set and 5 wide every play anyway.