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Early Indications Are Jeff Janis is Done

It wouldn’t be any sort of surprise to us if the Green Bay Packers parted ways with receiver Jeff Janis this year. He’s entering his fourth NFL season and thus far, hasn’t made an impact as a receiver — outside of a single playoff game.

Throw in the Packers’ current depth at the position and someone certainly needs to go.

The thing that’s kept Janis around thus far — special teams — may not be enough to save him, this year. And if you thought he would finally come on as a receiver this training camp, it isn’t happening so far.

Tom Silverstein delivered this summation.

So far in training camp, Jeff Janis is looking like an afterthought as a receiver… No doubt the Packers still could use someone with Janis’ 4.42 speed to stretch defenses, but through four days of practice, he has been almost invisible in team drills. He has had few passes thrown his way and none of the occasional deep shots he got in training camp last season. Those instead have gone to second-year pro Trevor Davis, who like Janis ran a 4.42 40 at the NFL scouting combine. Davis, Geronimo Allison, draft picks DeAngelo Yancey (fifth round) and Malachi Dupre (seventh round), and practice-squad holdover Max McCaffrey all have been targeted more than Janis so far. On Monday, Janis finally had his first catch in 11-on-11s through four practices, on a short slant from Joe Callahan. But he also dropped a short throw along the sideline after a Rodgers’ scramble.

For whatever reason, Janis has never seemed to be able to get on the same page as quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Coach Mike McCarthy has never been willing to give him significant playing time on offense.

He’s obviously not doing himself any favors to change those things thus far in 2017.

If I had to place a bet, I would bet the Packers will end up choosing one of the younger receivers — someone they think has the potential to contribute at that position moving forward — over Janis and whatever he brings on special teams.

You don’t have to look any further than last year to find the Packers releasing a really good special teammer. They dropped safety Chris Banjo a year after he was named a playoff captain.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato August 1, 2017

    It’s too bad but there comes a point where a player has an obvious ceiling and they arent contributing at a position that is young and talented.

  2. PF4L August 1, 2017

    I’m not sure why people keep talking that this is a Rodgers-Janis thing. Rodgers has nothing to do with Janis not progressing in this league. Quite possibly, it’s just the opposite, who better to succeed as a receiver than with working under Rodgers.

    Either he has it, or he doesn’t. Looks like he doesn’t. Which by this point, shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

    1. Savage57 August 2, 2017

      Whatever Janis might do as a WR starts with Rodgers’ decision who he throws the ball to.

      So yeah, it’s a thing.

      1. PF4L August 2, 2017

        No, it’s not a thing. It doesn’t “start” with Rodgers.

        A lot of things need to happen way before Rodgers consider’s throwing you the ball. You have to know the playbook, you have to run the right routes, etc.

        It doesn’t start with who Rodgers decides to throw the ball to. Besides, don’t you have to be on the field to be thrown the ball? It starts in the classroom, watching tape, learning, practicing, that’s where it starts my friend. McCarthy doesn’t have faith in Janis to play him much. and that has everything to do with Fat Mikes lack of faith in Janis. That lack of faith is bred from Janis not getting the offense/routes down. It has nothing to do with Rodgers.

        The last chance for a player like this is making an impact on special teams, which he didn’t do last season like the previous season.

        It’s a Jeff Janis thing. Aaron Rodgers isn’t his Daddy.

  3. Deepsky August 2, 2017

    Janis was always a prospect. The Packers now have a lot of fast prospects on the roster. Michael Clark is much taller and almost as fast. Max McCaffrey is almost as fast and comes with a pedigree of being the son of Ed McCaffrey. Montay Crockett is actually faster and we haven’t heard much about him. Supposedly has run 4.25 in the 40. Could be a sleeper. Colby Pearson is just as fast. Trevor Davis is equally fast as Janis, but honestly, he didn’t look all that great as a receiver.

    On top of that the Packers aren’t going to release Yancey and Dupree unless they are complete busts.

  4. stanwyk August 11, 2017

    What an absolute disgrace the way the Packers have treated Jeff Janis. I’ll take him on my team ANY DAY. He has 4.3 speed. Every chance he has gotten, he has performed from what I have seen. It isn’t his fault he has been given very few chances or balls thrown. Too busy feeding that stiff Davante Adams and that other old slow stiff they had out there. The most overrated player on the team is Davante Adams. Look how many chances that guy got to suck, yet somehow the team didn’t ever talk about parting ways with him when he constantly dropped balls and ran the wrong routes. They did this same crap to Abbrederis. The leash is short for white guys in this league. It is really disgusting. Please send him to the Eagles.