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Boy, Does Kyler Fackrell Suck

There’s really no other way to look at it. People said Kyler Fackrell had a bad camp as a rookie last year. People are saying Fackrell isn’t having a good camp this year, either.

But who cares what people say? How about this right here?

Milestone moment for Kyler Fackrell: Won his first 1-on-1 rep in two years. He was 0-24 in the drill before he beat rookie tackle Robert Leff.

That came from Demovsky.

Now would you say that was a milestone moment or that the dude just isn’t very good?

Mind you, Robert Leff is an undrafted rookie. He first signed with Atlanta, somehow got released, and was then signed by the Packers. In other words, this guy isn’t making the roster.

Fackrell was a third-round pick last year. The fact that he’s beaten no one other than a retread undrafted free agent in two camps is simply amazing.

Let’s go back to 2016. Fackrell finished the season with 18 tackles and two sacks. Okay, not amazing, but somehow he got two sacks. So that’s a plus considering he can’t beat any of the Packers’ offensive linemen. However, Fackrell played just 171 snaps all season.

That should tell you something about whether the Packers thought he was ready to contribute.

Of course, this year they’re in the position where Fackrell will likely have to contribute. Behind Nick Perry and Clay Matthews are Jayrone Elliott and Fackrell, unless someone like Reggie Gilbert makes a move. As we are always quick to note, Perry and Matthews are injured often.

We’d point out that Vince Biegel is on the roster, but he still hasn’t practiced because of foot surgery. No one seems to know when he will. It’s starting to seem unlikely he’ll be able to contribute as a rookie unless he’s back soon.

On the bright side, at least Kyler Fackrell is trending up. Big win, buddy!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Bobby D August 16, 2017

    Are you implying Teddy Fruitcake whiffed on another defensive player???? You’ve got to be fucking kidding!! They can’t all be HOF caliber like AJ Hawk ya know

    1. PF4L August 16, 2017

      I don’t understand all the hate. It’s like some of you people never heard of draft…and….develop. Fackrell is “being” developed. He was the BPA in the draft when he was picked, no one was better. You just don’t understand the genius of Ted Thompson, so instead, you mock him.

      Don’t hate Ted because he’s a winner.

      1. Empacador August 16, 2017

        Do you want to tell the people new to the site that you were actually being sarcastic or should I? And my god I seriously needed a good laugh right now at work, that was funny stuff right there. Thanks!!

        1. PF4L August 17, 2017

          Well, we’ll let them figure it out on their own. It’s just my way of coping until they fold up the tents, put all the animals in the trailer, and leave town.

  2. KILLER August 17, 2017

    I wouldn’t put too much credence in the two sacks Fackrell got. About half the sacks an OLB gets in a 3-4 are free runs due to alignment or blown blocking assignments. That is why a good OLB is only half as good as a good DE in a 4-3 defense (which means Clay Matthews, even on PEDs, is about one fifth as good as Everson Griffen). Half of Clay’s sacks are also achievable by a grandmother in the same position. And, no, it would not matter whether or not the grandmother was on PEDs like Matthews has been.

    (To put linebacker sacks in perspective, the Vikings MLB Eric Kendricks (a great gutsy smart player) rushed the passer 9 times last year… and got 4 sacks!)

    There is a simple fix for Fackrell, by the way. He never got the PED memo. Just re-send the memo! It is clear by now the Packers organization at least condones and winks at PED usage on their defense and may even actively promote it. They just need Matthews to swing one PED-ballooned arm over the shoulders of Fackrell and walk him over to his pharmaceutical-stocked locker. Take him under his PED wing so to speak.

    1. Kato August 17, 2017

      Do you hate your life?

    2. PF4L August 17, 2017

      I wouldn’t put too much credence in a 5-0 start. Oops…too late. My bad.

  3. Deepsky August 17, 2017

    Wow. I was hoping Fackrell would make the jump this year. Guess that was wrong.

    1. MJ August 17, 2017

      And it’s looking to be off a cliff, according to the author.

  4. As a guy named ‘Tyler Kortum’ … I have no business making fun of another man’s name, but Kyler Fackrell sounds like a g*dd*m broken record

    Geez, I miss Datone soooo much!