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Aaron Rodgers Now Acknowledges Games Are Different

We’ve been talking about it for the past couple weeks. Regardless of the type of game, games are different than practice. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t really wanted to hear that.

He stated earlier this preseason that he thinks practice is more beneficial than preseason games. The defense shows the offense more looks in practice was his reasoning.

But as Shawn has explained, the pace of any game is different than practice.

On Saturday, the Green Bay Packers sent Rodgers out there against Washington. This, after he threw only nine passes and played in one game last preseason.

And not surprisingly, Rodgers now sees the logic in game action.

“The tempo, the cadence (are) different. I know that (the other quarterbacks) are trying to imitate some of the stuff, but the cadence is just different — my cadence and the other guys’ cadences. And then some of the checks that we have, there’s obviously a little more latitude when I’m out there to add or subtract or change some of the things when the play call comes in,” Rodgers said. “It’s hard to simulate that in practice.”


Rodgers is expected to play in the Packers’ third preseason game, this Saturday. Hopefully, this “extended” action will help the Packers’ offense avoid the slow start to the regular season they had last year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 23, 2017

    If Rodgers not playing enough in the preseason, is one of the Packers biggest problems, then i’m thinking they’d be in the Super Bowl every year. If i wrote down the Packers top 100 reasons they can’t get to the Super Bowl, Rodgers not playing enough in pre-season would be reason number 101.

  2. Chad Lundberg August 23, 2017

    So if Rodgers plays 3 quarters in the preseason, that means he will avoid a slow start that spans over 6 games? If Rodgers didn’t play better after 3 quarters of game time in the regular season, how in the hell can you conclude that 3 quarters in the preseason will be any damn better? YOU SERIOUSLY THINK PLAYING 3 QUARTERS IN THE PRESEASON IS WHY AARON FUCKING RODGERS WAS PLAYING BAD???

    I should be used to this by now, but you guys seriously think you’re a lot smarter than you actually are.