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Packers Graded Donald Driver Much Higher Than Draft Position

Green Bay Packers all-time leading receiver Donald Driver will enter the Packers Hall of Fame on Saturday evening. During the press conference that preceded the event, former Packers general manager Ron Wolf — who will present Driver — dropped an interesting tidbit.

Driver was ultimately chosen with the 213th pick in the 1999 draft. Who did the Packers take in rounds four through six?

Only one of those picks was the least bit notable. That would be quarterback Aaron Brooks, who Wolf selected with his first fourth-round pick.

Brooks developed into a solid backup and the Packers flipped him to the New Orleans Saints for, essentially, a third-round pick in 2000. He went on to have a nice career, albeit with other teams.

Here are the other guys the Packers took in rounds four though six, before they took Driver in the seventh.

  • Josh Bidwell (P)
  • De’Mond Parker (RB)
  • Craig Heimburger (C)
  • Dee Miller (WR)
  • Scott Curry (T)
  • Chris Akins (DB)

A real murders’ row of talent…

Driver, of course, didn’t do much in his first three seasons. He caught only three balls as a rookie.

However, in year four Driver broke out with 70 catches, 1,064 yards and nine touchdowns. He would post six more 1,000-yard seasons for the Packers before it was all said and done.

And that’s why he has Packers Hall of Fame credentials.

Joseph Bonham

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