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We’re Glad Someone Wants More Titles

Much of the narrative surrounding Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers the last few years has been this: how the organization is wasting his prime.

In other words, when you have a talent like Aaron Rodgers at quarterback for as long as the Packers have, you should win multiple titles. And whose fault is it that the Packers have just one in the Rodgers’ tenure?

We’d say it’s general manager Ted Thompson’s for not surrounding him with more talent. Of course, Rodgers has played a role in that as well. Despite all of the other mishaps, had he played even near his ability, the Packers would have beaten the Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 NFC Championship.

Instead, he threw for less than 200 yards and tossed two picks.

That’s one game. Rodgers usually pulls his weight on any given day, but this is football. One guy doesn’t win a game alone.

So while team president Mark Murphy essentially guaranteed a Super Bowl appearance earlier this week, we all know the score.

We aren’t alone. Rodgers knows the score as well.

“We’ve been to the playoffs eight straight years, which is an accomplishment,” Rodgers said. “But you want more titles.”

People already talk about Rodgers as one of the greatest — if not the greatest — quarterback to play the game. So, to some degree, this is about legacy.

We have always maintained that to be truly great, you have to win titles.

Bart Starr.

That man was truly great.

Is Brett Favre great?

Sure, statistically. He also took the Packers out of probably as many playoff games as he won them by gunslinging to the other team. And that’s why he only has one title, despite arguably being surrounded by much more talent than Rodgers.

The Super Bowl that Favre won? It wasn’t like he was otherworldly in that game. The Packers won because of Reggie White — four sacks — and Desmond Howard — 244 all-purpose — who were dominant.

Favre threw for 246 and two TDs. Much of that, as you’ll recall, came on a 54-yarder to Andre Rison.

And yes, that’s a lot of history. It’s also a comparison.

Rodgers was great in the one Super Bowl he played in (304, three TDs). He won the game MVP and rightfully so. If you rewatch that game, Rodgers was dropping dimes over DBs who had great coverage.

But what makes a man, Mr. Lebowski?

In Green Bay, it’s titles.

Multiple titles.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ferris July 27, 2017

    One INT in that 2014 game was the offsides call that wasn’t. But still that collapse was the worst of all time.

    1. Cheese July 27, 2017

      Exactly. Refs had their heads up their asses. Plus Rodgers was playing on a bum leg, and he brought the offense down the field in one minute to get into field goal range to tie the game after Bostick miffed that onside kick, only to never see the ball again. Was it Rodgers fault Seattle kicker John Ryan threw a TD pass to a wide open guy that was suppose to be covered by Brad Jones on a fake fg, or that Wilson Rainbowed a 30yd pass to a wide open receiver for a 2pt conversion because Haha Dix was in another area code, or that limp dick Burnett went down when he had 20 yards of open field in front of him to return the ball, or that McMuffin predictably ran fat Lacey up the middle into a congested line three times in a row just to run out the clock, or that the defense gave up another colossal TD pass in overtime AGAIN. But yeah, that game was all on Rodgers..

      1. PF4L July 28, 2017

        ^^ the voice of reason ^^

        Not to mention Sam Barrington’s laughable coverage on Lynch, or that the Seahawks were at their peak on defense.

        God forbid the rest of the roster or coaching staff be accountable, or contribute to a win.

        For the upteenth time, it takes a team to advance deep in the playoffs. Yes, Rodgers can get you in the tournament in a weak ass NFC North. Which brings me to getting into the playoffs every year, which is the “proof” that the sheep use to justify that the 3 stooges are doing things right. Pathetic.

  2. Empacador July 27, 2017

    Pretty sure Reggie only had 3 sacks in the Super Bowl though.

    1. ay hombre July 27, 2017

      Correct. Three for Reggie. Two of them very late.

  3. Cheese July 27, 2017

    Reggie had three sacks in the SB and Favre had three touchdowns (two passing and one rushing). But go ahead and downplay Favre’s role some more. Anyone could have done that right? Throw Rex Grossman on that team and they would have won hey? Maybe he should have padded his passing yard stats for one game so people could compare him to other QB’s from 20 years later. Maybe he should have called back those long TD’s so he could dink and dunk his way to the endzone and impress all the stat junkies. Maybe Favre stole three consecutive league MVP’s from Desmond Howard. “Hey guys, I don’t think I deserve this SB ring because I didn’t play ‘otherworldly’ and the rest of you played well also.” Obviously that team was stacked with talent, but Favre was a part of that talent too.

    Rodgers is amazing as well, but right now he has just as many rings as #4. Yes there’s a lack of talent, but trying to nitpick Favre isn’t going to change that.

    That being said, Muphy doesn’t give a shit about making it to the Super Bowl. He’s already backtracking on that comment about going to Minnesota for Super Bowl LII saying “It was not a guarantee. It would just be nice.” Going to the SB?? It would just be nice.. Making moves to better your defense in the past seven years? It would just be nice.. Meanwhile the Patriots are trademarking the phrase “Blitz for Six” with no apologies. See the difference in leadership there? #Maketheplayoffstown2017

    1. PF4L July 28, 2017

      Howard just lost the 2nd most entertaining post to cheese.

      Third isn’t half bad though Howard.

      Keep “bringing it” cheese.

      Someday soon…they’ll get it.

      1. Howard July 28, 2017

        I have to agree with your comments about Cheese’s comments.

        I thought you were trying to help me with my drinking problem. Then you go and throw something like this at me. Back to the starting point after I finish a few more cold ones.

        1. PF4L July 28, 2017

          I told you Howard, i will do everything in my power to help you, when you’re ready to face this disease head on, i’m with you.

          Help me, help you.

  4. Ender July 28, 2017

    Which is why I voted against Mark Murphy this year. We need a change, and it NEEDS to start at the top.