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Vince Biegel Won’t Be Back for Start of Camp

Green Bay Packers fourth-round pick Vince Biegel is a bystander. He’s a bystander at minicamp this week and it appears he will be a bystander when training camp opens on July 27, as well.

Biegel had foot surgery in April. It was the same foot he had surgery on during his senior season at Wisconsin, which is somewhat concerning.

On Monday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy mentioned that Biegel won’t be ready when camp opens because of the surgery.

“He’ll be ready to go hopefully in training camp,” McCarthy said.

That’s not good news for a player the Packers almost need to contribute this season. Missing valuable reps in minicamp and training camp puts young players behind their teammates, making them less likely to make an impact.

The Packers don’t have much depth at the outside linebacker position. Behind starters Clay Matthews and Nick Perry — both huge injury risks — only Kyler Fackrell and Jayrone Elliott remain, along with Biegel.

Thus far, Biegel is an unknown. If he’s out for an extended part of training camp, the Packers may not get much of anything from him this season.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato June 13, 2017

    This has PUP list written all over it. Don’t be surprised to see the packers turn to another familiar face in Erik Walden if the situation plays out this way.

    1. Empacador June 13, 2017

      So much PUP. So much so he probably won’t contribute much of anything this season and will go into next season the great unknown. And so much for the strong draft. Didn’t even make it to training camp and it’s falling apart already.

      1. Savage57 June 13, 2017

        Thank God they didn’t pick Watt, since he was injury prone and all.

        1. Empacador June 13, 2017

          Honestly I think the Packers are snake bit when it comes to drafting Wisconsin players. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  2. PF4L June 13, 2017

    Empacador said it all. We can’t even get through April without a draft pick needing surgery. But apparently, some people have reportedly deemed this the Packers strongest draft in the last decade or so, i guess, because some people can read the future.

    I’m giving Rollins and Randall a 3rd year to give them final judgement (2 or 3 years for a rookie) 3 years if they were injured a lot in their freshman or sophomore season. I guess some expert’s can make a draft judgement a month after the draft. Maybe these experts can tell us how many Pro-Bowls a draft pick will make, before even sniffing an actual NFL game. I wish i could be that smart.

    McCarthy should stay out of the business of proclaiming when injured players are coming back. History tells us that usually means he’ll need surgery, or need another surgery.

    I’m all for the draft picks working out and being playmakers. What spoils my faith and idealism is the current upper Management. It’s like a fucking disease that i can’t describe in words. It tears at my soul. I’m so sick of discussing Thompson and Murphy. I just wish these fucks could take a hint and just retire. So i can quit writing……

    Has Ted announced his retirement yet?

  3. Howard June 14, 2017

    You always have to be concerned with long term issues regarding foot injuries. Theses are big guys moving fast, and changing direction on a dime.

    There was at least one scout who raised a concern about Beigel’s foot before the draft. Not sure if that scout was concerned about a lack of success for the surgery performed in college or that the scouts team medical evaluation indicated a potential structural issue. Add in that multiple scouts indicated Beigel needs to add 10 pounds to his frame. This puts added stress on the foot. Hopefully this is just a cleanup of the college injury surgery.

    I do not spend a lot of time watching college football, but did Beigel go back on the field to soon after the college surgery?

  4. MMTTDCSUCK June 14, 2017

    Another misguided choice by TT “The Frugal GM”. I will not speculate about Watt as I have my doubts about him as well. But I do believe that TT reached again with the Beigel drafting. Howard states a most obvious thing, this foot injury may be a real concern moving forward and I agree. TT seems to relish the idea of drafting “injured” college players. What bothers me is that ILB was NOT addressed at all. But we DID draft an injured OLB . . .

    1. MJ June 14, 2017

      Never fear, we can always convert OLBs to ILBs… and safeties to CB, and DEs or DTs to OLBs, and WRs to CBs.

  5. PF4L June 14, 2017

    MMTTDC……TT drafting players with injury concerns, or drafting players and then converting their position i believe, is what Ted means when he says he’s outsmarting the other GM’s. It’s sad to keep witnessing this train wreck rolling off the tracks.

    Aaron Rodgers covers up a lot of sins. I can’t say it enough, without Rodgers, the Packers would be a NFC North bottom dweller.