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Trevor Davis was Thinking Too Much

We’ve noted the lack of impact receiver Trevor Davis made during his rookie season. We’ve also suggested he’s no lock for a roster spot this year.

Davis had just three catches as a rookie for 24 yards. He also went directly into coach Mike McCarthy’s doghouse after fumbling a punt in Tennessee. He was either on the inactive list or a DNP for seven weeks after week 11 (including playoffs).

That’s not how you want to finish your rookie season.

But we’ve got this figured out now!

Davis was thinking too much.

“You can’t utilize (your speed) when you’re thinking too much,” Davis said.

You know the cliches. Just go out there and play. Let the game come to you. So on and so forth.

For a receiver, that means knowing the playbook and the offense. Davis obviously didn’t know either of those things last year. Thus, thinking too much — about what route he was supposed to run, about where he was supposed to be, etc.

“Last year was difficult for me because I was learning the playbook – I mean it’s difficult for everyone who comes in here – and you’re focusing more on the plays than anything else,” Davis said. “You want to run the right thing rather knowing why you’re running it, how to run it against the type of technique you’re running it against. Now I can think about those things and go into camp really knowing the offense better and just being able to make the right decisions.”

Davis is the fastest receiver on the Packers. It would be nice if they could utilize that weapon.

Davis will need to show substantial improvement from year one, however. And if he doesn’t, he likely isn’t even making the roster.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L June 22, 2017

    Trevor Davis is most likely 100% correct. It isn’t really his fault as a 1st year player. It’s that leap up in talent in the NFL, the games much faster, It’s hard for rookies to react, when they are still learning the playbook and nuances of the league, all while thinking…how to react.

    This is the price you pay for having one of the youngest teams, year in, and year out. Much to the reason relying on a rookie draft class to vault this team into the Super Bowl is fools gold. But maybe losing Lang and Tretter might help, if i was smart like that i’d probably be a GM with some team.

    Has Ted announced his retirement yet?

  2. Ferris June 22, 2017

    He’s Roy McEvoy…thinking his way into the shanks…oh wait no he’s just not that smart. Renaldo Nehemiah was fast too didn’t help him. Cordarrelle Patterson is fast too, but sucks. Julian Edleman isn’t fast and he gets 100 catches per year. Tyreek Hill went 2 picks after this idiot. That fast pregnant girlfriend abuser can learn the plays but Davis went to Cal and can’t. Cut him now.