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Are Randall and Rollins In Play On the Outside?

We’re going to go with no, but stranger things have happened. If the Green Bay Packers had their way, we’re sure they’d love to see their three highest-drafted cornerbacks be their starters.

That would, of course, be 2017 second-round pick Kevin King and 2015 first and second-round picks Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins, both of whom are looking to bounce back from awful 2016 campaigns.

If nothing else, that would validate the front office and GM Ted Thompson for making those picks.

Most of us who watch the Packers on a regular basis see it this way. King, who isn’t even allowed to show up for work yet because his school is still in session, and veterans Davon House and LaDarius Gunter will compete for the two outside corner slots. Randall and Rollins, neither of whom is as physical as the other three, will compete for time inside.

Not everyone sees it that way, though. MMQB’s Andy Benoit is looking at the Packers today and he sees the cornerback battle shaping up this way.

We know King is going to get a chance to start. This is the not the first we’ve heard of that.

Beyond that, we’re going to disagree.

Gunter was the Packers’ best cornerback in 2016. He will at least get a chance to remain a starter and as a physical player, his spot is on the outside.

Randall has been playing primarily in the slot this offseason and Rollins historically has played there since he’s been a Packer. Who could forget him getting beat on the double move up the middle repeatedly last year?

In 2016, injuries to other players ultimately forced Rollins outside.

The point is, there are really three starting cornerback spots, since the Packers play nickel more than their base defense. We wouldn’t be totally surprised if Randall ended up in one of them. However, our bet is that spot will be in the slot.

It’s hard to see Rollins cracking that top three after last year’s performance. If he does, Randall would have to win a role outside over some combination of King, House and Gunter.

That’s tough for us to see right now, but this competition is definitely going to be fun.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MJ June 7, 2017

    King can start the year as a backup to Gunther and House, and become the starter halfway through the season. As for the slot guys… well, we can assume that at least one will perform, right? Be it Randall or Rollins. In the most optimistic scenario we could be back to a 2012 defensive backfield, that was crawling with good DBs. Ints were a common occurrence. Even if not, I still see that we deploy an at least acceptable DB squad this year.

    1. PF4L June 7, 2017

      2012 was a pretty good year for interceptions with 18 which ranked 6th in a 3 way tie. It was 2011 that the Packers secondary tore up the league with 31 interceptions. That defense was a gambling defense. the downside was they finished last in yards given up. They gave up 22.4 PPG, which is better than expected for a 32nd ranked defense.

  2. Bobby D June 7, 2017

    Scariest words ever spoken…..” Gunter was the Packers best CB in 2016″
    Tribute to the genius that is the socially awkward great white rat!!

  3. PF4L June 7, 2017


  4. Packers fan June 7, 2017

    My prediction for top 3 corners:
    CB1: House
    CB2: King
    Slot: Randall

    1. PF4L June 8, 2017

      My top prediction:

      The Packers won’t reach another Super Bowl under Ted Thompson and the very watchful eye of Mark (the shark) Murphy.

  5. Howard June 8, 2017

    I think you have to put Josh Jones in the slot corner mix.

    Last year the team put several undrafted free agent safeties and corners on the roster. The undrafted free agents for the most part may provide competition to the bottom of the roster, but do not provide the competition needed to strengthen the middle to top of the roster. A stronger middle to top of the roster is needed to win the big games.

    1. PF4L June 8, 2017

      I think rookies need to earn a spot, whether it’s starting or sitting on the bench. Too often, we just assume that the players we draft every year are going to do this, do that or are going to play there. Rookie football players need time to learn, time to grow, time to get acclimated to the nuances and speed of the NFL, and some, sometimes many, just don’t work out. Don’t take my word for it, Just ask Ted, he knows better than anyone.

      1. Howard June 8, 2017

        I agree 100% with you comments about rookies. Even though no one including the author mentioned Josh Jones I think he has to be in the mix at slot. Who knows how many snaps he will earn, but hopefully he can provide some healthy competition to the top of the defensive back roster.

        1. Empacador June 9, 2017

          While I agree with the sentiments that rookies have to earn their place, sometimes they have to give rookies more than token playing time. Especially if your high round draft picks are there to replace what was abysmal CB play the season before. How much worse could they be than the clown show that was on display? The goal should be to take their lumps early and learn from their mistakes, making more of an impact sooner rather than later.

          Of course injuries always factor in, so does King and/or Jones get hurt, thus ineffective this year? I hope neither but I dread the day reports from Green Bay mentioning the word tweaked followed by anything involving ankle, hamstring or groin pops up. Thus missing time during training camp and further putting these guys behind the 8 ball.

          1. PF4L June 9, 2017

            One of the area’s i think Fat Mike doesn’t see eye to eye with Ted, is that Ted keeps feeding him rookies and young UDFA’s. I don’t defend Fat Mike that often, But rookies make a lot of mistakes (growing pains). Especially in a complicated offense and defense that the Packers utilize. So i see where Mike wants them to get farther up the learning curve, that or Mike just think they are worth a shit. With Capers, Ted doesn’t give him much choice.

            Personally, i think you play rookies who have shown something, flashed some potential. Otherwise, where are you going?

            But i digress….This is what happens when your draft and develop formula doesn’t bear fruit. In draft and develop, you are not supposed to have to rely on rookies, like we do every year now. The whole premise of relying on rookies, fly’s in the face of the true concept of draft and develop.

            Aaron Rodgers or not. This team is broken. Lets try again for a 7th year in a row. Hey!!….Maybe Rodgers will get us in the playoffs again…..YAY!!!!!!!

  6. PF4L June 8, 2017

    Did Ted announce his retirement yet? Is this circus coming to a close?