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Mike Daniels Sees a Packers’ Super Bowl

“If you see it, Dude, it is no dream.” Walter Sobchak may very well have misquoted Theodor Herzl at Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels if he were, you know, not a fictional character.

Like The Dude, Mike Daniels is an interesting cat. So it probably isn’t surprising that Daniels has an interesting plan to get the Packers to the Super Bowl.

“It’s just a matter of really seeing ourselves in the Super Bowl, envisioning it, and knowing we can get there, because we’ve gotten very close,” Daniels said.

“As you get older, you get that much more mental toughness, and a lot of wisdom comes with it. I’ve been around a couple years. I’ve been in the playoffs every year, been to two NFC Championship games, been in divisional games, and I know this team can get there, it’s just a matter of making sure we all can believe we can get there.”

No doubt. Very few people ever accomplish anything without believing they can do it.

It starts there.

That alone isn’t going to do it, though.

The Packers are going to have to stay healthy (ha!). Okay, let’s say relatively healthy, which for the Packers means only 8-10 guys on injured reserve. They’re going to have to have a number of young players raise their games, some significantly. They’re going to need leadership.

We have a decent idea where the leadership is going to come from, Daniels being among that group. He’s setting the tone early, which is great, but the Packers will need some things to break right in order to end this drought.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato June 9, 2017

    This is hilarious. Maybe if him and the defense ever play well enough to garner some sort of respect, it could happen. COULD.

  2. Packers fan June 9, 2017

    Talk is cheap so lets prove it!

  3. PF4L June 9, 2017

    This dude doesn’t know when to quit.

    Yes, you’ve been very close. Yes, you’ve played in two NFCCG’s. Now tell us Mr. McDaniels, what did you do with that opportunity? Let me help you, in both of those games, you had a combined…

    3 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 0 sacks, 0 FF. You are quite the game changer my friend. Matter of fact, in 3 playoff games last season, you didn’t make even one play.

    Good thing Ted gifted you that wild 41 million dollar deal. Ted is good that way. You and Nick Perry have all the reason in the world to celebrate. But you should buy, considering you’ve already collected 22 million of the 4 year 42 million dollar deal in just the 1st 15 months. Russ Ball and big Ted are shrewd negotiators.

    Mr. Daniels, i can understand you trying to be a vocal leader of this defense, because your play on the field sure as shit isn’t inspiring anyone, except possibly Ted Thompson, but then again, he’s a couple nickle’s short of a quarter.

    1. Packers fan June 11, 2017

      Daniels is one of the best defensive lineman in the league. In fact he is the only good defensive lineman on the Packers.

      1. PF4L June 12, 2017

        He’s paid like a top lineman (3rd). That doesn’t make him a top lineman. That just means Ted was bidding against himself ….again.

        1. PF4L June 12, 2017

          If he’s so fucking good, riddle me this…. where was he in the 3 playoff games?

  4. Savage57 June 10, 2017

    I sure wish he was half as good at playing football as he is at running his mouth.

    1. Packers fan June 11, 2017

      He is a good player. In fact, he’s the only defensive lineman that’s good on this team.