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John Dorsey Is Ted Thompson, Chiefs Aren’t Packers

We’ve heard plenty about former Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey eventually replacing Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson. We don’t think that’s going to happen, but here’s an interesting aside.

Apparently, he’d fit right in!

No one knew why Dorsey was abruptly fired at a time when no team without a dumbass for an owner fires their GM. Now, there are some leaks from inside the organization as to why it happened.

It wasn’t a problem with coach Andy Reid, as was immediately speculated.

As one of the sources said while describing how Dorsey had removed two front-office executives without much explanation: “John does stuff and doesn’t tell people why.” Another source said Dorsey’s management style “could wear on people.”

This just makes me laugh.

Quick, name a general manager you know who does stuff and explains it to no one.

If you said Ted Thompson, you’re the big winner!

Thompson never speaks to the media, except when he’s forced to (combine, pre-draft, preseason). He’s a non-entity during the season. And in the rare instance he does an interview, Thompson makes sure to either get away with a “no comment” or to speak in such idiotic platitudes that you want to punch him in the face.

So, I ask you Kansas City Chiefs — what the hell were you expecting when you hired Dorsey? Explanations? A great communicator? A guy who had a personality that you just wanted to be around?


John Dorsey is a disciple of Ted Thompson, a guy who has negative personality. A guy who answers to no one (except Mark Murphy, who loves the status quo more than he loves women or beer or life itself). An individual who is unaccountable.

Dorsey is the last Thompson disciple to be hired as a GM. He followed John Schneider (Seattle) and Reggie McKenzie (Oakland).

And let’s put that in perspective. Only one of those three are really Thompson disciples. All four guys were hired by Ron Wolf.

Dorsey spent the longest tenure with the Packers and was the closest to Thompson. He followed Thompson to Seattle in 1999. Came back to Green Bay with him in 2000.

John Dorsey is Ted Thompson II. Frankly, that makes me glad he isn’t going to be the Packers’ next GM.

And as for the Chiefs, like I said.

You’re a bunch of idiots for thinking you’d get something other than another Ted Thompson.

Interestingly, making the playoffs is fine in Green Bay, as Murphy has told us numerous times. In Kansas City, where they’ve been to the playoffs for three of Dorsey’s four years at the helm, that isn’t enough for the GM to keep his job.

In Green Bay, the GM can be totally unaccountable and as long as the team makes the playoffs regularly, he’s considered a success (by the CEO). In Kansas City, the team makes the playoffs regularly, the GM is unaccountable and he gets fired.

The Chiefs can go the hell in a handbasket, but marinate on that fact for a while…

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Howard June 26, 2017

    So this is what it is about. It is to insensitive to fire or cut someone, or several without explaining to them why you are firing or cutting them. The only time you need to explain why you are cutting someone is if they went to camp for you. You have paid the other guys well for their service, front office or player. You have made the decision to cut or fire them. Why do you need to explain yourself? So you can debate with the person you have already made the decision doesn’t fit. Would anyone here complain if Murphy fired TT and MM without explanation, or TT fired MM and Capers without explanation, or MM fired Capers without explanation? At least Dorsey fires people in upper management. The other thing Dorsey does is he goes after free agents, makes trades other than on draft day, and spends on free agents to the point he put the Chiefs in cap hell. That is something TT does not do. With that said I don’t think Dorsey is the next Packer GM.

    The explanation that Dorsey is not sensitive enough in the way he fires or cuts people is a bullshit excuse. Get in the real world. It happens all the time. My guess is the reason Dorsey was fired has something to do with his contract (may have wanted an out) and Dorsey really did put the Chiefs in a salary cap issue.

    1. Kato June 26, 2017


    2. PF4L June 26, 2017

      Look, none of us know for sure what happened over there. Maybe this is true, maybe not, i don’t know.

      What i do know is, that whoever owns the team, owns the power to do what he wants to do. No matter the reason.

      On top of that i give no fuck to worry about the Chiefs. We have our own problems.

  2. Cheese June 26, 2017

    This article is retarded in so many ways. I’m not even gonna waste my energy..

  3. MGP June 26, 2017

    “Making the playoffs is fine in Green Bay”. In Portugal, we say “better one bird in hand, that two running”. So, after the horrible 70’s and 80’s, maybe making the post-season most of the years is not bad at all…?

    1. PF4L June 26, 2017

      I think if Favre and Rodgers were QB’ing the Packers in the 70’s and 80’s, they would have been in the playoffs, and probably won more than 2 Super Bowls.

  4. Kato June 26, 2017

    This article is wrong in so many ways. John Dorsey shouldn’t have to explain his decision. Those guys are his employees. If he feels that they aren’t performing, then he can let them go. The owner hired Dorsey to run football operations. He shouldn’t worry about why Dorsey is doing the things he is doing unless the team isn’t performing. I would argue the team is in a much better position than it was when he took over. TT never took a dreadful team and made them a perennial playoff team. Dorsey has. This might be one of the worst articles I have seen on here.

  5. PF4L June 26, 2017

    If the argument is, Dorsey shouldn’t have to to give an explanation on why he’s fired someone, then why should the owner?

  6. Empacador June 26, 2017

    The only thing that struck me as odd of Dorsey’s firing was the speculation that Andy Reid had something to do with it. All of a sudden there was a power struggle because Dorsey cut one of Reid’s alleged favorite players? Reid and Dorsey have known each other for 25 years if not longer. Reid was already coach when the Chiefs hired Dorsey. Reid could have squawked then but didn’t, it isn’t like he wasn’t familiar with how Dorsey operates.

  7. TyKo Steamboat June 27, 2017

    This jackass traded-up to get Pat Mahomes.

    that is all you need to know… stay out of Green Bay