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Remember Jim McMahon Wearing Bears Jersey on Packers’ White House Visit?

Back in 1995, after they had shipped out Aaron Brooks and Mark Brunell and a year before they’d lose Ty Detmer in free agency, the Green Bay Packers signed former rival Jim McMahon.

In 1996, at age 37, The Punky QB would be Brett Favre’s primary backup. As you would imagine, McMahon barely played. His two-year Packers’ career would consist of this line: 4-of-5 for 45 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions.

The real prize for McMahon was a second Super Bowl ring following the 1996 season. He, of course, won his first following the 1985 season with the Chicago Bears.

And mentioning that season is always a good place for this…

Chicago Bears meme

But this is about McMahon as the Packers’ backup.

When the team took the champion’s traditional visit to the White House to meet President Bill Clinton in 1997, McMahon wore his Chicago Bears jersey.

As the story goes, the Bears never got to take their White House visit in 1986 because The Challenger blew up two days after they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. However, the Bears’ media relations director in 1986 says a visit was never planned. Most people, including McMahon, just assumed it was canceled because of the space shuttle explosion.

The visit was actually never scheduled, but it’s certainly plausible it got lost in the shuffle due to the events of the time.

Here’s what McMahon had to say about it.

Interestingly, when Barack Obama was in office, he brought the 1985 Bears to the White House. Obama, who is a Bears fan, remedied that oversight in 2011.

McMahon hung it up after the 1996 season.

1996 Packers at White House

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  1. Kato June 28, 2017

    They shipped out Aaron Brooks in 1995? Interesting because he wasn’t drafted till 1999.

  2. Deepsky June 29, 2017

    McMahon attended Favre’s retirement at Lambeau field. And he wore his #9 PACKERS jersey, not his Bears jersey.