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Green Bay Packers Fan is Suing Chicago Bears

What could you, as a Green Bay Packers fan, sue the Chicago Bears for? Being a bunch of dirtbags, perhaps?

Actually, being a dirtbag isn’t necessarily against the law. It’s just unsavory.

Russell Beckman is suing the Chicago Bears for a much simpler reason. Beckman, a Packers fan and Wisconsin native, holds season tickets for both the Packers and the Bears.

The Bears let their season ticket holders cash in loyalty points for game-day experiences, such as going on the field during warm-ups. We’re going to presume they do this because they have trouble getting people to buy season tickets to watch their putrid team.

Beckman wanted to go onto the field for his “experience” wearing his Packers gear prior to the Packers-Bears game in 2016. He had done so the previous two seasons without incident, but the Bears notified him prior to the 2016 game that no opposing team gear would be allowed.

He wore his Packers gear anyway and was denied entry to the event.


Okay, maybe not preposterous, but definitely the behavior of losers.

Beckman, who sees it as a free speech issue, filed suit against the Bears last Friday.

He says in the suit that the Bears have “deprived me of my ability to fully enjoy this specific on-field experience.”

Beckman isn’t asking for any money. He only wants to be able to wear what he wants where he wants, which really isn’t a lot to ask.

And if you want to ask how I’d feel about about Bears fan wearing Bears gear on the Lambeau Field sidelines? I wouldn’t care one bit because you’re going to look awfully stupid when the Packers are stomping your team’s ass.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Ferris June 19, 2017

    The green beard is a little too much I guess. Does he dress like that all the time?

  2. Kato June 19, 2017

    It depends on how this is written up. If the contract that he signed is written in a way where opposing teams gear can’t be worn in these activities, and he signed and agreed to it, then there is nothing he can do

    1. PF4L June 19, 2017

      Exactly, my guess is he has a case, and the bears will do something for him to make it go away. But at the same time, i file this under WGAF.

      The better question is why would a diehard Packer Fan support the Bears by buying season tickets? The Packers play one game a year there, he can’t buy game tickets just for that game? We’re not getting the full story here, this makes no sense.

      1. Kato June 19, 2017

        My guess is he makes a fair amount of money selling those bears tickets. Fans still pay a decent amount for them even though they are bad. Hell, he probably almost pays for his packers season tickets in addition to getting money back for what he paid for the bears season tickets. But I am like you, and file this under WGAF.

  3. Empacador June 20, 2017

    That dude looks like Josh Sitton dyed his beard green.