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Eddie Lacy is Going Hulk Mode in Seattle

Does that sound familiar? It should. The Seattle Seahawks last big-time running back, Marshawn Lynch, was nicknamed Beast Mode. Eddie Lacy has coopted that to some degree.

He his now calling himself Hulk Mode and he has the t-shirts to prove it.

This isn’t the first time Lacy has used The Hulk. He wore a Hulk undershirt beneath his jersey when he played for the Green Bay Packers.

Eddie Lacy Hulk

Did he or anyone else ever call him The Hulk? Not to my knowledge.

All we ever remember is people calling him fat.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. knucklehead June 19, 2017

    It’s fun to shit all over everybody all the time isn’t it bro? The Packers fucking cut him and he gave us all a lot of great football for the seasons he was with us. No matter what some of the chodes on here say. The Packers will rue the day they decided to not try and give him something decent to stay with the team. Anyway, Go Pack!

    1. Kato June 19, 2017

      He showed zero commitment. He in no way deserved a reward.

      1. knucklehead June 19, 2017


        If you think back to the season of the collar bone, when Flynn was the QB and everybody knew it was run, I think Lacy showed ultimate commitment. I’ve seen very few players play with that kind of consistent heart the entire time I’ve watched football. The beatings he took that season were incredible. Yet, every Sunday Lacy showed up and did it all over again and on his bum ankle no less.

        I agree with you that Lacey is ultimately responsible for his weight problems and should be held accountable. But I feel that the organization should have made a larger commitment to Lacey and getting his ass slimmed down. I don’t think the Pack valued him enough for what he can be, a top 3 running back in the NFL.

        I mean Lacey was our first legitimate running back and running game since Ryan Grant. Now we have Ty, nothing against him, but once teams had a couple of weeks of tape on him they shut him down completely. I could be wrong, but after watching him last season, I don’t see anything changing this season. I predict (I hope I’m wrong) that the Pack is going back to the days of rotating nameless running backs that show some potential a couple of times and then flare out and get cut.

        Out best chance of getting back to the SB was Lacey’s running game. You really think that after what you’ve seen the last couple of seasons that we are going all the way with no running game? If you do, I really don’t see it.

        Lacey has a weight problem and an affinity for “China food.” But I see him as the needed piece for a SB win in the next couple of seasons. And the Pack, let him walk. If a player is that important you don’t send him out for the summer and make him find a P90x guru to train in his own. The Pack should have circled the wagons around him and got that boy slimmed down whatever it took.

        But it doesn’t really matter anymore now does it?

        1. knucklehead June 19, 2017

          P.S. and if I’m not mistaken, he was having the best season of his career until his ankle went out.

          1. PF4L June 19, 2017

            The best season? Or the best handful of games? You take a lot of liberties discussing this guy.

            Back in 2013, he was still in shape, sort of. That example is pretty old.

            Lacy would come to training camp every season out of shape. The Packers fined him, made him run extra sprints to get him in shape during training camp. You act like the Packers didn’t do enough. He’s a fucking grown man, he’s not a 10 year old child. He didn’t give a shit, even if it meant losing money. Should the Packers had hired a babysitter to watch his eating habits in the off season? WTF dude? The NFL is a man’s league.

            Then he gets called out prior to the 2016 season, he loses “some” weight”, but clearly (and quickly) puts it back on.

            If you think Lacy is the missing piece to the Pack going to the Super Bowl. You obviously didn’t watch the Packers last 2 NFC Championship games.

            Lastly, if you want to get loud, and say the Packers FUCKING cut Lacy. Maybe learn what you’re talking about before going off at the mouth. The Packers did NOT fucking cut Lacy. But go ahead and keep posting, don’t let facts get in your way.

  2. Zwoeger June 19, 2017

    Do I understand right that he must have been angry constantly, making him grow and look fat?

  3. Bob June 19, 2017

    Can’t wait to see Bulk Mode face a Seattle winter, add a few hundred pounds out of depression, and see how that gets spun.

  4. Cheese June 19, 2017

    Lacey is more in shape than every computer jockey on this site. If it wasn’t for him the season where Rodgers was out would have been a total disaster and not even worth watching. Yeah he put on some weight but he could still be productive. It’s not Laceys fault McMuffin forces the run when it isn’t working just to get to some magic number of run plays, or he doesn’t run the ball when it actually IS working. Lacey had his issues but McMuffins ability to adapt is shit, unless you’re an underperforming defensive lineman and you want to get paid to learn the linebacker position. Eddie will have a good year in Seattle.

  5. Howard June 19, 2017

    I think the Hulk has stronger ankles and feet than Lacy. Except for 2014 I think Lacy has had foot or ankle issues dating back to his college days.

    I think it was wrong for the Packers to play Lacy in the Dallas game. Lacy is also at fault for putting added stress on his lower legs from the excess weight. Lacy to his credit runs hard. He does not avoid contact and that can take a toll. Remember John Brockington.

  6. PF4L June 19, 2017

    I don’t understand some people’s view’s toward Lacy. Yes, they shouldn’t have played him against Dallas, it was stupid, and i said so at the time. I hear fans whine that the Packers, didn’t commit to Lacy. At what point is Lacy expected to commit to the Packers, or his career for that matter?

    Also, There has been teammates, and even ex Packer players trying to convince Lacy to get himself in shape to raise his level of play, and extend his career. In those circles it has been explained to Lacy that if he didn’t do something, his career would be over prematurely. I know this for fact. People genuinely like Lacy, that’s why he was offered help. He’s made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t care and that made it perfectly clear to the Packers that they were better off to move on, than give him a raise and a new contract.

    Just being an “awe shucks” nice guy, doesn’t guarantee you longevity with a team.

  7. ORFG3O8 June 19, 2017