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Calvin Pryor Over Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Looks Pretty Foolish Now

Going into the 2014 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers had one clear need above all others — safety.

The position had been an issue since the team lost Nick Collins to a neck injury in 2011. The Packers attempted to man it by putting undrafted M.D. Jennings and draft bust Jerron McMillian next to Morgan Burnett.

All that did was lower Burnett’s level of play.

Coming into the 2014 draft, there were two consensus first-round safeties, Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Louisville’s Calvin Pryor. What there was no consensus on was which one was better.

Some people liked Pryor more because he was known as a big hitter. Other people liked Clinton-Dix more because he was stronger in coverage.

What we — and what the Packers — hoped at the time was one of them would be available when Green Bay chose at No. 21.

One of them was and that guy was obviously Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. The New York Jets took Pryor a few picks earlier at No. 18.

I remember when then Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked why his team chose Pryor over Clinton-Dix, he said something to the effect of, I’ll take the guy who hits you hard every time.

That comment right there was probably about as good as it got for Pryor.

In his three seasons, Pryor has a total of 191 tackles, half a sack, 14 passes defended and just two interceptions. He started a possible 38 of 48 games.

Over the same period, Clinton-Dix has 272 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 16 passes defended and eight interceptions. He’s made a Pro Bowl and developed into a team leader for the Packers.

Pryor was shipped to the Cleveland Browns this week in exchange for linebacker Demario Davis. All you really need to know about that trade is the Jets originally drafted Davis, but then let him sign as a free agent with the Browns after his rookie contract expired.

So basically, the Jets took on a guy they didn’t want to begin with to get rid of a guy they didn’t want more so.

It was clear the Jets wanted to replace Pryor when they drafted LSU safety Jamal Adams and Florida safety Marcus Maye in the first and second rounds of this year’s draft.

And now is where we talk about what if.

What if both players had been available to the Packers back in 2014? We’ve heard rumors that Clinton-Dix would have been the Packers’ pick if that were the case.

What if the Jets or someone else had taken Clinton-Dix?

While he has his limitations, the safety position is obviously in better shape with Clinton-Dix roaming around back there than it was prior to his arrival.

Had the Packers been left with Pryor, we might still be longing for the days of Nick Collins.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L June 2, 2017

    What if……
    BJ Raji actually turned out to be a player, or….
    Mike Neal turned out to be a Pro-Bowl player, or….
    Derek Sherrod was a 10 year plug in at tackle like everyone said he was, or…
    Nick Perry had 11 sacks 5 years ago, 4 or 3, even 2, or….
    Datone Jones was the disruptive beast that big Ted said he was, or….
    Eddie Lacy prioritized his career over food consumption, or…
    Kenny Clark showed some promise as a 1st round pick, or….
    Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers didn’t play scared in big games, or….
    Ted Thompson retired after the 2012 season. or…
    What if Clinton Dix had a clue Luke Wilson was wide open on the 2 point conversion against Seattle and wasn’t late to the party.

    What if…..the Packers picked Pryor over Dix? Nothing, either way we can’t get to the Super Bowl.

    1. Empacador June 2, 2017

      Wasn’t it all that “china food” that was Lacy’s undoing? LOL

  2. Vijay Swearingen June 3, 2017

    I was one of the people in Pryor’s camp. Look, I’m human and make mistakes but fans don’t have access to scouting reports and other information so that’s my excuse. I’m surprised at the trajectory of both of their careers.

  3. Cheese June 3, 2017

    “Other people liked Clinton-Dix more because he was stronger in coverage.” – Haha. Pun intended.

    “Had the Packers been left with Pryor, we might still be longing for the days of Nick Collins.” – We still are and always will be longing for the days of Nick Collins.