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Bob McGinn Gave Aaron Rodgers a Poor Review on Way Out

We have a good feeling Aaron Rodgers and former Journal-Sentinel writer Bob McGinn didn’t get along too well.

McGinn has made no secret that he was never trying to be friends with the Green Bay Packers he covered. However, what he had to say about Rodgers on the way out the door was a little surprising.

McGinn got a spread on The MMQB for god knows what reason. Apparently so he could blather on about philosophy and rue the day that newspapers died. But gravy head Peter King also managed to ask him some questions along the way.

The one that caught my eye was one about how fortunate Rodgers was that he didn’t have play immediately. Here’s McGinn:

“He was a very poor player here for his first two summers and regular-season practices. Fortunately for him, and he knows that down deep, he didn’t have to play early. His delivery was a mess, bad body language, he didn’t know how to deal with teammates. He learned so much from Brett Favre on how to in some ways be one of the guys and relate, and he became much more of a leader. He was really poor and how many great players have ever had a start like that? Not that many. A lot of scouts look at that exhibition tape those first two years and he was a little bit better the third year, but not to any degree, and then he just really developed. He lost a lot of close games in ’08, but by ’09 he was playing great and by 2010 he was maybe the best in the business. And then there have been a lot of playoff disappointments and poor performances. It’s a quarterback league and all the rules are designed for that quarterback to dominate, and he hasn’t done it in the most important times since 2010.”

That’s kind of a double slam right there.

We are inclined to agree with the second part to a degree. Rodgers has had the misfortune of playing with some poor defenses and that’s primarily what most of us blame the playoff misfortune on.

That said, Rodgers has been to three NFC title games. He’s 1-2. In the second those contests, in Seattle, he played like utter garbage. Say what you want about the other miscues, even an average Rodgers makes that game a non-contest.

We’ve heard plenty of stories about Rodgers’ early years in Green Bay. Arrogance and awkwardness are the two words that spring immediately to mind. Not knowing how to deal with teammates, yes. That we can see.

It’s news that he just wasn’t that good. Maybe Brett Favre would have been dumped earlier if Rodgers had shown something sooner.

McGinn was also posed the eternal question: Rodgers or Favre.

“Would I take Favre or Rodgers? Right now, Favre. Because he was there every single game and he inherited a team that was the armpit of the NFL. It’s one of the greatest reclamation projects in NFL history. Favre just did it all from nothingness.”

That’s a decent point. Rodgers came into a much better situation.

Ultimately, that question will always come down to Super Bowl wins to me. And since they’re currently tied at one, it then comes to statistics and accolades. So I’ll currently take the guy with the three MVPs and the NFL records.

Still though, Rodgers must have crapped in McGinn’s cereal at some point.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Cynthia June 15, 2017

    McGinn can. E so abrasive and a know-it-all. He does know a lot, but I disagree and would choose Rodgers. I think Bob chooses Brett because of HIS frame of mind when covering the team then–“the good ole days” effect. Team Aaron

  2. Kato June 15, 2017

    I don’t necessarily disagree with McGinn. At least not completely. But seriously, Favre over Rodgers? Idk about that. I wouldn’t argue that Rodgers came into an overall better situation. On the flipside, Favre may have had one of the top 5 receivers of all time. But definitely agree Rodgers wasn’t a finished product when he entered the league by any means.

    1. PF4L June 15, 2017

      I don’t think Favre entered the league or the Packers a finished product by any means either.

      1. Kato June 15, 2017

        Qbs rarely do. I don’t disagree.

  3. PF4L June 15, 2017


    Favre came here a drunk.

    “……….Favre did it from nothing”

    Nothing, except of course a head coach who cradled him and taught him how to play QB with the patience of an angel.

    Nothing, except of course having Ron Wolf stack this team with talent through the draft and free agency.

    What McGinn doesn’t mention, is all the lost games on the arm of Brett Favre. He’s quick to cite Rodgers NFCCG record. But fails to talk about Favre’s, or his sub standard playoff record after 1997 to retirement. So he compares the two, and cites Rodgers not being good in the playoffs, but gives no reference to Favre’s ineptness and meltdowns in the playoffs. I don’t recall Rodgers throwing six interceptions in one playoff game. But why should McGinn let facts get in his way.

    If anyone is going to take Favre over Rodgers based on stats. You are also fucking delusional. Compare them sometime, educate yourself with actual knowledge.

    McGinn was a pretty good writer back in the day. But he’s reached that point where he just can’t let go, much like Murphy and Thompson. But at least the Journal/Sentinel had the wisdom to show him the door.

  4. Hands June 15, 2017

    Rodgers had a bad game against the Seahawks…..the best defense in the league and Rodgers playing on one leg! Oh yeah forgot to mention that!
    Agree that Rodgers wasn’t that good the first couple of years. Also agree that he hasn’t come through big in some of the playoff games. At this point I would say Favre and Rodgers are about even in that regard, however Rodgers has quite a few more good years left. Getting to the SB isn’t a one man thing and so far Rodgers has had minimum help.

    1. Cheese June 15, 2017

      That first interception to Sherman was bullshit because Seattle was clearly offsides, Rodgers noticed and tossed one up thinking it was a free play, and the fucking refs didn’t even throw a flag. Fucking idiots.

    2. knucklehead June 16, 2017

      Hot Hands?

  5. ay hombre June 16, 2017

    If I need to win one game as the favorite it’s Rodgers. If I’m going in a dog I’ll take Brett.

    If I need to win one game it’s Rodgers if I need to watch 1 game it’s Favre.

    1. PF4L June 18, 2017

      If i’m the fan of the other team in a NFCCG, i take Favre and place a prop bet on him throwing a late 4th quarter interception.

  6. Deepsky June 16, 2017

    McGinn has always had it out for Rodgers since day one.

    Favre would throw 2 picks in a game and the Packers would lose by 2 and McGinn would give Favre a post game rating of 4.

    Rodgers would be nearly perfect and McGinn would give Rodgers a post game rating of 2 and half. In the Falcons playoff game, McGinn gave Rodgers a 1.5 rating even though he threw 3 TDs and only 1 pick. Rodgers had the flu but McGinn said “There was no reason for Rodgers to look or play tired”. Seriously? What an ass.

    Remember, McGinn and the Journal/Sentinel have made money off books about Favre. He’s their meal ticket. McGinn never wanted to upset Favre with the truth and blow his chance at another book. Journalistic integrity went out the window when a couple of dollars were to be made.

    1. ay hombre June 16, 2017

      You guys slurp Rodgers balls too often. The best get it done when their best is needed. Rodgers has not been at his best in the biggest moments.

      Simply put, there is no disputing that. As it stands right now, Rodgers career is a lot more reminiscent of Peyton Manning…the greatest REGULAR SEASON quarterback of all time.

      I believe Rodgers has demonstrated that he might have more talent than anyone ever to play the game, but there isn’t a hell of a lot of evidence to support the fact that he’s clutch.

      I wish Shawn Neuser would post more here because I always think back to the Seattle playoff game. Shawn always pointed out a 3rd and short play in the 2nd half where the box was SO stacked that any QB worth his salt would have checked out of a run and threw it. Rodgers didn’t check to a pass, ran it right into oblivion and the Packers punted. Maybe the whole point is AR doesn’t really want it on him in the key moments.

      Oh yeah…and then he bitched about the play calling after like he had no control.

      1. Deepsky June 16, 2017

        Rodgers has something like a 102 QB rating in the 4th quarter compared to Favre’s 79. Rodgers has a 98 QB rating when playing from behind, Favre a 79. Rodgers has a better QB rating when playing from behind with just a few minutes to go.

        How many times, especially his first year and then later, did Rodgers score a go ahead touchdown only to have the defense give up the winning score? You guys conveniently forget about beating the Bears and Cowboys.

        Rodgers has had a top 10 defense only twice in his career and he won a Super Bowl one of those years. Favre had a top 10 defense 6 times. On average, Rodgers has played with a 16th ranked defense for his career, Favre has played with an 11th ranked defense with the Packers.

        Add to that, Favre needed the greatest punt returner in the history of the game to win Super Bowl 31 because the Patriots average defense had shut him down in the second half.

        1. Cheese June 16, 2017

          Rodgers has played with some terrible defenses. The Packers went 15-1 because of the offense and one and done in the playoffs because their defense was shit. Ted wouldn’t fill any holes with anything but draft picks who not only take time to develop but usually turned out to be garbage anyway, then he’d have to start all over again. Ron Wolf never pulled that crap. If he needed someone he went and got them because he wasn’t allergic to FA.

          On the flipside, everyone saying the only reason the Packers won SB31 is because of Desmond Howard is nonsense. They won the game by 14. Take away that kick return and they still win by 7. Brett Favre throwing two huge TD passes to Rison and Freeman had nothing to do with it. Reggie White having three sacks had nothing to do with it. Nope, it was all the kick returner. Psshh.. When’s the last time someone from the Packers had three sacks in a game? Most of them can’t do that in a season.

      2. Xlvordie June 17, 2017

        Favre’s post seasons were worse than rodgers tho….

        1. PF4L June 17, 2017

          Yea, no shit Sherlock, it’s what i posted here yesterday.

          But then again, it’s better that you repeat someone’s post, instead of just calling people a faggot on here.

          Good job junior.

  7. Deepsky June 16, 2017

    Here’s 15 games where Rodgers lead the team to a tie or went ahead in the 4th quarter after being behind at the start of the 4th. Take note at what the defense did:

    2008 Titans Rodgers ties up game in 4th quarter. Defense gives up winning field goal in overtime
    2008 Panthers Rodgers drives team to go ahead field goal with less than 2 minutes left. Defense gives up game winning field goal.
    2008 Texans Rodgers comes from behind, ties game in 4th quarter. Defense gives up game winning field goal with no time left.
    2008 Jaguars Rodgers comes from behind, goes ahead in 4th quarter on Crosby kick. Defense gives up game losing TD with less than 2 minutes left.
    2009 Steelers Rodgers puts Packers ahead on long pass with 2 minutes left to go. Defense gives up game winning pass with no time left.
    2010 Bears Rodgers brings Packers back in 4th with a rushing TD to go ahead with 6 minutes left. Defense gives up 2 Bears scores in the last 6 minutes.
    2010 Redskins Rodgers come from behind to tie game, put it in overtime. Defense gives up game winning field goal in overtime.
    2010 Falcons Rodgers leads team to a come from behind tie with 57 seconds left. Defense gives up game losing field goal with 9 seconds left.
    2012 Seahawks Rodgers comes from behind in 4th quarter to take lead, defense gives up the Fail Mary with no time left.
    2012 Colts Rodgers pass to Jones puts Packers ahead in the 4th after being behind, defense gives up game winning TD to Colts with 35 seconds left.
    2012 VIkings Rodgers comes from behind to tie game with 2 minutes left. Defense gives up game winning TD to Vikings with no time left on the clock.
    2013 49ers Rodgers puts Packers ahead in the 4th. Defense allows 49s to score twice in the last 6 minutes.
    2013 49ers Rodgers brings back Packers in the 4th to tie game. Defense gives up game winning field goal with no time left.
    2014 Seahawks Rodgers drives Pack to come from behind game tying field goal with no time left after defense allows 2 Seahawks TDs with 2 minutes left. Seahawks get game winning TD in overtime.
    2015 Falcons Rodgers scores come from behind go ahead TD with 3 minutes left. Defense gives up game winning TD with 31 seconds left.

    1. MJ June 16, 2017

      I agree that the defense is our downfall more often than not. But do you see what you are doing there? “The defense gives up 2 TDs …”. Didn’t our offense get the ball back at least once? Couldn’t it score again and burn on time?
      In the NFCCG the defense kept us in the game, gave us 5 ints. If your def gives you the ball 5 times, you put points on the board.
      Again, most of the time we collapse defensively, but Rodgers, as great as he is, wasn’t​ his greatest self when the team needed him the most. So yes, undoubtedly the best one skillwise, but not the godlike figure some fellows paint him as.
      And those stats from the last playoffs against the Falcons are worth nothing. They let up, since the game was out of hand for us, and by that time, Rodgers and the offense were able to move the ball and score. He played better when it didn’t matter, since we had already lost, so again, there was no more pressure on him as if the game depended on every one of his throws. There is no pressure during garbage time.

      1. PF4L June 16, 2017

        Last time i checked the Seahawks had a pretty good defense back in 2014. Ranked 5th overall, 3rd in scoring defense. Wasn’t Rodgers also hobbling around on a bad leg? Take Rodgers feet out, and you take away one of his highest skills.

        The dudes a loser in big games….let’s trade him. Anyone have Cutler’s number? Favre looks like he could still play.

    2. Jeffrey Lawver August 26, 2017

      Good job showing all the woulda shouldas under Rodgers. I knew there were
      a bunch. The D and special teams have failed to hold up their end of the bargain
      sooo many times over the years, I’ve come to expect it. Brady has rarely had this disadvantage.

  8. PF4L June 16, 2017

    06/16/2017 at 9:45 am
    You guys slurp Rodgers balls too often. The best get it done when their best is needed.

    Gee….let’s talk about about the great success Favre was in playoff games. Where should we start? With his NFL record 6 interceptions in one playoff game? Or his NFL record of 4th Quarter interceptions in playoff games?

    Chuck and heave..ain’t i exciting to watch? – Brett Favre.

    I’ve always said, Favre’s playoff performace after 1997, was abysmal. In 13 seasons after 1997, here’s Favre’s best, “in his biggest moments.”

    4 wins……7 losses

    22 touchdowns…20 interceptions (hardly Hall of Fame worthy)

    Passer rating 77.8

    YEP…the best “Get it done.”