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Aaron Rodgers: Contract Will Take Care of Itself

There had been some speculation earlier this offseason that Aaron Rodgers wanted a new contract from the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers is no longer the league’s highest-paid quarterback, but what really fueled the speculation was the deal Mike Glennon signed with the Chicago Bears. The Bears gave $15 million a season to Tampa Bay’s backup and Rodgers suggested that number should put his contract under the microscope.

Rodgers hasn’t made a formal demand for a new deal, but he also hasn’t denied that his agent has spoken to the Packers about one.

“Well, that stuff usually takes care of itself, and I have a fantastic agent, he does a great job. He worries about that stuff,” Rodgers said. “When it comes to setting the market values, I let that stuff take care of itself. I know my value in this league, and I know the team appreciates me. I’m going to continue to make myself an indispensable part of this roster. When you do that, when your time comes up to get a contract, you usually get a contract extension.”

Rodgers’ current contract runs through the 2019 season. We expect the Packers will do something about that deal before it’s up.

One other issue Rodgers addressed is the possibility of taking a pay cut for the team. As we’ve noted multiple times, Rodgers talked about reloading when last season ended. With the biggest contract on the team, he has the ability to free up salary cap space for the Packers much like Tom Brady has done time and again for the Patriots.

After all, if you want help in the form of better players, then you must be willing to take one for the team, right?


“I think you forget that Tom has [wife] Gisele, for one,” Rodgers said. “And two, we’re about $20 million under the cap, as usual, so we have plenty of room. Obviously, we signed the last deal knowing that it was a good deal for both sides. If you look at some of the cap numbers around the league with guys who signed in similar time periods, the percentage of the cap was notably higher than my deal. You obviously keep that in mind.”

Certainly with that $20 million in salary cap space lying around, the Packers will look to extend some players before or during the season. Recently, they’ve taken care of tackle David Bakhtiari and defensive lineman Mike Daniels.

Rodgers may well be on the shortlist.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Packers fan June 6, 2017

    Him and Dix needs extensions ASAP. Extend Rodgers first and let new GM do Dix.

  2. Xlvordie June 6, 2017

    Tom has gisele? Wtf difference does that make? Is he implying it’s hard to live off of just ONE income of 20+ million a year? That having spousal income makes it easier to take a cap friendly salary for the team?

    1. Savage57 June 7, 2017

      Starting to get old, multi-millionaires mewling about having to get by on sustenance wages

      1. Empacador June 7, 2017

        Ever seen the movie “The Replacements”? When the star QB was being interviewed by a TV reporter about the strike about to go down, another dude interjects “Do you have any idea what insurance costs on a Ferrari, motherfucker?” You are spot on, that’s exactly what this sounds like.


  3. Xlvordie June 6, 2017

    Not to mention he had a chance at marrying into some additional money..but probably blew it

  4. MJ June 7, 2017

    Looks like he has admitted that this team won’t win another SB, so at least he decided he’ll finish his career with a ton of money.

    1. Packers fan June 7, 2017

      He didn’t say that they won’t win another SB, he was saying the team appreciates him and he said the contract would speak for itself.

      1. MJ June 7, 2017

        No, but he sees how the team doesn’t go all in, and still keeps Capers(*) despite consistently bad defensive performances, and Ted is still not accountable to anybody and mishandles the team. And I didn’t even have to mention McCarthy and his predictable schemes (2015, anyone?). I don’t blame him if he does any of the following: (i) waits for his contract to expire and waits for a team more willing to make moves to contact him (ii) says “fuck this, if I don’t get a shot at another ring, I may as well get set for this life and the next one… and the one after that”.

        (*) Capers, yes. His failures can also be ascribed to available talent, but it looks like his scheme is quite complex for players to pick up, and he also takes two years too long to adjust to a new tendency, like the read-option. How well do you expect us to defend against running back that line up in the backfield and then motion to act as receivers? He also lets up and plays prevent when we have a lead, which makes games against lesser teams more interesting than they should be, and makes us lose that lead (and subsequently the game) against good teams.

        1. Packers fan June 8, 2017

          They did signed Bennett, Kendricks, Jean-Francois, House, and Evans. All these were free agents. I do agree they need to go all in and sign guys like those.

          McCarthy and Thompsons contract expires after 2018, as does Capers.

          1. MJ June 8, 2017

            And we are still a few million below the cap. I would be totally OK if one year we make a strong push, not a half-hearted one (i.e., Ted sitting on 10 M each year). Rodgers can say “heck, if you are not doing anything with that money, you might as well give it to me”. Heh, this may be a valid clause for his upcoming contract: “thou shalt spend all the available money to maximize the team’s chances; should you not, the unused money shalt be transferred to me”.
            It is ridiculous that even us fans notice a glaring weakness at a position, and it stays unaddressed for the whole offseason and on to the regular season. Then we wonder how is it that good teams crush us in the playoffs.

          2. Packers fan June 8, 2017

            Or worse lose on the last play of a playoff game.

            We need to start signing FAs, like this year for example.

  5. PF4L June 7, 2017

    So the team won’t go all in, but Rodgers should give up millions. Sounds about right, to a sheep.

    Rodgers taking lets say, a contract 20-35 million less than his market value, is in essence, him paying the Packers to give him a better team. but let me ask you this, if Rodgers takes 4-5 million a year less, who’s to say that Ted would use it to improve the team? Based on Teds history, i think we know the answer.

    Lets examine the Packers excuse for holding money under the salary cap. The Company line is that they need it to extend current players contracts. I call bullshit. They roll that money over every year. Lets say they did use it indirectly to extend contracts, are these the overpaid underperforming contracts that we discuss each year?

    To say that Rodgers isn’t doing enough to help this team and that he should give up tens of millions to improve the team is the most asinine thing i’ve ever heard. Is Ted doing his job well enough to improve the team? Is Fat Mike? Is Capers? Fuck it, lets call Rodgers greedy and give those guys a pass and blame it on Rodgers.

    News flash….Rodgers doesn’t owe the Packers shit. Without Rodgers, this team would be a NFC North bottom dweller.

    Lastly…if the Packers aren’t going to do everything possible to improve the team, then put the onus on them. It’s not Rodgers fault or responsibility to field more talent on this team. Last time i checked, Rodgers is pretty good at his job, can you say the same for the rest?

    1. Packers fan June 7, 2017

      They signed Bennett, Kendricks, Evans, House, and Jean Francois. Those are free agent signings.

      1. PF4L June 8, 2017

        And they lost what? Tell both sides of the story my simple minded friend.

        Bennett was a replacement for Cook. House was a cheap no brainer to replace Hyde or one of Teds failed high draft pick corners, hopefully he plays like 2015, not 2016. Who the fuck is Evans? Jean Francois…12 career sacks, hasn’t had a forced fumble in over 90 games…gee,Francois is our missing piece of the puzzle puzzle to get to the SuperBowl. Kendricks (over rated) probably won’t get many targets with all the receivers, Bennett, Montgomery out of the backfield. I would think Dick Rodg is above Kendricks on the depth chart wouldn’t you?

        So if you take off the blinders, and figure out what we lost, to what we gained, are we better right now? Or are we still banking on a rookie draft class to take us to the Super Bowl?….News Flash….You may want to sit down and take a deep breath, the Packers have no chance of making it to the Super Bowl, sorry.

        Evans for Lang? Is that a win in your eyes? No Tretter for depth. But hey, we still have Barclay, he’s a stud…..right?

        JFC people.

        1. Packers fan June 8, 2017

          Jahri Evans = offensive lineman who played for the Saints (and won a Super Bowl for them). Lets not forget he’s been to 6 pro bowls.

        2. Packers fan June 8, 2017

          And Barclay sucks anyways he won’t play guard or tackle. He’s a backup center to Linsley. Should have kept Tretter and let Barclay go.

        3. Packers fan June 8, 2017

          Josh Jones (who ran a 4.41 at the combine) is the one who replaces Hyde, not House.

        4. Packers fan June 8, 2017

          Lance Kendricks is better than Richard Rodgers. Kendricks is like Cook. Played with a terrible offense (just like Cook) and we saw how Cook was during the “Run the Table” stretch. Him and Bennett are the 2 tight ends you should see on the field, not Rodgers.

        5. Packers fan June 8, 2017

          And if your wondering, Josh Jones may be a safety, but he can play different roles on D. Hyde was a safety and he was also a corner.

          Did you not forget Randall’s rookie year? He was good. Last year was a sophomore slump for him, like 2015 was for Adams.

          1. PF4L June 8, 2017

            Uh huh…you lost me at Jahri Evans won a Super Bowl for the Saints. That was where i lost interest. That’s like saying Daryn Colledge won a Super Bowl for the 2010 Packers. The Seahawks were so impressed with Evans they cut him 3 weeks after signing him, i guess his 6 Pro Bowls years ago didn’t help him make their roster. Not to mention, the Saints didn’t even want to resign him for the league minimum. Of course Ted gave him a raise, because again, he was bidding against himself, so he paid him more than than twice what the Saints wouldn’t pay to keep him. I hope this all isn’t too confusing.

            But listen, it’s your world, paint the sky any color you’d like.

  6. PF4L June 8, 2017

    Hey, i have a good fucking idea…now that we finally have a decent cohesive offensive line, let’s start dismantling it and save some cash. I’ll need that cash so i can sign Perry to a huge deal because i’ll over pay, but that’s only because i’ll be bidding against myself and that’s how i roll. Perry deserves Mathews kind of money, after all, he did have 11 sacks……one season. So yea, Sitton gone, Lang gone, Tretter gone, Hyde gone, BUT….i got Perry locked down. Hopefully he doesn’t get injured and make me look like a Murp. – Ted