Want To Know How Much Eddie Lacy Weighs?

Eddie Lacy vs. Dallas

When running back Eddie Lacy signed with the Seattle Seahawks they put certain weight clauses into his contract.

Lacy will be weighed three times during the year and if he makes his target weight, he gets some interesting incentives. Today was the first of those weigh-ins.

If Lacy hit the target weight of 255 pounds, he’d get paid $55,000. That’s a nice bonus to stay away from the China food.

According to his agent, Lacy came in at 253.

That’s kind of just squeaking by.

Eddie Lacy wears the minimum amount of flair. Fifteen pieces. The bare minimum.

In Lacy’s defense, he’s been laid up by an ankle injury that the Green Bay Packers forced on him for a while. He just started pool workouts back in February.

So Lacy still has a ways to go. The Packers always wanted him around 235. The Seahawks likely want him in the same area.

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  1. ay hombre

    His fuckwad father going to interview before the NFC Title game probably set back the reconciliation years. I would have been fucking livid.

  2. PF4L

    Why Ted didn’t keep him, and “convert” him to nose tackle is beyond me. They should have signed him, bought him an unlimited pass to Golden Corral and China buffet, and told him “EAT!!”

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