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Ty Montgomery Prefers Running Back Over Receiver

A year ago at this time, Ty Montgomery probably had never thought about playing running back. Now he’s the Green Bay Packers’ No. 1 running back.

Even though he hasn’t even played a full season at the position, Montgomery says he already prefers running back to receiver.

Pretty simply, it’s a numbers game.

“Do I want to play in the NFL for a longer period of time and not be as happy because I’m not having the amount of success that I’d like to have?” Montgomery said Tuesday during an appearance at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. “And if running back gives me that, then I’d rather play 6-8 years in the league and having a successful career and having a lot of fun doing it and not always battling to be somebody’s fourth, fifth or sixth receiver, even if it meant a 10-12 year career.”

“So, would I rather be trying to be someone’s No. 1 running back than being somebody’s fourth, fifth or sixth receiver? Would I rather be trying to make someone’s team as a fourth, fifth, sixth receiver and potentially not making as much money as I could if I played 6-8 years in the league and have the potential to make the amount of money I could at the running back position? It all came down to quality over quantity, and I want the quality of years to be what I want.”

Before switching to running back, Montgomery was lost in the shuffle among the Packers’ receivers.

Through the first half of the season, the Packers almost exclusively utilized Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams at receiver. Playing time was nearly nonexistent for guys like Montgomery, Jeff Janis, Trevor Davis and Jared Abbrederis, before he was released.

Montgomery saw only 17 snaps through the first four weeks of the season. Then, after Eddie Lacy and James Starks went down, Montgomery actually started to see the field.

So we can understand the appeal of his new position — he actually gets to play.

Now, if the Packers would hand him the ball a little more often, they might have something special. Montgomery averaged 5.9 yards per carry in 2016, but only toted the ball 77 times.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MJ May 31, 2017

    He is in a bad situation anyway. RBs get paid less, have shorter careers due to the intense physical wear and tear, and in GB are considered rather replaceable. So, yes, he will undoubtedly have more snaps, but the financial side will not be much brighter if he plays WR3 than if he is a RB1.

  2. Howard May 31, 2017

    Being a number 1 running back for the Packers may not pay well or provide a substantial amount of running attempts. What I read is Ty saying I will get paid more by somebody as a number 1 running back. That somebody may not be the Packers.

    To me Ty will be used like a Levon Bell, with probably less carries, but as many or more catches. Not sure that Ty will be as good a runner as Bell. Time will tell. I feel fairly confident that not only will Ty be the number 1 running back for the team, but he will probably also be the number 3 or 4 receiver in catches. That will probably get you a pay day with somebody.

    The Packers will use Ty to dictate matchup problems for the opponents in the pass game. With Bennett as a TE you can expect the Packers to create some real issues by moving both players around pre-snap to dictate unfavorable coverage problems not only for Ty and Bennett, but also the other receivers. QB #1 will take advantage of those matchup issues in the pass and run game.

  3. Cheese May 31, 2017

    Still think he could be a better receiver than Duhvante if Rodgers and McCarthy didn’t have their tongues up Adams’ ass. Ty definitely catches the ball better. But whatever. If they choose to use him correctly Montgomery should be very productive. Kind of like a Brian Westbrook back in the day. Then again, how often do the Packers use players correctly? Hey Ty, you want more snaps. Have you ever played linebacker before? Cornerback? No? Would you like to learn? Don’t worry, you can learn on the job and get paid top dollar. It will only take you 2-4 years to get comfortable with the position at the pro level, but at least you will be on the field!

  4. PF4L May 31, 2017

    My best guess, once Cobb is gone after this season, it’s Ty back at receiver. I still think that once the receivers get thinned out and he gets tired of taking a beating, he’ll go back. Just my .02

    Cheese makes some great points about catch rate’s and how productive Ty could be if used right. In the lines of Westbrook and closer to home, Dorsey Levens. But probably better than Dorsey.

    Howard also makes excellent points. But i have to stop feeding Howard’s ego with compliments as he’s starting to really get full of himself, so i’m just not going to bring it up.

    1. Howard June 1, 2017

      Thanks PF4L, I think? I was wondering why I have to keep adjusting my hat size.

      1. PF4L June 1, 2017


  5. Deepsky June 1, 2017

    I never liked this move. Montgomery was looking like a good receiver until he got injured. He’s muscular, but he seems too tall and thin in the lower body to be a good running back. The Packers have old and injury prone receivers and they didn’t replenish the cupboard this year with a higher round draft pick.

    I’m hoping two of the three rookie running backs step up and Montgomery gets moved back to receiver.