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Quinten Rollins’ Issue A Lingering Groin Injury?

We know the Green Bay Packers’ cornerbacks were banged up during the 2016 season. They were also largely disappointing. It’s hard to say who was more disappointing between Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins, but each guy certainly has their case.

And now is the time of year when we start to hear stories about how lingering injuries played a role in disappointing players’ previous seasons.

Randall had groin surgery during the season and missed a total of six games. He certainly wasn’t any better after he returned, however.

Rollins also had a groin injury and missed three games. We now find out he had surgery on the injury following the season.

Rollins told the Journal Sentinel the injury nagged him from October until the season was over. Now, if we wouldn’t have watched him get beat on so many double moves early in the season, we might think that was his only problem.

It clearly was not.

The same goes for Randall. The injury aside, physicality was just not in his nature in 2016.

Both of these guys are going to get their shot at earning playing time in 2017, though. They were, after all, first and second-round draft picks just two years ago.

The good news for Rollins, who looks like he’ll face an uphill battle for defensive snaps, is at least he’s healthy.

“It was definitely great getting the chance to actually get back healthy,” Rollins said. “It’s been great. Night-and-day better.”

If he can just stop making rookie mistakes, maybe he’ll actually get on the field.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Kato May 24, 2017

    Rollins might not even play this year. Could be last on the depth chart. Goodson probably won’t even make the team.

    1. Empacador May 24, 2017

      About time they pull the plug on that Goodson experiment, don’t you think?

      1. Big B May 24, 2017

        You can never have enough point guards.

  2. Deepsky May 24, 2017

    I think one of these guys, either Randall or Rollins will bounce back.

    That being said, Kevin King and Josh Jones both are much better prospects than Randall and Collins were when they entered the league. Heck, even an undrafted corner may have better physical tools than Randall and Collins.

    1. Kato May 24, 2017

      Both were playing out of position last year. Randall is a FS, and Rollins is a slot corner. He doesn’t have the ability to play outside