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Could The Packers Still Make A Free Agent Play?

A notable deadline has passed in the NFL. As of today, any team who signs an unrestricted free agent will not have that free agent count against their compensatory draft pick formula.

And we all know how the Green Bay Packers love getting those compensatory draft picks…

Just today, the dirtbag Minnesota Vikings signed former Patriots and Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd.

So that raises the question. Could the Packers still make a free agent play?

We talked about several free agents based on area of need for the Packers just before the draft (and just after they signed guard Jahri Evans).

The list was heavy on running backs, an area where the Packers have an abundance of players now. In addition to holdover Ty Montgomery, they added three running backs in the draft. They also signed undrafted rookie William Stanback after a tryout, meaning they’ll go into camp with five running backs barring any further moves.

That position would seem to be set.

The main areas of concern remain on the defensive side of the ball and there are some intriguing names still available.

They’re all castoffs of other teams, so the compensatory pick formula wouldn’t come into play anyway, but the deadline has once again brought them to our attention. Plus, by this time, some of these guys may be willing to play for peanuts, something right up the Packers’ alley.

The Packers drafted cornerback Kevin King with their first selection, but after seeing the way things unfolded last year — and considering King probably isn’t going to be a stud immediately — would anyone argue if the Packers signed another corner?

The guy I’ve always liked is Jason McCourty, who was released by the Tennessee Titans last month. McCourty has been solid for the Titans over the years and would seem to still have some good football left in him.

Or how about former Jets and Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis? He was also released — back in March.

Revis was garbage in 2016, but if he’s motivated to rebound and wants a shot at another ring, having a veteran presence for all the youngsters in the cornerback room certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Perhaps the biggest area where the Packers could add some help is at pass rush. I don’t love him because he’s old (33) and only played in eight games last year, but Elvis Dumervil is still out there. If he’s healthy, would he be much different than having an over-the-hill Julius Peppers around last year?

Dumervil did have 17 sacks back in 2014. A situational player, yes, but one that could prove valuable.

And lastly, the Packers clearly aren’t enamored with their inside linebacker situation, as the move of safety Josh Jones to inside backer showed.

How about Wisconsin native, Badger great and former Lion DeAndre Levy? There are injury (knee) issues with Levy, but he was a second-team All-Pro when he was last healthy (2014).

Levy could be finished. All of these guys may theoretically be washed up, but what would it hurt for the Packers to kick the tires?

Unfortunately, altering (or trying to improve) the roster at this point is probably a pipe dream. We are talking about Ted Thompson here.

The Packers are currently at the 90-man limit after signing five tryout players this week. And as you surely know, they rarely add veteran players from other teams.

They surprised us with the Evans move, though. Stranger things have happened.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. GBORNBRED May 10, 2017

    Hard to believe Revis could already be washed up at 31 when you consider that Charles Woodson was still playing corner at an elite level for the Packers at age 35. Perhaps an opportunity to move on from the miserable Jets to play for a contender would get Revis’ motor running again, similar to when Woodson left the Raiders for Green Bay back in 2006. Dumervil would be also a nice addition as a situational pass rusher, assuming he’s available at a reasonable price tag. Come on Teddy! Get off your ass, because there’s still plenty of work to do!

    1. Kato May 10, 2017

      It was not a similar situation for Woodson because the packers were not contenders in 2006, they were coming off of a 4-12 year.

      1. icebowl May 11, 2017

        Ahhhh, the memoried

  2. Ryan Olen May 16, 2017