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Packers Projected To Get Four 2018 Compensatory Picks

We know the Green Bay Packers are going to get a haul of compensatory draft picks in 2018 for all of the free agents they lost this year.

How many and where those picks will fall won’t be announced for some time, but we have some idea. Over The Cap published their usually reliable compensatory draft pick projections today.

They estimate the Packers will get four picks, with the highest coming in round three — the earliest round compensatory picks are awarded.

That projected third-round pick comes via the loss of guard T.J. Lang.

The other projected compensatory picks will come in the fifth and two in the sixth. Those would come courtesy of losing J.C. Tretter, Jared Cook and Eddie Lacy, respectively.

A maximum of 32 compensatory picks are awarded league-wide each season. The formula for deciding which teams get them is based on the salary and performance of the player lost. Also playing a role is how many unrestricted free agents a team signs. So in that respect, the Packers’ signing of tight end Martellus Bennett was actually a negative. However, they lost so many other guys, it didn’t really matter.

In effect, the loss of Micah Hyde cancelled out the signing of Bennett for these purposes.

Joseph Bonham

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