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Packers Have Josh Jones Under Contract

The Green Bay Packers have signed their second, second-round pick, inking safety Josh Jones, Friday.

The signing of Jones follows that of the Packers’ top draft choice (and their first second-round pick), Kevin King. Both players will be looked to to bolster the Packers’ coverage units, this season.

Jones was the surprise pick of the draft for the Packers. Green Bay seemingly has four legit safeties on their roster, besides Jones.

However, it now appears that Jones — who is both big and fast — will be utilized at inside linebacker. That’s an area where the Packers were ineffective in 2016.

Their top inside linebacker, Jake Ryan, isn’t a playmaker. He doesn’t have a single sack or interception in his two years in Green Bay. Blake Martinez was a disappointment as a rookie and Joe Thomas, although decent in coverage, is a liability in other aspects of the game.

Is Jones the answer for the Packers?

They utilized safety Morgan Burnett occasionally in the same hybrid role, last season.

It’s certainly also worth mentioning that Burnett is entering the final year of his contract.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Empacador May 20, 2017

    You know how we know this article is fiction? You said Joe Thomas was decent in coverage. Martinez had the injured knee so jury is still out. Ryan could break out this year. Does any of that really matter?

    The fact is they had Hawk in the middle for years. And they must have been content with his level of play. The only difference between Hawk and Ryan to this point in Ryan’s career is Ryan wasn’t a top 5 pick. And I’m not hating on Hawk, the dude can’t help where he was drafted and the expectations that come with being a top 5 selection. At this point hitting on defensive players in the draft for Thompson/McCarthy is like finding elusive hen’s teeth or a buck jackalope in the wild.

    1. Packer May 20, 2017

      King and Josh Jones could turn out to be good picks. I’d use Josh Jones same way the Cardinals use Deone Bucannon (as a safety playing the ILB role). As for King, I wish his future well. The guy could end up being pretty good and he could match up against top receivers. He only allowed 1 touchdown (i think either last year or his college career). The picks I don’t like is Adams and as for Biegel, I don’t know.

  2. Kato May 20, 2017

    Everyone is so hung up on middle linebacker still. Seriously, the position is fine. Defensive line play is the single biggest factor here. If you don’t have disruptive players up front that allow linebackers to flow to the ball, then they are fucked either way. There are very few elite playmaking middle linebackers in the NFL. The vast majority are drafted in the top 10 picks or so. Which the packers are never picking in. That is one thing I will give TT credit for, he isn’t trying to pick ILBs with top picks, rather players up front or pass rushers, or corners. Failing while doing so obviously.

    1. Packer May 20, 2017

      Use Jones the way the Cardinals use Deone Bucannon.