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Jay Cutler Would Not Play For The Packers

But CUTTY!, you are already one of the 10 best quarterbacks in Green Bay Packers’ history!

I mean, we can debate the list, but it goes something like this.

  1. Bart Starr
  2. Brett Favre
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Arnie Herber
  5. Lynn Dickey
  6. Don Majkowski
  7. Tobin Rote
  8. Jay Cutler

I mean, maybe The Cutster comes in at No. 5. You could make a case!

Regardless, our man CUTTY! has most certainly brought great joy to the Green Bay Packers over the years.

And you know, now Cuts McGuts is retired. Off bringing excellence to the broadcast booth.

But as we all know, retired quarterbacks are never really retired, are they?

Perhaps CUTTY!, the arbiter of excellence that he is, will be the exception. Perhaps he will stay retired. Doug Gottlieb asked Cuts about the very scenario we’ve been dreaming of for so long on Monday — what if the Green Bay Packers called?

Can you imagine? Packers legend Jay Cutler actually wearing the Packers uniform?

I would compare it to when Jim McMahon came over, except McMahon’s Bears always beat the shit out of the Packers. That, and we paid him back in spades through nightly hauntings from the ghost of Charles Martin every single day he was in town.

That guy lost his hair, his memory and his swagger. Too many hits?

Nope. Ghost of the greatest Packer ever, Charles Martin.

But Cuts! CUTS!

Not a Bears legend, a Packers legend who happened to play for the Bears!

What do you say, Mr. Enthusiasm?

You know, I am saddened.

We were all for the Packers trading Brett Hundley and bringing our boy CUTTY! aboard to back up AR, this season. He’s already a proven master at hitting open men in green jerseys.

He says no now, but remember — Aaron Rodgers and King Cuts are good friends. The Cuts helped out the younger Rodgers — Jordan — when he was the man at Vanderbilt, a place where Killer Cuts forged an indelible legacy of greatness.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. icebowl May 10, 2017

    Agreed on McMahon, got himself a friggin 2nd SB ring w GB – cant let that mistake happen again.

    Not agreeing in the rankings

    Bart Starr
    Aaron Rodgers
    Brett Favre
    Don Majkowski
    Arnie Herber
    Tobin Rote
    Lynn Dickey
    Zeke Bratkowski
    Jay Cutler
    Tony Dilweg
    Randy Wright
    Jim McMahon

    Jon Hadl

    1. PF4L May 10, 2017


      Randy Wright?….Seriously? That…..is some funny shit my man. Anyone around 40 or so that is a life long Packer fan should remember this POS.

      Could there be a worse starting Packers QB? And how the flying F… did he even last for 5 years? I guess you could argue the fact that the Packers really gave no shit back in those days. Even as a young lad, i would literally go postal watching this fuck stick. Anyone remember how he handled the bears pass rush? He would go to the ground (on his own) in a fetal position, before they got to him. lol….I remember jumping out of my seat, pointing at the tv asking people in the room …….”did you see that, did you see that?”

      Different era or not, that dude was just absolutely horrible and an embarrassment.

      1. Empacador May 11, 2017

        I was overseas during most of the Randy Wright era, so I didn’t get to see much of his play. Didn’t he blow out his knee early in his career? Maybe he is the reason the Packers shied away from Wisconsin players for so many years…

      2. icebowl May 11, 2017

        Thnx Dude, you came through!!
        I was hoping to stir the pot w that one….
        Agree on all points, that’s why he’s ranked below Cutty…

    2. GBORNBRED May 10, 2017

      Why is Rich Campbell not on your list?

      1. Empacador May 11, 2017

        Or Scott Hunter, Jerry Tagge, and David Whitehurst?

    3. Cheese May 10, 2017

      Oh come on, no respect for Matty Flynn? The first Packers QB to ever throw for six td’s in a game!

      1. icebowl May 11, 2017

        The very same doing his best Randy Wright impersonation in his start against Lions during that infamous 2013 Thanksgiving massacre…


  2. GBORNBRED May 10, 2017

    J-Cut really helped out Jordan Rodgers at Vanderbilt? No wonder the younger Rodgers went undrafted and couldn’t make it in the NFL. THE CUTLER DID IT!

    1. icebowl May 11, 2017

      That ^^^