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Play the Packers’ 2017 Roster Name Game

It’s time to kick back a little.

Between seasons, I’m challenged by trying to remember the spelling of the returning players as well as all the newbies on the Green Bay Packers’ roster – most of whom will be just a memory come September. This might help me.

While we await the first real action of the season – minicamp on June 13 – we might as well have some fun, Trivial Pursuit style, with the names of the 90 guys currently on the Packers’ roster. Challenge your Packers’ friends for bragging rights. Answers below.

  1. What is the most common first name on the Packers and how many players have that name?
  2. Who has the longest last name?
  3. Who has the second-longest last name?
  4. Whose name is Russian for “earth boy”?
  5. How many good Irish or Scottish names (Mc or Mac) are on the roster?
  6. Who has the shortest first name?
  7. What ethnicity is the name Bakhtiari?
  8. What Packer or Packers have a hyphen in his/their name(s)?
  9. What’s the most common last name on the roster?
  10. Who on the roster is Samoan?
  11. Whose first name means “my angel boy” in Hebrew?
  12. Whose first name is Spanish for “gift from God” or Italian for “gift?”
  13. Name at least three of the five Packers with the same first and last name initials.
  14. Who has a two-word first name?
  15. His name is often said before jumping out of or into something.
  16. Whose name is also that of a breed of horse?
  17. Whose first name is Arabic for “handsome?”
  18. Name at least three Packers who share their last name with that of a U.S. President?
  19. Who has the most unusual name (three acceptable choices)?
  20. His first name means “from the angel” in Italian.
  21. Name at least 10 players whose last name is a fairly common male’s first name.
  22. Name at least two players whose last name is also a female’s first name.
  23. Name at least two pairs of Packers with the same first name pronunciation, but different spellings.
  24. Name two Packers with last names that are colors
  25. How many Packers’ first names start with “J” – A. 8-11, B. 12-15, C. 16-19, or D. 20-23?
  26. Name at least four players with two capital letters in either their first or last name.
  27. Name three out of the four letters that are tied with being the first letter of the most Packers’ last names.
  28. Quick – name at least one player who shares a first or last name with a name of one of the four Beatles.
  29. Name at least two players who have a Q, X or Z in their name.
  30. Which is it for cornerback Randall: Damarious, Damaryious, Demaryius, Demarious or Demaryius,?
  31. This new player shares the name of a Packers guard for the 1996 Super Bowl champs.


  1. The Packers have five Aarons – Jones, Pack, Ripkowski, Rodgers, Taylor. Also, three Joes and Davids.
  2. No contest, 13 letters in (Josh) Letuligasenoa
  3. Ricky “Jean Francois” – two words, 12 letters
  4. Demetri Goodson, but I don’t think he’s Russian
  5. Two: (Max) McCaffrey and (Justin) McCray
  6. Ty Montgomery
  7. Bakhtiari refers to a nomadic people ranging between Isfahan and Kermanshah, Iran.
  8. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. You sometimes also see “Jean Francois” hyphenated, but that’s incorrect.
  9. Jahri, Marwin and Thomas all have the last name Evans. The Packers also have a pair of Adamses, Clarks, Joneses, Matthewses (one with two Ts), Rodgerses and Taylors
  10. Josh Letuligasenoa
  11. Malachi Dupre
  12. Donatello Brown
  13. Geoff Gray, Jeff Janis, Kevin King, Max McCaffrey, Richard Rodgers
  14. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
  15. Geronimo
  16. Morgan Burnett
  17. Jamaal Williams
  18. Davante and Montravius Adams, and Aaron and Lane Taylor
  19. You pick: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Lenzy Pipkins, Geronimo Allison
  20. DeAngelo Yancey
  21. Johnathan Calvin, Kenny and Michael Clark, Jayrone Elliott, Reggie Gilbert, Jordy Nelson, Ty Montgomery, Nick Perry, Lucas Patrick, Damarious Randall, Jake Ryan, Aaron and Lane Taylor, and Joe Thomas; and a few less ordinary first names: Martellus Bennett, Kentrell Brice, Trevor Davis, Kevin King and Christian Ringo
  22. Jeff Janis, Geronimo Allison, and Aaron and Lane Taylor
  23. Brian Price and Bryan Bulaga, Davante Adams and Devante Mays, Jeff Janis and Geoff Gray, Derek Hart and Derrick Mathews
  24. Geoff Gray and Donatello Brown
  25. C: There are three Joes and Joshs, two Jacobs and Justins, and a Jahri, Jake, Jamaal, Jason, Jayrone, Jeff, Jermaine, Johnathan and Jordan – 19.
  26. A trick question of sorts. First names: Ha Ha, LaDarius, and DeAngelo; last names: Clinton-Dix, Jean Francois, McCaffrey, and McCray.
  27. At eight each, B, C, M and R
  28. Only one, Christian Ringo
  29. Quinten Rollins, Izaah Lunsford, Blake Martinez, Max McCaffrey, Lenzy Pipkins
  30. Damarious – The Broncos’ receiver is Demaryius Thomas.
  31. Safety Aaron Taylor
Rob Born

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