Allen Iverson Is A Packers Fan?

Allen Iverson Packers fan

If you see someone wearing Green Bay Packers gear, you probably assume they are a Packers fan. That’s a natural assumption. But when it comes to celebrities, well… who the hell knows?

Enter former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson.

AI is from Newport News, Virginia, which would put him square in Washington Redskins territory. Or maybe even Carolina Panthers territory, although I don’t think there was a football team in Charlotte when Iverson was a boy.

Regardless, here’s Allen Iverson rocking a Green Bay Packers hat.

You’re probably wondering who the filthy trailer-park-looking dude next to him is. That’s rapper Post Malone.

Some years ago, Malone dropped a song called White Iverson. He finally got to meet and party with Iverson this week in Los Angeles, a long-time dream.

So if you care about that aspect, here’s Allen Iverson getting down to White Iverson.

We should also note that Iverson is rocking a Bo Jackson shirt with this Packers hat, so…

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