Ted Thompson Is Clearly Losing It And It’s Hard To Watch

Ted Thompson

Rob first pointed this out after Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson gave his NFL combine press conference — the guy is seriously losing it.

It’s as if he’s no longer able to string together a coherent sentence.

That was evident at the combine and it was evident when Thompson came to the podium following round one of the draft.

Frankly, I can’t even believe the Packers released this video. Just have a listen to the rambling, nonsensical drivel.

Look, regardless of what I think about Thompson, the guy looks and sounds like his mental faculties are in decline. If you go watch the whole performance, Thompson gets confused about the trade he just made — unsure of whether he has the first picks in the second and fourth rounds (he does).

Part of this makes me sad, mostly for the Packers, but also for Thompson. He’s having trouble getting words out, completing sentences… it’s excruciating to watch.

The guy is 64. He’s getting up there and based on what we’ve seen lately, I’d say there’s clearly something wrong.

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18 Comments on "Ted Thompson Is Clearly Losing It And It’s Hard To Watch"

  1. Tfancil

    Maybe he is just trying to think of what to say without really saying anything? It works for Billy B. And the Patriots.


      I agree, 64 is NOT that old. He sounds as if he has early symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Sad shit, or he is just that fucking inept socially . . .

      • Shary

        I agree at 64 is not old, and you should not look like this unless something is clearly wrong. What made me get to this site was my watching the draft and I wanted to know what disease he has. So, I did notice the tightened Jaw, the stiffness of his arms. The stare of the eyes. I would take a guess at Parkinsons Disease. I did not see him walk, did he shuffled his feet, instead of taking steps. Concussions have been associated with Parkinsons.

  2. Brandon V

    Glad you wrote this. I thouht the same thing afte watching it. The man did play football professionally, maybe time is catching up.

  3. Pack Attack

    When other peeps talk in circles you know it. I dont know what that was… but it def. wasn’t someone who’s been on camera for the last ten plus years. Maybe this is why he hardly is in front of one lately

    • Zwoeger


      And also:

      03/02/2017 at 1:55 am

      I swear if I didn’t know that was Teddy bipolar bear I would have thought this was some Jikes executive recovering from brain hemorrhage.

  4. Bobby D

    News flash….this freak never had much to lose! If that gap toothed douchebag Murphy would remove his head from his ass, he’d get rid of this socially awkward piece of shit and let him spend more time with his boyfriend. His contract goes through the end of ’18. For the love of God, make him go away sooner than later while AR is still alive.

  5. MJ

    Some of the commenters mentioned that this guy played ten years in the league at a time concussions we’re far less understood. At 64 he shouldn’t sound like 89, maybe those hits are now taking a toll on him. But hopefully ANY of the other guys in the personnel department are truly making the choices and Ted is just reporting those those to the media in his painfully senile ways.

  6. Bonnie

    The cruelty of some of these comments sickens me. If Mr. Thompson does have early onset dementia, it is not a cause for celebration or for demanding that Mark Murphy “get rid of this socially awkward piece of shit and let him spend more time with his boyfriend.” I wish the creep that wrote these words weren’t a Packers fan. What a Jackass.

  7. Arcturus

    He probably sees the gibberish Trump spews and thinks “well, it worked for him….”

  8. Craig

    Was listening to one of the Milwaukee or Madison sports talk shows earlier this week and one of the reporters mentioned that Ted has Parkinson’s. Couldn’t believe my ears. I should have written down the date/time/radio station and reporter who brought this up. The comment was made shortly before a commercial OR a change of subject so there was little discussion about this.

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