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Ted Thompson Disputes Report He Doesn’t Consult With Mike McCarthy

Last week, there was some talk about the nature of how Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson drafts. That coach Mike McCarthy has no idea who the pick will be.

This came from veteran Packers beat writer Tom Silverstein, so we took it seriously and outlined why that could be to the detriment of the team.

Well, Big Ted gave his always informational pre-draft press conference on Wednesday and disputed that notion.

Thompson insisted he does talk to McCarthy about the pick during the draft.

“We’ve always conducted it like a partnership,” Thompson said.

Okay, so it’s not surprising that a Packers beat writer was wrong about something.

The question that wasn’t asked is probably this. How much input does McCarthy get on the pick?

We know the Packers draft for need, at least in the first round or two, despite them saying otherwise. Despite that, McCarthy has historically never been quick to play those players. A recent example is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Despite a gaping hole at safety, he didn’t start until the seventh game of his rookie season.

So is McCarthy the cuckold in this partnership? Or is that just the way things are done — we don’t start rookies immediately?

A lot of people have partnerships, but communication and compromise dictates those that are strong.

So that question remains.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. KILLER April 19, 2017

    So, a couple possibilities here.

    First, “Bonham” has it possibly, just possibly, wrong. He accepts TT’s denial at face value and concludes with certainty that the said beat writer was wrong. Way to be a total and complete Ted Sheep, “Bonham”. Congrats! You did it! But… wait. Maybe the beat writer was wrong or maybe, just maybe, TT is a liar.

    I’m sure we could find past statements from TT — the rare times the “Groundhog GM” comes out of his hole — that would logically lead us to conclude he is capable of lying.


    Possibility #1: TT is a liar and the draft process of the Packers is way dysfunctional.

    Possibility #2: TT is telling the truth and MM is also involved in the draft. This would mean that instead of TT shouldering all the blame for the bad drafts on his scrawny shoulders, MM also shoulders it on his own rounded sloping shoulders… which means the drafts will, best case, continue to be at least half incompetent after TT retires…..

    1. Abe Frohman April 20, 2017

      Or it could simply mean that since you don’t know who the other teams are going to pick, NOBODY knows who will be on the board when it’s TT’s turn.

      1. KILLER April 20, 2017

        2 + 2 = letter n (lower case) ??? Followed by an assortment of apostrophes?