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Richard Sherman Trade Is Becoming Less Costly

A week ago, Mordecai told you there was no way the Green Bay Packers were trading for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Among the many reasons, the asking price was certainly too high for the Packers.

The Seahawks were reportedly seeking a first-round pick and a good player to boot.

Over the weekend, Rob explained why a trade for Sherman might still be possible. The simple logic — the Seahawks are motivated to part ways with Sherman because he’s burned too many bridges. Thus, they would likely take any reasonable offer for the All-Pro corner.

Most of us still consider such a deal a long shot. The ultimate question is whether Sherman would even be effective in the Packers’ defensive scheme? A lot of people don’t think that’s possible, simply because Seattle plays a ton of zone coverage and the Packers prefer man coverage.

However, Rob was clearly onto one thing. The Seahawks are motivated to move Sherman.

We’re now hearing reports that the asking price has dropped. Gone is the addition of the good player. Now, Seattle is reportedly willing to accept a first- and a mid-round pick, likely a third or fourth.

That’s still a steep price and probably one the Packers have no interest in paying, regardless of who the player is.

That said, we’re still a couple weeks out from the draft. There’s a good chance the asking price gets lower still if the Seahawks don’t find a trade partner soon.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Chad Lundberg April 11, 2017

    First I’ve heard about him burning bridges. Any links to what has been speculated or rumored? Did trash talk his teammates? Shit on someone’s car? Details, details! Any time we hear about how Sherman sucks ass and is finally getting the treatment and rejection he deserves is gold.

    1. Vincent Sheridan April 12, 2017

      I live in Seattle, and Sherman has fought with the local media, refused to apologize. His biggest problem has been his sideline altercations with the seahawk coaching staff. He had to be physically restrained from hitting the DC. And was seen yelling at QB Wilson and the OC for throwing on the goal line.

  2. Deepsky April 12, 2017

    A lot of you guys give Capers heat for not having the right scheme at certain times and not taking chances, but I think Capers is pretty good at modifying his defense based on the skillset he has available. For instance, he moved Matthews when the Packers needed inside linebacker help. I think Capers may modify his defense to play to Sherman’s strengths.

    Additionally, the Packers have dependable safeties who can play the role of Earl Thomas. Sherman I think was forced to make up for safeties who couldn’t play and didn’t understand the calls.

  3. Howard April 12, 2017

    The Patriots traded Chandler Jones to Arizona for a 2nd and a player that did not even make the Patriots.
    You can never say no way, but I don’t see a team giving more than a 2nd and a 5

    If the Packers want him maybe a 2nd this year with a 3rd or 4th next year.

    I read recently that the Seahawks would not trade Sherman to a conference opponent. The Seahawks have made in conference trades in the past, but usually GMs will not trade good players to conference opponents. That would take out the Packers if TT has not already removed the team from the process.

    1. icebowl April 12, 2017

      Sherm has become a pariah in Seattle for mouthing off and challenging the Great Gum-Chewing Wizard of Cheat (ex USC crook Petey Carrol)…

      I don’t believe they can afford to be choosy about offers, especially if they want a good deal.

      Big GB problems have come from lameass attitudes (blowing big 1st half leads, “injuries”). Sherm plays even when hurt. He and Marty may light some much-needed fire in defense…..

      1. Howard April 12, 2017

        I would like Sherman. Badass attitudes on a football team is not a bad thing. I don’t think the Packers would have to give a 1st for Sherman but could sweeten the deal by giving a pick next year that would be in a round the Packers expect to receive a comp pick.

        I think that 5 mil. guarantee received by Sherman for this years contract (and that guarantee carries over to a team trading for Sherman) makes it harder for the Seahawks to get top value for Sherman.

        A concern is it appears to me Sherman only started “trade me” talk after he received that guarantee. Sherman may be leveraging for an increased salary (restructure with more guaranteed money) and that could carry over to any team that trades for Sherman.