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After looking at all the Green Bay Packers needs and finding prospects I see as fits, I put together my big board and used the draft simulator at fanspeack.com. Not the best way to see how the draft will go, but not the worst. So here are eight players I would like to see in green and gold.

I don’t necessarily see it going this way with trades and Ted Thompson throwing in his surprises, but this is how I would draft.

1st Round Pick (No. 29) Outside Linebacker T.J. Watt, Wisconsin

Admittedly, I wasn’t as high on Watt after the combine as I was on Takkarist McKinley.

Watt has grown on me though. He had a blazing three-cone drill for his size and he has only played 18 months of defense. So he still hasn’t reached his potential like big brother J.J. coming out of college. He did lose a season to a right knee injury.

Bottom line the Packers would be getting an ascending stud outside linebacker. The Packers don’t make it a habit of starting rookies right away, so he would have time to learn behind a similar player in Clay Matthews and maybe give the Packers the option to move Clay inside.

Other possible picks: OLB Takkarist McKinley, CB Gareon Conley, OG Forrest Lamp

2nd Round Pick (No. 61) Cornerback Fabian Moreau, UCLA

The Packers showed interest in Moreau as early as the Shrine Game, when they interviewed him. He’s a former running back that stands six feet and is fast and smooth. He is still transitioning somewhat, but cornerbacks coach Joe Witt has worked well to push his guys to their potential.

Bottom line, I believe he has potential to develop into a great boundary corner that can make life hell for opposing receivers. The Packers’ young corners could bounce back, but Thompson should not take that risk and look to add another prospect to the group.

Other possible picks: RB D’onta Foreman, CB Teez Tabor

3rd Round Pick (No. 93) Running Back Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

I know many people have strong feelings about Mixon for the well publicized incident when he punched a fellow female student. I’ve heard he may go in the second to the Raiders if the Marshawn Lynch deal doesn’t go through or to the Bengals. I don’t see either as good fits because Mark Davis has a zero acceptance policy for domestic abuse and the Bengals Marvin Lewis doesn’t have a strong enough grip on his team to handle another character risk.

Bottom line, the Packers have a need at running back and Mixon is a first-round talent. The Packers seem like a perfect fit for Mixon. It’s a small market, so short of driving to Milwaukee, he shouldn’t have too much temptation. Also the Packers have a strong locker room to keep him in check.

Other possible picks: WR ArDarius Stewart, RB Wayne Gallman

4th Round Pick (No. 134) Wide Receiver Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M

I know wide receiver doesn’t seem like a need, but it is. Davante Adams is free agent after next season and is most likely the only one of the big wide receiver free agents to make it to open market. Also, many fans believe that Randall Cobb is overpaid and the front office might agree. Plus, Jordy Nelson will be 32 in May.

Reynolds is a big, fast receiver who gets those 50/50 balls. He would be a good eventual replacement for Adams as a number two receiver. Needs time to develop a few more routes, but could contribute with go routes right away. Reminds me of a faster Geronimo Allison.

Other possible picks: OLB Vince Biegel

5th Round Pick (No. 172) Cornerback Jalen Myrick, Minnesota

This late in the draft, you’re not looking for an immediate starter, but if you go for potential Myrick has it with blazing speed. He ran a 4.28 40 at the combine, but came in a little short and some evaluators only see him as a slot corner. If he can thrive there, then the Packers will still be happy getting him in the fifth.

Bottom line, Myrick has the speed to keep up with anyone and had 12 passes defended and only allowed 39 percent of passes to be completed against him in two seasons. I really like this kid and believe that if this draft wasn’t historically deep at corner, he’d be a third-round pick.

Other possible picks: DL Ryan Glasgow

5th Round Pick (No. 182) Guard Erik Magnuson, Michigan

Not the replacement for T.J. Lang, but maybe some depth at guard spot that will raise the competition.

Magnuson has starting experience at both guard and tackle. A lack of length and playing strength means his best spot in the NFL is likely guard.

Bottom line, he’s not a day one starter but has good movement skills, which is a must for when Aaron Rodgers dances in the pocket.

Other possible picks: LB Connor Harris

6th Round Pick (No. 212) Running Back Elijah Hood, North Carolina

Word is that the Packers may draft two running backs. I don’t necessarily think it’s a must if they get a talented one in the first two days.

Bottom line, doesn’t have great speed and will have to succeed as a bruiser. Hood is a powerful big back that makes a habit of falling forward. Has decent hands and is an effective blocker.

Other possible picks: TE Taylor McNamara

7th Round Pick (No. 247) Linebacker Dylan Cole, Missouri State

This one is for special teams, with the potential to become an ace. He tested off the charts at Missouri State’s pro day. That may cause him to rise into the earlier rounds, but his film shows him looking stiff on defense. So I wouldn’t bite too early.

Bottom line, hope for some good special teams plays.

Other Possible Picks: LB Ben Boulware

Brandon Valtierra

Brandon is a transitioning soldier living in Colorado. He's a Wisconsin native, who bleeds Green and Gold.



  1. KILLER April 26, 2017

    Brandon! Welcome! Not part of the “writer-hydra” that consists of Monty/Bonham/Mordecai. Cool!

    Fair warning, I am a Viking fan who haunts this site due to past sins of the Packers and many of their fans. I bringeth ye that which he lacketh: humility.

    The draft above would be a huge success for the Packers. Really, I would look at that as more of a dream draft.

    Moreau in the second a very astute pick. Few people have noticed him especially due to the injury. His physical skills are Top 5 worthy. Heal him up and coach him up and he could be a steal in round one let alone round 2. But, yes, he really could be there at the end of round 2. This draft class actually has 7 CBs worth a round one pick in the 11-20 range (in my estimation). Nothing close to that depth has ever before happened at CB.

    I view Watt as an average value late round 1 pick. Not a bad pick, not a great pick.

    However, if the Packers want Mixon they are going to need to draft him in round 1. I think he goes early round 2.

    Reynolds is good and Myrick is a steal any time after the third round.

    How do I see it playing out? Well, hang on, let me spray paint my hair silver and lose 25 pounds. OK, there, I am now TT2….

    RD 1: CB Quincy Wilson
    RD 2: LB Raekwon McMillan
    RD 3: OLB Tim Williams
    RD 4: RB Wayne Gallman
    RD 5: CB Corn Elder

    In other words, pretty crappy. That there is a TT draft.

    1. Packers fan April 26, 2017

      Killer, when was the last time your Vikings had an great offense (other than AP), – great offensive line, great WB, or great receiving corps?

      1. KILLER April 27, 2017

        Well, let’s see:

        Great offense? 2009. Brett Favre’s career best year came as a Viking, not a Packer. He also noted it was his funnest year with the best teammates and the greatest fans he had ever experienced….

        The great offense may well be this year. Remember, last year behind the most injured line in football and about the worst performing o-line in football in a new offense and with no running game with AP out all year Sam Bradford ended up with a rating almost the same as Aaron Rodgers. That is pretty incredible! He set the NFL record for completion percentage as well. Sure, the horrible protection forced a lot of short throws but, what a lot of people don’t realize is that Bradford also had the best completion percentage in the NFL on passes over 30 yards. Pretty amazing. Now, a year in the offense, an actual running game, and at least an average o-line — yeah, this offense may be better than the Packers.

        Great offensive line? Circa 2013 we had a pro bowl LT (Matt Kalil), a pro bowl level center (John Sullivan), a very good guard by PFF rank (Brandon Fusco), and one of the best RTs in football in Phil Loadholt. After that a cursed series of injuries decimated the careers of Loadholt, Fusco, Sullivan, and Kalil. We need to prove it game time but the correct answer may actually be right now. Berger is one of the best centers in football, Reiff is an above average LT, Remmers is an above average RT, Boone is a top guard. We will see but the future looks bright.

        Great WB? I am so sorry, but I do not know what a “WB” is. Wingback?

        Great receiving corps? Right now. Stefon Diggs is one of the most electrifying WRs in football. He can play Z, X, or slot. His hands are incredible and his cuts and quickness superb. He is a threat deep and very much after the catch. A match up nightmare to opposing defenses. Need proof? Watch game 2 last year when he caught 9 balls (out of 9 thrown at him) for 182 yards when facing the Packers. And our OTHER starting WR may be even better! The incredible total free agent Minnesota small school Adam Thielen. Did not even start the first 6 games and still almost hit a thousand yards. Need proof of his excellence? Watch game 16 last year when he caught 12 balls for 202 yards and 2 TDs when facing the Packers. In Green Bay! Diggs is only now entering his third year so we have him for cheap at least 2 more years and we resigned Thielen for another 3 years as well. If the Packers offered us Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb straight up for Diggs and Thielen I would laugh and walk away.

        I will also note that the Vikings have better linebackers than the Packers, better safeties than the Packers, MUCH better cornerbacks than the Packers, AND a MUCH MUCH MUCH better defensive line than the Packers. And a better Tight End!

        I give you all this knowledge free of charge.

  2. Kato April 26, 2017

    No way Mixon lasts till the bottom of the third round.

    1. B April 26, 2017

      He may not but if you’ve seen the video he shouldn’t be taken that early. It’s a way of letting him know what he did wasn’t ok. If you take him too early it somewhat condones what he did.

      1. KILLER April 26, 2017

        No one condones what he did, other than maybe Bill O’Reilly, Ailes, and Stone.

        I do totally get your point but the guy is a Top 5er. Take away that incident and the suspension and he would be drafted in front of Fournette. He is as fast as AP while carrying 9 extra pounds and was as successful when on the field.

        So he is dropping from that one incident as an 18-year-old anywhere from to the end of round one to (worst case) end of round 2. That is a big drop and a lot of money lost. I think that sends the message it is not condoned what he did.

        He is going to play somewhere. That is not in dispute. That team will be getting a steal and will be greatly improved. You can’t punish him by refusing to draft him because he will be drafted anyway.

        1. KILLER April 26, 2017

          Also, he may not have AP’s classic jump cut at full speed but that is balanced by the fact he blocks better and is a much better receiver. And also has better ball security! AP went 7th overall in round 1 and was a steal even when taken there. Mixon could very well have a career as great as AP.

          1. B April 26, 2017

            He is bigger than AP but not as powerful. I watcheds some of his film and was actually surprised how often he is taken down by arm tackles. Also there is talk of possibly going undrafted bt also talk of the first round. I don’t think anyone truly knows. I originally had him in the second but after a dad accused him of hitting his daughter in high school, I had to drop him a little more.

  3. Chuck April 26, 2017

    If Mixon is there at the end of the third, I will let him beat my daughter.