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Is The Chicago Tribune Trolling Aaron Rodgers?

I would say the answer is a resounding yes!

The Chicago Tribune ran the story on Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn breaking up today. However, their headline did not mention Rodgers by name, only as “boyfriend.”

“Actress Olivia Munn and boyfriend break up.”

Olivia Munn and boyfriend break up

Referring to Rodgers as “boyfriend” is a pretty obvious and purposeful slight. After all, people who write for and edit that rag most certainly know who Aaron Rodgers is.

He’s the owner of the local football team, the Chicago Bears.

I would also argue that Rodgers is more well-known the Munn. While that’s debatable, he is certainly more accomplished.

She’s maybe been in one good thing: The Newsroom. He has two NFL MVPs and a Super Bowl MVP.

Three to one, baby!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. icebowl April 7, 2017

    Quoting Cutty : Who Cares…….

    1. MMTTDCSUCK April 7, 2017

      This ^^^^

  2. kg April 7, 2017

    That’s actually pretty funny. I’m amazed that bears fans could come up with it.

    1. Savage57 April 8, 2017

      If they’d have used the tagline ” Actress Olivia Munn is breaking up with our master”, it would have been funnier.

  3. Kato April 7, 2017

    Saw this funny tidbit on Twitter earlier.

    Pre-Munn: bears are 3-10 against Rodgers ( 21% win percentage)
    With Munn: bears are 15 against Rodgers. (16% win percentage)

    The bears are ready to have a better shot at beating the packers!

  4. PF4L April 7, 2017

    Monty?….WHY? I can’t stand this juvenile shit anymore, i’m done.

    How are some of your writers chosen Monty? Did you lose a bet? Did you get a Fedral Govt. tax credit for the hire?

    Is Mordi related to your wife or g/f and doesn’t have anything better to do so you threw him a bone? Or
    maybe it’s something more dark i don’t want to hear about.

    I’m done with this stupid shit. a few will probably be happy about that, but i give no fuck. Because i know most people read every word of my post.

    Because i brought something to this sight. I brought it a pulse, i brought some color, to a gray existence.

    I appreciate and respect this site for the freedom of speech it provides. But why in God’s name would you bring this foolish fucking gossip spewing little bitch onto your writing staff?

    Get smart Monty…ask Howard to write some articles. To Howard and the rest of the boys, rock on, thanks for chats, and if i’m not back…i’ll poke my head in when Ted leaves to celebrate with you good people for a day.

    Keep on keepin on Rob, Joseph, Shawn. Good job

    When Mordi leaves, i’ll return.

    Peace out!!

    1. MidwestWorld April 7, 2017

      Please keep writing articles like this so this bag of douche stays away.

      1. KILLER April 7, 2017

        He won’t. He can’t. You see PF4L is Monty and also is Mordecai. Or, really, Monty also writes as PF4L in the posts and as Mordecai Jones (there is no actual Mordecai Jones) on articles he does not want to publish under his Monty name (due to embarrassment).

        He may abandon the post name PF4L but, if he does, he will be back under another one.

        But, technically, you are correct in identifying PF4L as “bag of douche”. Perhaps he will consider that for his new post name.

        1. icebowl April 7, 2017

          Who cares K?
          waiting for you to claim you are reincarnation of Joseph Pulitzer…

    2. Arcturus April 7, 2017

      P4FL has “quit” this site before, like 3 or 4 years ago, for the same kind of whiny butthurt reason. You see how long that lasted? If he stays away this time, good riddance, but he will be back. I think this site is the most important thing in his life.

    3. icebowl April 7, 2017

      Olivia turned you into a Friggin Drama Queen !

    4. icebowl April 7, 2017

      Fake news

  5. KILLER April 7, 2017

    Yes, they did do it on purpose. Fine work.

      1. KILLER April 9, 2017

        Spend a lot of money on an old injury-prone one-dimensional RB? Hey, I hope TT does do that!

        It would also be amusing to see all the Packer fans who attacked AP all the time apologizing and withdrawing criticism and all the ones who attacked the Vikings (and the players) when a Packer signed with the Vikings taking that back and admitting that is a twisted and wrongful view.

        But, wait…. That will not happen, will it? Hypocrites never look in the mirror and never hold themselves responsible. Hypocrites never say sorry.

        I guess then I will just enjoy the vacuum of silence that confirms the hypocrisy.