Aaron Rodgers and Jennifer Matthews?

Jennifer Matthews

Aaron Rodgers is a free agent again… in dating terms.

After breaking up with Olivia Munn, Rodgers is once again free to roam. And while there is reportedly a lineup for his, uh… services, there’s also now a report that he is potentially being steered toward Jennifer Matthews.

If that name sounds familiar, it should. She’s Clay Matthews’ sister.

All I have to say about this is, bad idea.

First, while I have to say that Jennifer Matthews is pretty hot, I’m not sure she’s the model-type that AR is looking for these days.

Second, dating a teammate’s sister? I mean, I shouldn’t even have to point out the potential pitfalls there. You either marry the chick or hope he gets cut or traded.

And AR just might have that sort of power in Green Bay, but why would anyone want to cross that bridge?

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12 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers and Jennifer Matthews?"


    She looks more like Clay Matthew’s mother than his sister. She also has a wicked witch style chin.

    At any rate, there does not seem to be any indication, not even a quote, that any of this real.

    Plus, why would she want to be a beard for Aaron? What is in it for her? Or is she a lesbian in need of her own beard?

  2. Unsupervised Child

    This relationship might workout. She doesn’t have a job other than posting on social media about her famous dad and brother so she could also post about Aaron as well. Also if Aaron likes older women why not? I mean after all Clay married a woman who is older than everyone he knows and all his kin folk.


    The NFL Draft simply cannot get here soon enough if all we can discuss on this site is 12’s love life and who is next squeeze might be.

  4. Jon

    AR has been to the top of the mountain with Olivia. There is no way in hell he’d settle for this chick. She looks just like her brother, same hair and face. Please remove this story, it’s killing me to see Clay in makeup.

  5. Unsupervised Child

    Clay in makeup. love it!!
    she’s the only unmarried Matthews as everyone but Bruce’s youngest are married. she needs to take what she can get while the bleached hair and pancake makeup look good on her.

  6. Skinny

    I like her. Shes like the all American girl stay at home wife type. Jennifer, call me babes. Make me a Matthews.

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