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T.J. Lang Says Honesty Bit Him In The Ass

We knew all along guard T.J. Lang’s first choice was to remain with the Green Bay Packers. He publicly said so and now he thinks that honesty ended up costing him.

“I think that came back to bite me in the ass a little bit with Green Bay, because it kind of seemed like in their mind [it was], ‘Well, we’ll get him back cheap; he just wants to stay here,'” Lang confessed.

That sounds like something the Packers would do. We know they didn’t come close to the offers Lang received from the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks.

We also keep hearing how the Packers have specific dollar amounts for specific guys and they won’t budge from those.

Clearly, they refused to join what turned into a bit of a bidding war for Lang.

“[Initially], the other offers we were getting were pretty similar [to the Packers’ first offer]. So I was like, ‘OK, if this is what it’s going to be, why move?'” said Lang, who called the free-agency process more “stressful” than fun. “But everything got crazy Saturday night, the numbers started moving up and teams started competing against each other a little bit. And then, it was like being on the highway — the speed limit is 70, everybody else is going 85 and flying by you, and Green Bay just stayed right around the speed limit there.”

Ted Thompson. No doubt he’s a speed limit sort of guy.

And that’s why T.J. Lang is a Detroit Lion.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Pack Attack March 17, 2017

    Curious if they would’ve offered a lil more but still less than other teams if that would have been enough.

    1. Jimbo1 March 17, 2017

      Doubt it he left for 6 more million over 3 years. Not sure that he is worth 9 million a season at this point.

      1. PF4L March 17, 2017

        If Perry is worth 12 mill…Lang is worth 9 mill.

        1. Nelson Cobb March 20, 2017

          No, not even close. Perry isn’t even close to being the highest paid OLB in the NFL. 12 mil for a pass rusher who can put up 10+ sacks and is also great vs the run, is pretty good. You see what JPP just got?? Chandler Jones?? Not to mention, he actually got less guaranteed than TJ Lang did. Edge rusher and Guard markets are drastically different!! But I do agree we should have upped the offer for Lang, at least to about 8.5, with much more guaranteed money. In the end, that 13 mil difference is what was probably the biggest deal breaker.

          1. PF4L March 20, 2017

            Hmmm….Well, here’s the one big difference….JPP, and Chandler Jones, have been doing it for years. And yes, that matters.

            Perry has had 1 good season out of 5.

            Perry signed a 5 year deal, How many good seasons do we get? Perry shouldn’t be anywhere close to what the top guys make. The top guys, passed the test of time.

            Perry is almost certain…to make more than his 18.5 guarantee regardless how he plays. The Packers are not cutting him in a year. And in the 1st 2 years he will make 27 million, so that’s his guarantee.

            Perry is set for life based on 1 season of 11 sacks. Ted overpaid, he’s a reach to earn that money, not because he isn’t skilled, but because of his history.

      2. Nelson Cobb March 20, 2017

        In the end, it was probably more about the 13 million dollar difference in guaranteed money.

  2. GBORNBRED March 17, 2017

    Ted Thompson is more like a ten MPH under the speed limit sort of guy, completely clueless and just cruising down the highway in the left lane, completely unaware that his turn signal has been on for the last 15 miles, as angry drivers pass him by while giving him the finger. How does he let two pro bowl guards just leave in free agency and go to division rivals in back-to-back seasons? TT absolutely has no understanding of how the importance of pass protection for a future HOF QB should be a top priority for this team.

    1. PF4L March 17, 2017

      Great analogy my man. Not only that, but gets rid of the only back-up who has filled in at left tackle when needed, after everyone else we put there failed. He held up that position, and can also play anywhere on the line.

      So that’s 3 lineman. In no world i know, is Barclay a starting guard for an NFL team. Especially one with Rodgers as the QB.

      And……the hits keep coming!!

    2. MMTTDCSUCK March 17, 2017

  3. PF4L March 17, 2017

    I think whenever any free agent player communicates that they don’t want to leave a team. The first thing that people think is we won’t have to overpay, the player will be reasonable.

    It seems that Lang’s own statement of “it came back to bite me in the ass”. Tells me he may be experiencing seller’s remorse. Maybe he had time now to talk to some of his old Packer friends, and might be second guessing himself.

    But that’s how it sounds to me. Although it’s purely speculation.

    In life, whether it be professional or personal, i believe good communication is one of the keys to success and happiness.

    I’m not so sure, that the Packers hierarchy is all that approachable and amiable to healthy team/player communications.

    Personally i feel like losing Lang is going to bite the Packers in the ass, but time will tell.

    This team is out of fucking control and needs immediate damage control. Somebody….Murphy or above, needs to strap on a set, and say ….enough.

    That’s just my .02

  4. Skinny March 17, 2017

    My 2 cents is this organization is full of shit and will run anybody out of town to save a buck.

    1. PF4L March 17, 2017

      I suppose i could have just wrote that and kept it simple.

    2. Jimbo1 March 17, 2017

      No actually they don’t over pay and keep the players that really want to stay. Lang went to the highest bidder. No issue.

      1. PF4L March 17, 2017


  5. Jimbo1 March 17, 2017

    Signing a player at their market value is a wash. Signing a good player at higher than their market value is a detriment. Teams with players that play above their pay make for great teams.

    1. PF4L March 17, 2017

      In a perfect world.

    2. Kato March 18, 2017

      That happens when A) you draft well and have guys outproducing their rookie contracts and B) signing second tier free agents that end up being bargains. Neither of which the packers do well.

  6. Empacador March 18, 2017

    The Packers having specific dollar amounts for guys and won’t budge? Say it isn’t so! Kinda like having specific players play regardless how shitty they have been playing, or a specific number of play targets to achieve during a game that has yet to be played. I have no doubt everything is based on metrics with the way this team conducts itself. ROI is huge! Where else you gonna gain all those 5-7 round picks without some sort of forward thinking gurus running the ship?

  7. BP 257 March 20, 2017

    TJ Lang, tough kid, good blocker, all around good guy. However, not worh 28 mil for 3 yrs at 30 yrs old and very injured. 19 mil guaranteed, are you kidding! He will be replaced just like Sitton. Lane Taylor did a reat job.

    1. PF4L March 20, 2017

      Lang has missed 9 games out of 144. WTF are you talking about very injured?