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Packers Will Let T.J. Lang Walk…

Since Greg Bedard (R.I.P.) left the Journal Sentinel to cover the New England Patriots and then become one of fat man, nugget-giver Peter King’s minions, Bob McGinn has become the inside man at that rag for the Green Bay Packers.

Personally, I think the guy might be senile, but he has had his moments. Had might be the operative word there…

That preface was necessary because McGinn randomly bestowed the knowledge on us this afternoon that he thought the Green Bay Packers were going to re-sign T.J. Lang and now he doesn’t.

We’ve actually been going the other way… slightly.

We knew Lang wasn’t a priority for the Packers prior to last season. He was only in the middle of our free agent priority list. We fully expected some offensive-line-poor team like the Vikings to throw more money at Lang than the Packers are willing to spend.

But look, here are the facts. The Packers have around $40 million in salary cap space available.

Nick Perry will command at least $10 million of it. A No. 1 corner — of which the Packers better damn well go out and get because, if you haven’t noticed, they don’t have one since cutting Sam Shields — may be another $10 million. Lang, probably $8 million if the Packers are lucky.

That salary cap space is getting tight, but… we would think you can bring back Jared Cook and Eddie Lacy with what’s left.

I mean, if these guys were smart, they’d go ask some guys to renegotiate, create more flexibility.

Hey, maybe none of this will happen. We knew the Packers didn’t value the guard position when they released Josh Sitton. They were right, at least in that instance. It didn’t matter.

We’d love to have T.J. Lang back in 2017, but it’s not a necessity. We still do think they’ll explore it. Whether they succeed or not is another question.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L March 6, 2017

    Well…at least your trying anyway…..Btw…fascinating article on Luke Rodgers. Another home run.

    Getting rid of starting offensive lineman does matter, as you have to reach into your depth to fill those positions. Thereby….wait for it….depleting your depth. Who takes Langs spot. Barclay?, Murphy?

    How about Tretter? Do the Packers resign him, or let talent walk? I know he has injury history. But is Linsley gonna be ready? Probably, especially if you trust the Packers word on medical.

    Now…what if someone on the line gets hurt? Bahk out….ok, who replaces him, Spriggs? What if Bulaga gets hurt? Then we’re back to playing musical chairs on the 0 line, remember how much fun that was?

    So yes, losing starting 0 lineman is a big deal when it saps your depth. But then again, it didn’t bother Ted all that much before, i doubt it will now.

    Marshall Newhouse ring a bell?

    I’m hoping Lang loves it here enough to give a hometown discount, we can’t lose this guy.

    1. Kato March 6, 2017

      How many NFL teams can lose 3-4 starting offensive linemen and still be fine? None is the answer, especially if they lose both tackles, as those are the hardest offensive line positions to replace in the NFL. But yes, be the usual dimwit NFL fan that cries if his team doesn’t have a league average player as a backup at every single position on an NFL roster while remaining under that pesky thing called a salary cap.

    2. Kato March 6, 2017

      Also, FYI I would be very surprised if they could get a “#1 corner” in free agency this year for any less than $15 million annually, especially with all the teams with loads of cap space that happen to have a need at corner. One plus, this draft is loaded with defensive backs, but of course, you and I both know we cant trust TT to draft a corner.

      1. PF4L March 6, 2017

        Enough about the salary cap Sparky. Every time you bring it up, i feel like your school system failed you.

        What the fuck does the salary cap, have to do with anything, when Ted doesn’t spend it?

        J C dude…..think about things before you hit send.

        Other teams have loads of cap space? But didn’t you post one time that we had a lot of cap space?

        Oh wait…I took the time to educate you on that matter at the time. Looks like you proved you are actually capable of learning and…..

        You’re welcome

        1. PF4L March 6, 2017

          “This does raise another question. If Tretter signs elsewhere and Linsley gets hurt, what’s the backup plan?” – Joseph Bonham

          Kato….You might want to go remind Joseph we can’t have decent depth because of that “pesky” salary cap.

          Dumb F !!

        2. Kato March 6, 2017

          And this is why no one can ever have an intelligent conversation with you. Because you think you are some sort of expert despite having zero football background. You know someone on this website that does actually make very good football observations and obviously has a very good working knowledge of the game? Howard.

          On that note, I don’t want to see Tretter go. But football is a business, and he wants to start and get paid. There are teams out there that will pay him starters money. It isnt worth paying him $6million for essentially a backup. Now I do agree with you and think they need to sign Lang. I think letting him go is a mistake. Either that or take a top guard in the second round. But they cant afford to not take defense early and often. But, the problem is I don’t trust this front office to make the right picks, I know you feel the same.

          1. PF4L March 7, 2017

            If you don’t like it, quit being a little punk ass bitch, with your punk ass bitch comments responding to my post. Just like you did after my post above, you think people here can’t see that? (smh) I didn’t reference you at all in my post…but who shows up under my post. GEE, it’s Kato…surprise surprise….telling me i’m the “usual dimwit” fan…..eliciting me to respond and play his little game? Yes Kato, people can see it’s you who gets it started.

            I told you…awhile back…if you act like a little bitch to me, you’ll be treated…like a little bitch. i warned you 3 times, and i gave you a choice. you made your choice.

            So either fuck off and quit crying. Or keep responding to my post in your punk ass way like you do and deal with it.

            I have intelligent conversations with Howard, he’ll tell you the same thing.
            Compared to you, i am an expert….now fuck off little man.

          2. PF4L March 7, 2017

            And how the fuck would you know…what football background i have? Did you expect people to believe you know for fact, my football background?

            That’s the kind of stupid shit you say that show’s you have zero credibility. How can anyone take you seriously?

            What’s next? Should we trade Rodgers?

            Oops, you already said that, nevermind.

        3. KILLER March 8, 2017

          Wow, man, you abuse the Hell out of poor Kato. Me I understand since I’m a Vikings fan and have called out your deceptive use of secret identities. And since I beat you over and over in any logical discussion (It is just as difficult as taking candy from a baby. No, wait, it is even easier!). Well, I guess Kato beats you that way, too but, still, he is a fellow Packers fan at least and seems fooled by your PF4L/MontyMcMahon/MordecaiJones/JospehBonham hydra routine.

          Kato is right that you can’t get a #1 CB for 10 million this year. Chargers were very lucky to get Hayward, stolen from the Packers last year for a mere 5 million per year. Won’t happen this year let alone for the Packers.

          The only #1 CBs available, by the way, not counting those franchise tagged (Trumaine Johnson) or exclusive rights (Malcolm Butler) are Logan Ryan and A.J. Bouye. Even if the Packers were willing to pay there will be significant competition for their services and they may well prefer to play elsewhere.

          Packers have an above average amount of salary cap space buuuuuut, they have a WAY ABOVE average number of their own free agents. If you plan to resign your own free gents you basically have less than zero salary cap space. Signing outside free agents will necessitate borrowing from Peter to pay Paul so the end improvement prospect is dubious at best. Let Lang and Tretter go in order to afford a decent CB (not Bouye or Ryan but maybe Claiborne or Gilmore)? Has that improved the team? Or is the team worse off? Or even?

          1. PF4L March 8, 2017

            Hey man, i abuse the hell out of you also, just like in the new Rodgers article. Who are you anyway, Kato’s Daddy?…..lmao. I’m equal opportunity my man, when you say stupid shit, i call you out too, that all i got because i refuse to read anything you write after your first line because…no one gives a fuck….lol

  2. Kato March 6, 2017

    Keep in mind these guys can put more money in the second and third years of the deal (while adding a little more guaranteed money). I also would not rule out the packers cutting Matthews and Cobb next offseason. I could also envision Adams being a contract extension priority this season, although I don’t really know that I am sold on him being paid #1 receiver money, ala Cobb.

  3. PF4L March 6, 2017

    Call me crazy….but i’m thinking, protecting our greatest asset is job 1.

    But fuck, what do i know…….I once said that we wouldn’t win without Rodgers, next thing you know Kato’s posting that we should trade Rodgers and start Hundley.

    Maybe kato is just smarter than i am, and i’ll have to learn to accept that.

    1. Kato March 6, 2017

      Yet another comment that I (or someone else) has made that you completely misconstrued. It’s cute, it really is, but you are missing a qualifying phrase that I said. I believe I said “IF Rodgers continues to struggle the rest of the year that he should be traded.” Which, is that really that bad, a guy that was coming off the worst 8 game stretch of his career? And then continued that poor play into the next year? Before turning it around obviously, but his numbers were very poor. I (prematurely) thought the guy had lost it.

      But yeah, keep twisting words to fit your narrative, Trump jr. And keep mocking people while offering no real football insight there keyboard warrior.

  4. Howard March 6, 2017

    Lang, who I might add was a Packer playoff captain, voted to that position by his team mates, needs to stay if at all possible.

    It is common for players or player agents to put out information to sports writers in an attempt to up their value. Put out names of teams interested, or not interested to make teams believe they need to up their offer because of all the interest. To a lesser degree teams also put out info to their friends in the media. McCarthy last week indicated Lang would not be healed for camp. This week the Packers are going to let Lang walk. Sounds like the team is making it look like Lang is not healthy, and maybe he isn’t healthy. This all looks like negotiations to me, but I would add it appears Lang is playing it straight and the Packers are playing games. At least at this point I have not seen Lang list teams who are supposed to be interested. Lang has only said he is going to test the market and then give the team the final chance. The team appears to be trying to squash the market.

    There is nothing wrong with the team trying to get the best price possible. Maybe I am wrong but the team should be careful in not pissing off one of their playoff team captains by playing games. To me Lang appears to be a no nonsense guy that has an honor system. You play it straight with him and he will treat the team right. That will still be at around 8 mil. A year.

  5. ay hombre March 7, 2017

    Much ado about nothing. They’ll allow him to test the market and hope the offers aren’t outrageous and react accordingly. Yawn.

  6. Kato March 7, 2017

    I can tell you (PF4L) have zero football background when you make statements like “if he was such a good offensive coordinator, why didn’t they win more games” and believe that the packers win 10+ games every year just because of Aaron Rodgers, despite him supposedly playing with poor players picked by TT and poorly coached by MM’S staff. Against the best players and coaches in the world. That should say it all right there.

  7. Kato March 7, 2017

    But, maybe Sean Payton is a terrible coach. I mean, they haven’t made the playoffs nearly as much as the packers and they have Drew Brees at QB

  8. Deepsky March 8, 2017

    Lang was injured in the playoff game and teams are not likely to play top dollar for him. However, after hearing his comments live on the air in an interview after Sitton was let go, I think he’d much rather play anywhere than Green Bay. And Thompson won’t care, he believes he can pick up guards all day long.

    The Packers probably aren’t resigning Perry either. While he’s been the whipping boy for a lot of stupid sports writers, he’s made so many big plays in his career he’s going to command a huge payout and the Packers will just sit there and watch. A dozen teams are already putting him at the top of their list, so his contract will likely exceed Clay Matthews. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if he’s the highest paid defensive end/outside linebacker in the league.

  9. KILLER March 8, 2017

    While I don’t think Nick Perry is a Jedaveon Clowney or Danielle Hunter or Everson Griffen he is much better than Olivier Vernon. Vernon, you may recall, last year signed a 5 year contract for a whopping 85 million. 20 million in signing bonus. 17 million per year. Now, a year later, Perry is a better player with greater athleticism (so, greater potential for improvement) and it is a year later with a fatter salary cap. Now the Vernon contract was goofy but, if you took it as being fair, then Perry ought to be paid 21 million per year. Or much more!

    Packers will be very lucky to resign him for 13 million per year. Most likely scenario? He signs elsewhere leaving the Packers with more money… to not spend… in order to buy up more of Green Bay in shady real estate deals that profit a handful of fat cats behind the curtains of this sham franchise.