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Packers Have Salary Cap Remaining to Acquire More Players

This year, every team started out with a $167,000,000 salary cap. Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson, as always, has money remaining in the kitty. There are different ways to do salary cap calculations, but by one method (not counting paying new draftees) Green Bay’s cap estimate is $24.7 million. That leaves the Packers with the eighth most remaining salary cap space.

From that, you have to reserve enough to pay your draftees – that estimate for the Packers in $5.8 million. Teams near the top of the draft list will have to pay out more for their draft picks. Cleveland, for example, is expected to have to pay out $14.2 million for its draftees. If you take into account having to pay draftees, 12 teams have under $10 million in cap space.

You don’t want to get into a bidding war with these teams: 49ers ($63.5 million in cap space), Browns ($52.5 million), Titans ($43.8 million), or Jaguars ($42.7 million). If you subtract out money expected to go to paying draftees, the Eagles and Chiefs are currently in the hole. Teams such as these might be highly motivated to make a trade or two.

I give Ted Thompson a lot of credit for consistently maintaining reserve funds over the years. He’s been fiscally sound. However, critics have also accused him of hoarding money when emergency personnel needs arose, only to be left unaddressed.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Kato March 16, 2017

    You always want to leave a little emergency fund money ($3-5 million in case of injury situations) and I think it is harder than people think to budget year to year and in the future. The saints were in salary cap hell for a few years. That being said, there is zero reason that TT shouldn’t have resigned either Tretter or Lang. Wtf are you going to do with $17 million in cap space?

  2. PF4L March 16, 2017

    Ted always starts with sitting on 10 mill usually. then 6 for the draft class. So he has roughly 9 million to play with.

    Here’s where were at on defense…. we kept Perry (no gain), we sign House, (slight gain), we let Hyde go (slight loss).
    So you look at the defense and ask, has it been improved? I say no, it’s a push.

    On Offense…we sign Bennett (slight gain). We sign Kendricks, not sure why (no gain).
    We lose….Lang..(huge loss) we lose Tretter (depleting depth, loss) We lose Lacy (gun to my head, slight loss)

    So you look at the offense and ask, has it been improved?…I say no f..ing way.

    In my humble opinion, which doesn’t mean shit.

  3. White Rabbit March 17, 2017

    Sure Green Bay has some Cash available, but look at the list of free agents remaining. Are there any worth signing? Looking through the list there are far too many in the twilight of their careers and plenty of those aren’t getting the message from the NFL: “It’s time to move on.”
    Teams that are going to be over the cap in a couple of months are going to be looking for players to unload June 1. It’ll be interesting to see who becomes available at that time. TT might find one or two worth kicking the tires on.
    More importantly, can he find enough in the draft to improve the roster and replace those missing pieces?
    Losing TJ hurt, but Murphy was drafted as a possible replacement, MM will likely look to moving Bulaga inside and starting Murph at Right Tackle. They could decide that Spriggs showed enough to develop him as the RG (Can’t imagine that, though). So the hole left by Lang isn’t as big as everyone makes out.
    Losing Lacy could have hurt if he’d actually been healthy this last season, but he wasn’t so now TT goes to the draft looking for a RB1 and some depth…Hmm very deep RB class, looks like this will be an upgrade.
    Can always use big bodies on either Line, and a Corner and a pair of Pass Rushers will fill out the roster.
    Tight Ends might be nice, too. Lo and Behold the Draft Class has lots of those too. Looks like GB is set to clean up this yr.

    1. PF4L March 17, 2017

      All righty then?

      Have you seen Murphy, Spriggs play? That’s your depth now. I’d have more faith in Spriggs, but he isn’t anywhere close to being starter ready.

      You say the hole left by Lang isn’t as big as people make it out to be? (watch Jeff Saturday on Sports Center talking about the Packers current 0 line). Your solution is going back to playing musical chairs on the 0 line? The only time teams do that, is when the line is all fucked up and they “have” to.

      And my presumption is, the 2017 Packer 0 line, will be all fucked up. But that’s just my opinion.

      1. PF4L March 17, 2017

        Almost forgot, your most entertaining statement in your post. This is pure Gold White Rabbit!!!

        “Can always use big bodies on either Line, and a Corner and a pair of Pass Rushers will fill out the roster.
        Tight Ends might be nice, too. Lo and Behold the Draft Class has lots of those too. Looks like GB is set to clean up this yr.”

        Have you seen the results of Teds draft’s? You think he’s going to swoop into the draft and pick winners across the board to fix whatever ails this team?….lmao.

        Never lose the faith brother…God Bless fantasyland.