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Packers Probably Aren’t Drafting Joe Mixon

Why does that name sound familiar? Joe Mixon is the Oklahoma running back who declared for the draft after his sophomore season and, oh yeah, punches women.

This right here happened in July of 2014. The video was just made public late last year.

Because he frickin’ assaulted someone, Mixon didn’t get invited to the combine last week. Oklahoma held their pro day on Wednesday and plenty of personnel department types were in attendance for Punchy’s workout, including the Green Bay Packers.

You know why?

Because dude can play ball! And let’s not pretend the Packers are above keeping guys around who don’t follow the rules, so long as those guys can help them win football games.

Mixon ran for 2,027 yards in his two-year Oklahoma career, including 1,274 in 2016. On the surface, only mildly impressive. Of course, there’s this — 6.8 yards per carry. That’s his career average. He also averaged 13.8 per reception.

So, there’s gonna be some interest. Don’t worry though, the Packers probably won’t be getting Mixon.

Not that they wouldn’t want him, but they just don’t expect him to be there when they pick.

What does that say? A couple things.

One, they weren’t or aren’t opposed to drafting Mixon, despite the assault. Two, they may be desperate for running back help.

Only Ty Montgomery is currently under contract. We still expect the Packers to bring back Eddie Lacy, but at some point, they’ll add a third. In fact, maybe more.

At the combine, Badger great Corey Clement was told the Packers were considering drafting two backs.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. B March 8, 2017

    I remember when he was between picking Wisconsin or Oklahoma to play ball.

  2. Bob March 8, 2017

    Vikings would be a team that will draft him. He will fit right in.

    1. Packer Prophet April 2, 2017

      The Packers will pay for it if they get a chance to draft Mixon in the 1st rd, and relinquish him to the Vikings in the 2nd rd.

  3. Mike March 8, 2017

    She pushed and then struck him…. She got what she deserved.

    1. PF4L March 8, 2017

      She might have deserved a lil somethin somethin. But she didn’t deserve to get knocked into next week.

      She clearly instigated it and i have no doubt she was being a bitch, maybe drunk. He was calm during the whole thing, and actually took a half step away at first, she got aggressive by getting up in his face, but that wasn’t enough for her, she then did a 2 hand push back. He made a head move to scare her away, and her response to that was to punch him in the side of the neck. I think his punch was instinctual, but that doesn’t excuse it. I’d have no problem if he gave her a good shove back into the chairs and she landed on her ass. I’m good with that under the circumstances.

      Here’s the thing to remember, man or woman….If you get up screaming in someone’s face, shove them, punch them in the neck……don’t be surprised if you get knocked the fuck out.

  4. Kato March 8, 2017

    Probably because they want to grab him in the 4th round and every sane team would grab him by the end of the third round

    1. Packer Prophet April 2, 2017

      He’ll be gone by the Packers 2nd pick in the late 2nd rd. Maybe, the Packers will move up ahead of the Vikings?

  5. Squeezy March 8, 2017

    Not condoning assault on anyone, but she assaulted him first with racist remarks and then physically. Obviously dude doesn’t need to crush but probably could have or should have been the bigger person.

    That being said….Nice article dipshit. Yeah the Packers are waaaay too refined to sign Nixon, a kid who paid for it through a 1 yr suspension and probably a shitty draft spot, along with constant public ridicule.

    All of which makes his mistake palatable compared with the annual handful of loser Packers getting various dope suspensions every goddamn year. Yeah, the same team that took on Koren Robinson, hushed Loftons elevator assault, and ensured Mossy Cade is too pristine for Mixing. Write about the Rams or the Angels or any other joke of a team.