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Packers Bringing In Martellus Bennett

Not just for a visit. The Green Bay Packers are reportedly signing tight end Martellus Bennett, which coincidentally, I just mentioned when we found out Jared Cook wouldn’t be returning.

That’s what you call an upgrade, baby!

Interestingly, the news looks like it was broke by Nickelodeon (more on that in a moment).

Bennett played last season with the New England Patriots, where he caught 55 balls for 701 yards and seven touchdowns. He was traded to the Patriots by the Chicago Bears, where he spent three seasons. His best year in Chicago came in 2014, when he caught 90 for 916 and six.

Bennett also played for the Giants and Dallas in his nine-year career.

He has a career average of 10.6 yards per reception and averaged 12.7 in 2016.

At this time last year, we knew Bennett was on the trade block and actually discussed the Packers making a move for him. Of course, the Bears probably had no interest in trading Bennett within the division.

So the Packers waited around a year and got their guy.

The one red flag we discussed at the time was that Bennett is extremely outspoken. That’s something that doesn’t seem to fit real well in Green Bay. It will be interesting to see how Bennett meshes with the team and community.

As for the Nickelodeon connection, Bennett apparently has a animation production company that does some stuff with Nickelodeon. I seriously saw that tweet a good five minutes before NFL Network had anything, but didn’t know what to do with it because… WTF?

Here are the salary details, which I would call reasonable.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKo Steamboat March 10, 2017

    Dammit. I don’t want this lazy, often-injured clown on my football team. WTF?
    The Bennet brothers are garbage
    I cant believe this crap

    1. PF4L March 10, 2017

      Remember when the Bennett brothers were showing their support for their “brother” Aaron Hernandez?

      Bennett also had a reputation as a cancer in the bear locker room, but, it’s just hearsay i guess. I think once someone gets in the Patriot locker room, it’s a new world. You conform, or you’re shown the door. Remember how Randy Moss was so well behaved in New England, then he went back to Minn. to be the asshole he always was.

  2. Kato March 10, 2017

    The corpse did something?

  3. PF4L March 10, 2017

    The Devil may be in the details. Bennett was preaching how he needs the big payday now, after the SuperBowl.

    Lets find out how much he over payed, as i have every reason to believe he did.

    1. TyKo Steamboat March 10, 2017

      Yea. Get paid then disappear.
      That’s the act we’re about to see

      1. TyKo Steamboat March 10, 2017

        Honestly, I’d rather have Dwayne Allen than MB
        Yet, the Patriots are red hot now

  4. MMTTDCSUCK March 10, 2017

    Well if he plays well who gives a shit! He can be a dynamic player! I had a funny feeling earlier in the week that we were going to get him instead of Cook. Now we need a fucking CB and an ILBer . . .

    1. PF4L March 10, 2017

      I do…because that’s all he does. We had the 4th highest scoring team in the NFL. If were going to overpay, should we overpay for a defensive playmaker?

      Or should we just stick to the Packers 6-10 year plan of relying on the offense to outscore the defense. that’s worked out well the last 6 years.

      What’s next, we sign Adrian Peterson for 12 mill/year?

      1. TyKo Steamboat March 10, 2017

        I would like Petersen for 1 year 4.5 mill.

  5. Howard March 10, 2017

    It was reported last year that Bennett had turned down a 7 mil a year extension from the Patriots after the Patriots traded for him. Anything between 6 and 7 mil a year is probably the best TT will achieve. Probably going to be over 7 a year. Bennett probably is a little below a top ten TE and that will get you 6 to 7 mil a year.

    A friend of mine who is a big bears fan never had anything bad to say about Bennett being a locker room problem (Marshall, yes), just that Bennett is kind of odd, whatever that means. I will take odd if he can still block like a Tight end should, and stretch the field and catch the ball like a big wide receiver. He also said a few of the receivers a couple of years ago shut it down before the season was over. Not sure if that included Bennett. I know it included Jeffries and Marshall

    1. PF4L March 10, 2017

      This is Ted, i’m thinking 8-9 mill or so a year on average.

      1. PF4L March 10, 2017

        If BJ Raji is offered 8 mill/year, then………………………….

        1. Howard March 10, 2017

          Thanks be to BJ for his gift of retirement!

          1. PF4L March 10, 2017

            Yea, no kidding.

          2. MJ March 10, 2017

            Actually, he had turned down that offer. Then, of course there were no suitors, and he returned for 4M.

          3. PF4L March 10, 2017

            Yep….One buffon made the offer, the other buffoon turned it down…..Thank God.

          4. PF4L March 10, 2017

            Howard, i still wouldn’t be surprised if……

            ring, ring…..

            Raji: Hello?
            Ted: Hi BJ, it’s Ted…Whatchya up to?
            Raji: Not much, making the kids dinner.
            Ted: No…i meant your weight…you want to come back?

      2. Howard March 10, 2017

        3 year 18.45 mil total

        1. PF4L March 10, 2017

          That’s workable….as long as it’s not front loaded.

          It’s curious because, he was looking for 9 a year, and the Patriots offered him an extension of 7mill/year.

          I guess we need to see the structure. I like the upgrade, but damn…..our offense isn’t the problem.

          1. Howard March 10, 2017

            I read somewhere that he may need ankle surgery. So yes, hopefully not a lot of guaranteed money!

          2. PF4L March 10, 2017

            You should read this Howard…http://gnb.247sports.com/Bolt/Martellus-Bennett-explains-why-he-signed-with-Packers–51713382

            I like what he had to say, especially about the history of the Packers. Seems to show respect for the game and it’s history, Very mature.

            With the #’s and what he had to say….i have no problem with any of this from what i’ve seen so far.

            And although it’s rare and seldom deserved, nice job Ted.

            All he has to do now is stay healthy and available.

          3. Howard March 10, 2017

            So the same site (NFL trade rumors) that had 18.45 now says 3 year 21 mil?

          4. PF4L March 10, 2017

            i think those #’s came from Domovsky, but i’m not 100%.

            That 18.5 mill did sound too cheap. I’m guessing that’s about where the Pack was at with Cook.

          5. PF4L March 10, 2017

            The #’s did come from Demovsky…what a hack. This is what ESPN gets for hiring someone from the Green Bay Gazette.

            “Rob Demovsky reports that the Packers have signed TE Martellus Bennett to a three-year, $18.45 million deal. Interestingly enough, Demovsky mentions that this is actually less than what Jared Cook and the Packers were close to agreeing to earlier.

  6. Cheese March 10, 2017

    TT probably low balled Cook, fucked that up, then realized he better sign a tight end or else have everyone furious with him.