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Mike McCarthy Is Talking Up Adrian Peterson

We know the Green Bay Packers have had conversations about former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. They also have some interest in him, but his price tag seems to be scaring them away.

That hasn’t stopped the speculation though.

The Packers will be adding more running backs to their roster, which currently includes Ty Montgomery, Christine Michael and Don Jackson. Peterson could be one of them. Coach Mike McCarthy did nothing to kill that notion on Wednesday.

“We’re looking at all players,” McCarthy said. “Adrian Peterson obviously is someone we have great respect for, obviously playing him the number of times we have. We’re trying to improve our offense all the time. So as far as what’s going on, we don’t need to discuss those things publicly.

“But I think it’s obvious, if you look at our depth chart, I mean we have two running backs on our depth chart – two healthy running backs. So we’re going to have more running backs.”

Jackson is presumably the injured player. He went on injured reserve with a knee injury last November. However, the Packers did tender the former undrafted free agent, so they must think he’ll be able to to play during the upcoming season.

That still doesn’t mean the position couldn’t use another top-of-the-line back to pair with Montgomery. Michael and Jackson haven’t proven that they’re capable of filling that role and the Packers are clearly looking for a one-two punch in the ground game.

We’d still bet on that player coming out of the draft, but the longer Peterson waits to find a new home, it seems more likely that home could be in Green Bay.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador March 29, 2017

    Why? McCarthy doesn’t utilize the run game, the exception being 2013 when he had no other choice. Peterson would never get enough carries to justify whatever they were going to pay him. McCarthy’s lip service to the run game is starting much earlier than usual this year.

  2. Ferris March 29, 2017

    If they sign him I cease being a fan. Will write off the team completely.

  3. PF4L March 29, 2017

    Wouldn’t signing AP, be just like begging for disaster?

    You have a horrible pattern and history of injury’s..call it bad luck, call it whatever….

    Would it shock anyone, if the Packers doled out 6-8 million for this guy, and 3 games in, is out for the season?
    Or, he stays healthy, but we can’t open holes for him, like his viking line, and he averages 3 yards per carry?

    That’s without getting into how much of an asshole he is….in life.

    Stay away from this disease at all cost.

    I still say he goes to the Patriots, Belichick loves rolling the dice with high profile players that can help him for a year.

    1. Cheese March 30, 2017

      At least that plan works for Belichick. How has signing every unknown cast off or UDFA been working for TT? Or how about last year when we started the season with only two RB’s on the roster, and when they both got hurt we converted a back up WR to the starting running back position. SMFH….

  4. PF4L March 29, 2017

    I might be just another blind Green Bay Packer fan. But as the head coach, and remembering the falcon’s game, I’d rather hear his plans to strengthen our defense. I mean, does he ever, talk about it? Ya know, like it’s an issue or something.