Mike McCarthy Is Probably Frustrated With Ted Thompson Too

Over the past year plus, we’ve heard rumors that quite a few people inside the Green Bay Packers organization have become as frustrated with general manager Ted Thompson’s do-nothing approach to his job as fans have been for years. That includes players, coaches and other front office personnel.

Of course, Mr. Status Quo Mark Murphy finds Thompson’s approach wholly acceptable and that’s really all that matters, since he’s the only one who could do anything about it.

Regardless, Aaron Rodgers seemed like he was putting some pressure on Thompson to get him some help with his reload/all-in remark following the season. Naturally, Thompson being the oblivious old geezer that he is says he didn’t see it that way.

What does coach Mike McCarthy think?

“I think it’s a statement of leadership,” McCarthy said of Rodgers’ remarks. “He’s definitely at the point in his career where he knows how hard it is to get these opportunities, and I’m getting longer in the tooth, too. You only get so many attempts at the plate, and we all want to maximize it and we all have a responsibility to the organization to maximize these opportunities.”

The last sentence of that quote says it all.

You only get so many attempts. 


We all want to maximize it.

Well, evidence suggests otherwise. Maybe you and Aaron do, but clearly not everyone sees it that way.

We have a responsibility to the organization to maximize these opportunities.

Also true, but again, one or two people don’t see it that way.

If McCarthy had ended the statement with “we all want to maximize it,” I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it.

The very last part signals frustration. Otherwise, why would you even mention it?

It’s as if someone doesn’t know this…

Joseph Bonham

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.

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  1. Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

    By the look of that photo, Mike gets frustrated putting on his pants and belt.

  2. Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

    But in a more serious note….

    It seems somewhat obvious, from the fact that Capers keeps his job, that Fatass lays more blame on Ted than he does on Dom. I could be wrong, because i don’t really know not being there, but it’s sound reasoning anyway.

    It needs to be acknowledged that the success of the defense ultimately falls on McCarthy. But in reality..only 3 reasons why the defense struggles.

    1) Inadequate talent provided.
    2) Inadequate coaching
    3) Combination.

  3. Avatar for Uncle Ted Uncle Ted says:

    Mikes a good guy. We’re just looking for football players.

  4. Avatar for Howard Howard says:

    No question in my mind TT does not provide MM with enough talent by the draft, by free agency, or when need arises during the season due to injury.

    Is MM forceful enough with TT? I don’t think he is otherwise he would get his way like every highly successful coach does. If your highly successful, as MM claims, then you know how to get what you need. If you don’t get what you need you let it be known clearly in the press that you need more, without veiled references, or you make the team fire you, because a highly successful coach would have no problem getting a job elsewhere. Murphy is making things to easy for TT and MM to keep going about things with no changes in the player procurement process.

  5. Avatar for Gort Gort says:

    I wasn’t happy with Brett Favre when he was trying to be starting QB and General Manager.
    Upon further review, I was wrong.

    • Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

      I disagree 100%. In a very rare defense of Ted. Ted was fine back then.

  6. Avatar for Kato Kato says:

    So sick of TT. He needs to step down.

  7. Avatar for KILLER KILLER says:

    Ted is an extremely poor GM and his draft record and free agent record shows he always has been. Even a bling squirrel can find a nut once every 13 years and for Ted that nut was Aaron Rodgers. That is it.

    Meanwhile Mike is a very good coach (he is) but he is a petty jerk. His players don’t like him and with cause. His ego is bigger than his belly and his goodwill towards his players is microscopic.

    So, you know, the witch or the tiger. The incompetent or the jerk. Or, in real life, it is the incompetent AND the jerk. Then, at the player level the lead player on defense is a PED-abusing under-performer whiny poor sport. The lead player on offense is a whiny, snide, arrogant, grudge-holding, family-disowning, beard-implementing, liar-to-the-world.

    Why does anyone root for the Packers? Because of that infamous Packer stock scam in which the rich dupe tens of thousands of less well off fans into just handing them their money?